Frigid AF

Melania’s White House Christmas hellscape immortalized in hilarious memes

The White House unveiled its official Christmas decorations this week and they’re gloomy AF. The cheerless decorations were designed by first lady Melania Trump herself and seem to offer a haunting reflection of her present state of mind.

Let’s take a look at the First Lady’s wintery hell…

 Here’s Melania walking solemnly through a tunnel of ice trees:

Here she is watching a pair of ballet dancers perform for her sole enjoyment:

Here she is joylessly tying a bow on a holiday wreath:

And here she and Barron are watching a dead tree being wheeled into their frigid prison chamber:

Now for the memes…

Merry Christmas!!!

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    • Caine

      OMG you people are trolling Queerty now too – don’t ya have to go back to writing comments on Kathy Griffin’s twitter account?

    • seriously2288

      She never wanted to be first lady. She said that in an interview. We will have a version of hellscape as long as she’s in the WH.

    • JamJewel

      mhoffman953 Supposed, she already had the boyfriend and was in the middle of divorce negotiations when he won unexpectedly, then she was a given a bonus to stay on for the duration.

    • leobaga

      President Trump is turning out to be a great president, ever! The jealousy is music to my ears. :)

    • Hogwasher

      And then Melania whipped off her dress, naked with 3 strategically placed snowflakes performing an interpretative dance to “We Wish You A Wealthy Christmas!

    • batesmotel

      I agree. First impression I got was that it’s classy.

    • aaparker

      President Trump is the greatest president ever? Even discounting the odd inability Trump supporters have to perceive and/or admit any flaw in the man, that statement us simply mind-boggling in its foolishness. I assume you are just trolling for some sort of strange pleasure. Because anyway smart enough to use a computer can’t actually believe that statement deep down inside.

    • leobaga

      Trump is a great president. You just can’t handle the truth. You do know he singlehandedly destroyed the Dem Party, right? Dems have no leader, no message — it’s a dead party. In their desperation they invent allegations from 40 years ago to defeat Moore. But they fail again. Moore is still leading because the voters are smart and not gullible.

    • dmanhart

      I agree. Quite elegant. I hate Trump but it does very classy. I seriously doubt that Melania designed the thing.


      @leobaga – RUSSIAN TROLL!!!

  • whatsaywhat

    Cue all the humorless conservatrolls who’s fragile fee-fees will get hurt because mean old liberal media Queerty made fun of Melaina.

    And… go:

    • jameswc

      Now I know where the stereotype of the viscous old queen came from. We finally have a First Lady that does NOT look like a pissed off kitchen maid, wearing something from a catalogue…and you old queens revert to type.
      If any of you pathetic losers find yourselves alone this holiday…look INWARD, not to Washington.

    • whatsaywhat


      Projection is Psychology 101, troll.

    • wld8hrt

      Jameswc you’re right. She looks more like a frozen stepford wife.
      Actually the decorations are fine. It’s her thats not only frightening but also so depressed.
      And destroying half the country is an accomplishment? It’s narcissistic and fascist.
      How can you stand by pedophiles? Is the old adage of the south true? Do you really think you’ll win by being controlled by a corporation? Do you have any idea what you have done and are doing!

  • OzJosh

    This is clearly a cry for help.

    • batesmotel

      Then go see a psychiatrist.

  • Eclatant

    So much white.

    What a surprise.

    • mhoffman953


      That’s because snow is white. I’m guessing you’re maybe used to yellow or dirty colored snow, so this might be a shock

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    I actually thought some of these were funny.

  • wmca_goodguys

    I like Melania Trump much more than our previous first lady…and she’s not a socialist.

    • whatsaywhat

      Yeah! Who cares about the benefit of broader society when we can instead contribute to making a very small group of extremely wealthy oligarchs even richer than they already are!

    • jameswc

      And of course, you “whatsaywhat” have NEVER done anything that does not benefit our broader society. Never a selfish act, only selfless contributions to others.
      The broader society can best be helped by a President that doesn’t look down his nose at us, while lecturing that only his policies can save us. I prefer the ability to spend my money where I chose.

