Parting gifts

Melania Trump totally botched her photo op with Michelle Obama

In case you couldn’t stomach tuning into the coverage of Donald Trump‘s inauguration (and we don’t blame you), here’s something slightly amusing that happened…

Each Inauguration Day, the outgoing President and his wife welcome the incoming President and his wife to the White House. There are lots of cameras. Everyone smiles and waves and shakes hands and acts happy. It’s just tradition.

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Well, this morning, upon walking up the White House steps, Melania Trump immediately thrust what appears to be a very large Tiffany’s box into Michelle Obama’s hands. Here is the beloved former first lady’s face when she received the parting gift:

Not sure what to do with the giant object that took two hands to hold, Michelle searched for some place to put it. She looked around for several seconds, before President Obama, ever the gentleman, finally retrieved it from her and set it somewhere off screen, then returned so the four of them could pose for the stupid photo none of them wanted to take in the first place.

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Maybe it’s a “Hey, I’m really sorry I stole your speech” gift?

Watch the slightly depressing while simultaneously delightfully awkward incident: