Hijack the hashtag

Melania Trump’s bizarre #PowerOfTheFirstLady hashtag totally backfires on her

Melania Trump is slowly but surely settling into her role as First Lady and focusing on her official FLOTUS platform: Online bullying. Specifically, challenging online bullies who attack her and her family.

This week, Melania tweeted to D-list actress Emily Ratajkowski, thanking her for coming to the her defense when Emily overheard someone calling Melania a hooker at a dinner party:

Melania has also created her very own hashtag, #PowerOfTheFirstLady, which she attaches to her tweets. Naturally, it didn’t take people, er, “online bullies” long to hijack the hashtag and claim it as their own. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Mrs. Trump trademarks it and then sues them all for using it.

Check out our favorite #PowerOfTheFirstLady tweets (so far)…

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