    • whatsaywhat

      Shouldn’t you bet impregnating your sister or shooting up an abortion clinic?

      Your president doesn’t give a flying fu*k about you. Only your vote.

    • marc sfe

      Jesus was a socialist. I guess you don’t like him then.

    • BigWill

      You don’t even know what socialism is, scrote.

    • dinard38

      Let’s see….. Michelle was very intelligent, articulate, a lawyer, advocated for healthier food choices in schools. Great as a speaker (and Melania would know, since she plagiarized from Michelle), fashionable, and was generally well liked.

      Melania is errrrrrrr…….ummmmmm…….hmmmmmmm.

      Er, a model and ummmmm…

    • jameswc

      Good Heavens!
      How long does this cretin think it takes to impregnate a sister, or shoot up an abortion clinic?
      I have the same number of hours in a day, as does whatsaywhat.

      If Jesus was a socialist…why did Bernie lose the primary to Sec. C-ankles?

    • frankcar1965

      She’s a bought and paid for old high dollar hooker, a titty model too supposedly. She made her bed and now she has to lie in it. She gets paid a lot to play her role, he bought and paid for her.

    • batesmotel

      She’s the first First Lady that straight men have wet dreams over. Who can blame them. She’s a Fox.

  • johnnymcmxxx

    I think Melania’s decorations are suitable for the current administration. I also think they are chic and beautiful, just like Melania. That they look cold and icy is most appropriate. There is no human warmth with trump and his administration but I have no problem with the ice princess. Her level of taste and style is impeccable. Too bad she is burdened with him.

  • Garth

    She should of just hung some mistletoe in a walk-in freezer .

    • JamJewel

      She got flak for hanging it in a hallway or vestibule… I forget where she hung it… till she got lambasted for doing so in the era of sexual enlightenment where the harassment of women are concerned.

    • batesmotel

      What difference does it make where she hangs it? You’ll still have a problem regardless. But that is your issue to wrestle with.

    • Mick406

      Garth – I’m not into bashing our Prez or the First Lady, but your comment made me laugh out loud! That was very clever!!!

  • Bob LaBlah

    I really do wish the press would leave her and Baron alone. They didnt ask for this and their expressions at every photo op shows it.

    • My2Cents

      I agree with you on Barron but she actually did “ask” for it. The moment she decided to publicly speak out about how great her husband would be for the country.

    • marc sfe

      Baron, you’re right. Her, she did.

    • jorgecruz

      Technically she didn’t say Trump would be a good President. She stole Michelle Obamas speech so in actuality she was talking about Barack Obama.

    • dinard38

      @jorgecruz LOL!!

  • Brody

    Behold the power she holds over people she’s never met, simply because they dislike her husband’s politics.
    It’s almost supernatural.
    Did I say supernatural?
    I meant mental.

    • BigWill

      Oh, Mo, of all the dumb fake biracial bisexual trolls, you are the dumbest.

    • leobaga

      BigWill, you are the dummy. You’re full of hate that’s why you’ll never ever be happy in life.

    • batesmotel

      Haha so true. One year later and they’re still upset. Haha.

  • Dakotahgeo

    This whole Christmas scene is about as soulless as Ivanky’s and Barron’s outlook. That… is damn… spooky!

    • Dakotahgeo

      Ivanky or Melanka… same difference. In the frump clan, it’s all the same… drab!

  • tuckmics

    I don’t know what people are talking about…I think the decor is quite attractive. Very wintery. I may do the rows of white branches in pots in our house this year. I certainly have no love for the current President and his administration but I think it is ridiculous to criticize the White House holiday decorations just because you don’t like the current residents.

  • Benzboyx2

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this years decorations. They are tastefully done and certainly look better than they have in the last several years. There is a lot more to see, and a lot more warmth in the various rooms, then catty people with little taste chose to use as the backdrop for memes:

    Frightening how the spirit of the holiday season can bring out the best of the worst in people. How sad, that is…

    • marc sfe

      You’re not serious are you?? Ice queen, she is.

