FLOTUS in distress

Melania Trump is “miserable” as First Lady, hides inside $100 mil apartment most days, sources say

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who hates his new job. His wife, Melania, is equally as unhappy, Us Weekly reports.

When Melania left the tiny town of Sevnica, Slovenia and ultimately came to America way back in 1996, she had a single goal in mind: to launch a career in fashion. Never did she think that, 21 years later, she would be the First Lady of the United States of America.

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“Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up,” a source close to the First Lady tells Us. “She is miserable.

According to the people closest to FLOTUS, her life has been completely turned upside down, and not in a good way, since having the #PowerOfTheFirstLady bestowed upon her. And instead of embracing her new role, it’s turning her into a depressed recluse.

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“This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s,” stylist Phillip Bloch, a friend of the Trump’s, tells Us.“Truthfully, it’s a lot to cope with.”

Melania is allegedly “horrified” by all the people who have been making fun of her, another source says. Not only that, but all the high profile fashion designers who are now refusing to dress her has been a bitter pill to swallow.

“That entire world she used to enjoy,” a source says“is closed to her.”

According to Us, Melania spends most days hidden away in her lavish $100 million New York apartment, likely with the shades tightly drawn, trying to ignore the constant stream of picketers outside the building’s entrance. Though she has always been a very private person, Bloch says, “she is staying hidden more.”

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For example, before the inauguration, Melania would accompany her 10-year-old son, Barron, to and from school every day in a chauffeured luxury SUV. These days, she remains at home and instead “has the Secret Service take Barron to school and retrieve him.”

In fact, Melania has only left her apartment a small handful of times in the past month, including to attend the inauguration on January 21, running errands on January 30, and joining Donald at Mar-a-Lago the weekend of February 3, where she was photographed strolling around the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens with the Prime Minister of Japan’s wife.

“Don’t let her smile in those photos fool you,” claims the source. “She hates this.”

The feeling is mutual, FLOTUS.

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  • Kieran

    Give it a rest. You’ve lost all credibility regarding President Trump and his family.

    • MrKnowItAll

      Completely agree.

    • Roan

      It must be very difficult for you to be assigned the evening troll shift for LGBT publications. How’s the weather in eastern Europe?

    • MrKnowItAll

      Roan- I live in Washington state and until recently I was a proud liberal voter. Unfortunately I have seen the democratic party and liberalism become something I can no longer support. I just wanted to be clear that I am a proud United States citizen and a gay man who does not agree with trashing on the President or his family, no matter your views on his policies.

    • Roan

      Mr: You’re a troll. Save your self righteousness for someone else. You are dismissed.

    • graphicjack

      Mr Know It All, I don’t think this article is trashing Melania in the least. It simply states this was not her dream or ambition, and as a private person, she hates all the attention. I think that’s pretty understandable. I think that there’s enough to bash Trump and his kids on and even if I think Melania was a high priced call girl when Trump met her, I don’t judge her for it or care about tearing her down. Seems to me she’s another of Trump’s female victims. To use his own word.. sad.

    • CreamOfWeber

      You’re full of it. You were never a liberal voter.

    • Kangol

      LOL. You Republicon Trumpistas are holding on to the bitter end, I see. Does he need to pull Vladimir Putin’s ring out of his tuches for you to wake up?

    • Hermes

      @Mrknowital — that is absolute tripe. It is almost always easy to tell when someone is lying about switching political identities. I can say truthfully that I was raised on the Right (New York State Conservative Party) and that I gradually changed, first voting for Ross Perot, then for Bill Clinton – Gore – Kerry – Obama – Obama and finally, after tremendous inner struggle – Hillary (having actually donated to Trump early in the primary). However, I cannot point to some “moment” when I changed parties. I reregistered outside the Conservative and GOP parties in 1995, but there was no “suddenly I started being a ” bull — I watched the movement I thought I knew gradually turn into a fascist movement of theocrats – no rational person who has ever opposed that suddenly decided this year, in this election, that no, they couldn’t take being a believer in the Constitution and in freedom and in social justice, and instead would suddenly start voting for theocrats and facists. Now let me note, I still vote for some GOP candidates locally and in state elections IF THEY HOLD SUFFICIENTLY LIBERAL VIEWS. And by liberal I mean liberal now. Once Trump added Pence to the ticket and then hired Bannon for his campaign… well, it was obvious that he didn’t hold sufficiently liberal views by present day standards – when I was growing up neither would have been considered to be acceptable to the GOP, or even NY Conservatives – today they are nearly mainstream Republican.

      Now litmus test, explain EXACTLY AND WITH PROVABLE CITATIONS what changes you think you’ve seen in the Democratic party that makes it impossible for you to support. Go ahead, do it – because there is nothing that anyone who was EVER liberal or even centrist would object to that the Democratic party has suddenly done. PERIOD. So please, share. Oh, can’t do it can you?



      ([email protected])

    • dwes09

      How EXACTLY have they lost credibility?
      Remember fact trump your imagination.

    • DCguy

      Oooo, a New Account lying and claiming to have once been liberal but now have changed their entire belief system.

      (Snicker) Yeah, believable.

  • mhoffman953

    And who is this “source” giving Us Weekly information about political figures? Sounds like more fake news to sell magazines

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Breitbart’s new buzz-word, Alistair?

    • mhoffman953

      The term “fake news” wasn’t started by Breitbart. It originated after the election from left leaning news organizations when defending Hillary Clinton regarding the pizzagate stuff.

      But that’s beside the point. Critical thinking skills call for first considering the source. Any time someone starts an article with “an anonymous source tells us”, then you should immediately be skeptical of what you’re reading.

    • Hermes

      Fake news specifically relates to news created out of whole cloth – often recently in either Russia or Macedonia – either professionally or by young people looking to make money. The version where you assume anything without named sources is fake? That is indeed Breitbart – sorry, your liking or not liking that is immaterial, its the truth.

    • dwes09

      How can you trust anyone who changes their name periodically and never avails themselves of fact (that being you), preferring imagination and fancy. The press has used reliable anonymous sources for years, and it is quite clear Melania is uncomfortable with her current role. And even miserable, one would think she would try as quickly as possible to get herself and Baron to Washington, as she is costing the taxpayer (YOU AND ME “HOFFMAN”) about $1000000 per day in security costs.

    • mhoffman953

      @dwes09 What do you mean that I change my name periodically? LOL Who else do you think I am?

      And it is true that the press has used anonymous sources in the past but I wouldn’t go as far as you have by saying they’re all reliable, especially considering this is Us Weekly which reports tabloid nonsense such as the numerous times they’ve reported Jennifer Aniston as pregnant.

  • RIGay

    Well… she can always divorce SCROTUS. Wouldn’t be the first time he got dumped.

    • Glitterstorm


  • ingyaom

    She’s now free of The Donald – I’d have thought she’d be delighted.

    • captainburrito

      Exactly. When you have a 100million apartment… being miserable in it isn’t all that bad. If you can afford to be holed up and do nothing you really have it better than alot of people.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    She could divorce Trump and live simply. Trump could say he is in over his head and he wants to go back to his life in New York, leaving Pence to run the show. Either way, we are better than this. Trump’s family has been harmed by his antics, our nation’s reputation has been marred, and that so many turned on each other in 2016 is baffling. 2016 was like one of those you-tube videos where an overdue abscess finally blows its contents, forcefully gushing too long, to the horror and amazement of the audience, captured in good light and on the net forever. 2016 was not a good year. Picking on his wife and child will not yield anything positive, only ugliness. Trump should call it what it is, a mistake, and go home to his wife and child, quietly.

  • Roan

    Why does she need the shades tightly drawn? Doesn’t she live in the palace on the 58th floor?

    • greybat

      So the light won’t come in.


    Jesus, this site is on some National Enquirer shit now. Please enough! If you’re serious about tackling politics then treat it seriously — this is no time for twating about with silly gossip and hearsay..not in this fake news climate. Don’t fuel the dumbed down nonsense or it’ll backfire on your credibility when you have serious stuff to report.

  • Roan

    It’s quite a day on QUEERTY when some of the most pernicious commenting trolls get their righteous indignation panties all in a bunch. To those particular people, feel free to GFY in advance.

  • Terrycloth

    They can both live in Russia…I hear Putin can fix you up

  • avesraggiana

    Why am I not surprised? She married every gay man’s nightmare – a guy with a weave, a fat gut and a small penis.

  • Arconcyyon

    Because it´s Perfil moder Soceity Millionr´s Americam EUA USA U.S Gov Presindet Mundi ! Tuor ! Immigratnyd´s .Thanks it´s you .

  • danemichael

    While I am sure it is hard for her, I personally love it that the orange anus is unhappy, I love that his Russian butt buddy ties are being exposed and I love that the party of hate is being help to choices they are making. This country is a laughing stock and all the pussy grabbers that voted for them will soon have to deal with the fact that they were lied to…love it.

  • Sotzume

    I think she’s just upset because she can’t service her johns anymore without everyone knowing it.