    • batesmotel

      Yeah the decor is elegant. Love it.

  • Jaxton

    Melania was beautiful and classy. The decorations are gorgeous. It was lovely seeing the black kids there all hugging Melania. Liberals are jealous.

    • leobaga

      Yup, the triggering is delicious!

  • re_horst

    I think she has poor taste in husbands but she does have a good style sense. this to me looks like a cry for help. I see no joy in her or these decorations.

  • JamJewel

    All white… no coloreds allowed! Perfect!

    • Jaxton

      Petty. Snow is white, not black. Take it up with Mother Nature.

    • Brian

      There are plenty of other Christmas options besides snow, you know.

      And no, I don’t think it has anything to do with racism at all. This comment is just about logic.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Lifeless and void of hope…….just like her husband’s administration. Her nude shots had life to them.

    • leobaga


    • seriously2288

      Lifeless! That’s the word I was looking for.

  • Kangol

    I have nothing against this woman. Her choice in mates in abhorrent, but as a lot of commentary has shown, she never thought the ogre she married would become president and she’d be thrust into this role. She looks like a waxworks version of herself, though. I hope in private she kicks back and laughs, especially at the moronic, racist ogre husband of hers. I agree about leaving the little son out of any commentary whatsoever, just as should have been the case with Obama’s daughters, W Bush’s daughters, Clinton’s daughter, etc.

    • radiooutmike

      W’s daughters were left out of any commentary except when they drank too much.

      Conservatives have never handled a Democrat President’s kids with kid gloves. They humiliated and laid polemics on Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, Sasha and Malia Obama. Never even mind what has been said about First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton. I don’t remember conservatives being critical of Rosalyn Carter.

      But, oh what, what do all those people have in common?

  • larrytopping

    I’m amazed she’s doing ANYTHING for Christmas … she didn’t expect him to win, either, any more than the rest of us did. How the hell can she be happy? Nothing should be her fault. And QUEERTY’s stupid dissing of her WH holiday decorations … she doesn’t deserve your sh_t.

  • o.codone

    I can’t get a copy that doesn’t say “awaiting moderation”. So, let me be polite. Gay’s should know better than to bully anyone, even the First Lady b/c gays have been bullied for years, and it’s hurtful. So, why would you hate on her this way? You guys are mean. This is a hate-speech site. And, I suggest you STFU because it’s behavior like this that makes America hate gay people. If you want respect, give respect.

    • Sam6969

      o.codone, I agree with you I discovered the comment section a few months ago and I realized many (not all) people here are hateful. I am sad for them, because being mean and hateful will not help them to feel better in their life…

  • bweesner

    If you look at the official photos and the twitter video from flotus, you will see the full story.
    I think the decorations are great, in fact, I think they are fantastic.
    Snowy white, crystals, white lights, very elegant. Very sophisticated.
    We have had many many White House years with traditional, very traditional and somewhat traditional decor themes.
    This reminds me when the Reagan’s came to DC in the 80’s. The era of dressing up, sophistication and going out came back to DC.
    Listen – I just hate Trump. I am a Democrat. But I am from DC. The White House, is both the “People’s House” and a private home for the President and his family.
    Melania is from an Eastern bloc country and has a facial expression that unfortunately often looks dour. Plus, how could she be happy with him? She has made it clear that she prefers not to be the “First Lady”, and jeez, anyone who includes Barron should be ashamed, period. Her husband happened to fall into the presidency, and she is along for the ride unhappily.
    But, look at the video, and she seems quite happy to be engaged with things, and a VERY DIFFERENT presentation than what was given to us by Queerty at the top of the page.
    Unfortunate that the comments are not the only place to need to check ourselves.
    Yes, sometimes I watch Fox news just to be sure if there is something “a bit more” to the story.
    Click bait being what it is.. we get what we get with Queerty.

    • Evji108

      There’s no accounting for bad taste.