    • Hermes

      That is a horrible thing to say and not worthy of a gay person unless you are the worst of the bitch queens.

  • He BGB

    I’m thinking along the lines of the others here who bring up divorce. It would solve everything. She would be liked again, the fashion designers might be running to be the first to dress her, she would be free of Mr Trump. I don’t think people would trash her for leaving him. Seems like the previous wives were applauded and liked more after the divorces. Does she truly love him is a question she needs to ask herself. With a 10 year old son of the billionaire money would be no problem until he’s 18.but the 2nd wife only got a 6 figure amount. And Tiffany? I can’t remember. Wasn’t much. He’s older and richer now anyway.

  • whatevz

    dumb escorts are so much happier without 70 year old racists abusing them…

    • John

      Please fill me in as to what “racist” comment he made….From what I have been able to find out via google, I cant find a specific comment made…in todays blogger, cognitive dissonance world I like reference points

  • Record Man

    I feel sorry for her.

  • Hermes

    I have nothing against Melania Trump and certainly nothing against their son. I feel for her. She should not be mistreated for her husband, particularly as I think this run will be much shorter than I would have predicted in mid-November. I too feel sorry for her and for Barron. To some degree I even feel sorry for DJT – I think he is in way over his head, did not expect to win, and possibly is being blackmailed. It truly is sad, and I wish well for all of them.

    Kind thoughts and blessed be.

  • Tom

    Stick the soft-core porn. Whether you voted for him or not, this is a piece of trash. For all the talk about “hate” you folks really do your own to spread it.

    • Hermes

      Honestly, what some of the people may have said is trash, but the article? The article is no different than any gossip article about any public person in my life. The particular substance may differ, but the nature is the same. Hate? That is hardly hate. “You folks?” is that like “You people?” Seriously Tom, I do not think you are covering yourself with glory here. I do not care whether or not Melania Trump did soft core porn – I have no issue with porn of whatever type. It does no harm. I have no issue with Melania Trump or with his family. I have defended her, not only just above your comment, but elsewhere in social media and various publications. However, “trash?” “Hate?” For what is really a rather common gossip column article such as has been consumed for hundreds of years? No Tom, if you really believe this, I strongly suggest that you spend some time encountering the real world and adjusting the glasses through which you see things, because you are badly overreacting in a nonproductive way.

  • Jack Meoff

    Why is everyone being so overly sensitive all of a sudden. This article merely states something that has been self evident since the inauguration. That Melania is miserable was not exactly a secret so why is everyone so outraged that it is being reported on in an article that is not in the least bit scathing or critical but instead is simply citing articles from other publications.

    • dwes09

      Thank you!
      You would hope that prior to his run he took the time to make it clear to her how her life and that of their child would change. But knowing that he is a narcissist and possibly with sociopathic tendencies, he probably never thought to prepare her, or even take her opinion seriously. You can be sure that Barack and Michelle considered his desires very carefully. Donny Trump, not so much.

  • Minerva pomerantz

    It was so lovely to have her show up for the photo-op with the Netanyahoo’s. I wonder how long it took to get her back to the Bunker In The Sky.

  • DCguy

    Just so you all know, And you’ve probably already noticed.

    The latest fake right wing talking point is to go onto liberal or lgbt blogs and claim that you USED to be very liberal, but that because democrats are such “Intolerant Meanies” you are now a proud conservative Trump supporter.

    This is the EXACT SAME B.S. that the Mormons tried to pull during the Prop 8 issue. They would claim that by not excusing bigotry made lgbts “Intolerant”. NOW, it’s that Democrats are so MEAN and JUDGEMENTAL for calling Milo a racist or reading an article about Melania Trump that doesn’t paint her as 50 times better than Michelle Obama.

    This tactic didn’t work back then, and it’s even more obvious now.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      They have a scent.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Buzzword buzzword buzzword fake news buzzword buzzword buzzword Breitbart buzzword buzzword buzzword disparage news orgs buzzword buzzword buzzword fake news Breitbart buzzword buzzword buzzword.

  • Brad

    SO, my (admittedly long) post about this article involving/laming and attacking the son got deleted by Queerty. AGAIN.

    Of the few posts I have ever written on this site – 3 of the 5 have been deleted for some reason. Is it me? Do you not like me? Have I come across unworthy? really?

    or is it that you could not take the criticism?

    Like Donald Trump himself, you need to be able to hear the feedback, and not just dismiss it as fake news, or to just swipe it away.

    Honest to God – how insecure is this group of editors anyway?

  • John

    No wonder, no matter what she does she is attacked by the media or on social media. If she came out and walked on water someone would say something negative about it.

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