  • batesmotel

    She did a great job. Looks classy and elegant. Not that those who hate the Trumps would know anything about class. Lol!

  • DCguy

    Frankly it’s way less over the top than I thought it would be. It is somewhat elegant, but very cold and sterile. It looks a little bit like Narnia while the White Witch was still in power.

  • not a clone

    the red bow looks nice.. all i see is white

  • Heywood Jablowme

    It looks like a high-end department store, and it looks like Melania should be holding a tray of perfume & cologne samples, ready to spritz the customers. (Maybe Trump does care about the decline of the retail sector after all!)

  • Mick406

    I think most of you are judging the White House decorations from only this one picture of the ‘ice trees’. If you go to other web sites and see the COMPLETE photos of all the decorated rooms, you might change your tune. This icy picture was just one aspect of all the many decoration choices. There are 53 decorated trees in the White House. Each room is aglow with magnificent decorations.

    Trump is tough as nails and that’s what this country needs right now. He ‘calls it’ like the real ‘producers and loyal citizens’ sees it. We are a country where over 50% contribute NOTHING to this nation, and about 48% of all us workers have to pay for the upkeep of that 50% of ne’er do wells. Druggies, welfare queens, PURPOSEFUL poverty because they have no ambition, while most of THOSE people appear to hate the country that is taking care of them. Patriotism and love of country is becoming a thing of the past. We were led down 8 years of socialism and the country decayed. And if you think Trump is a racist, don’t forget how racist Obama churned all the black people up to loot and try and burn the country down. Don’t be calling HIM a racist! He’s trying to restore respect.

    All the false anger, and contrived protesting helped teach a younger generation to be disrespectful and not give a damn about ANYONE or ANYTHING! Someone else will take care of you.

    A President TRYING to do something and a First Lady who is very elegant. I’m a middle class nothing, but I certainly enjoy seeing my stocks continue to climb (for the first time in my 70 years of living), unemployment down, and the clamps being put on moochers crossing the border, and the entry of Islamic terrorists into our country.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! From a Veteran.

  • Zakaroo

    What is the deal with Queerty who has to troll Melania Trump all the time, because it is obvious you hate The Don. Why do you transfer that to her and project your feeling to her as if she feels as you do and speculate on her depression, which is more like European demure. I lived overseas for 30 years and these decorations are VERY European, elegant, sophisticated, and classy and it is too bad that ignorant Queerty editors are so classless and only want CHEAP American decorations that are totally classless.

    Melania’s demeanor is one of a sophisticated European who speaks 7 languages fluently, unlike Queerty editors who think they are playing to their audience to trash EVERYTHING TRUMP. No so. You can hate The Donald, but Melania is an elegant, classy, and beautiful “model” First Lady that rivals even Jacquelyn Kennedy who was before now, the best.

    Give it a break, Queerty. Give credit where credit is due and don’t succumb to your knee-jerk, anti-Trump, anti_conservative, ante-Republican tendencies and by doing so reveal your bias to even see understated beauty and elegance in the Christmas decorations that Melania arranged at the White House.

    Again, having lived overseas for 30 years, I am always frustrated and angered by the stupidity and ignorance of uninformed Americans as to what is classy and elegant and criticize non-American tastes to then project your bias on everyone else as if you know what is best.

    Hey, Queerty, did you want her to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some cheap white-wire reindeer with flickering lights from China and an animated Santa Clause to stick in the White House so you would feel better?

    Shame on you and start giving a very nice and beautiful immigrant American who is now our First Lady a break.That is something we should celebrate. However, you are showing your prejudice against immigrants, which is totally NOT progressive and liberal, eh?

    Oh, I thought that is what you accuse The Donald of doing. Zing

    • Mick406

      Zakaroo – Superb comment!!! I too lived in Europe. Just two years in Germany. But it was there that I first saw ordinary WHITE lights decorating cities, towns, villages, and Christmas trees in homes. All I had ever seen before this were the multi-colored lights we all used in the USA. What a contrast!

      I think Queerty sorely underestimates how many of its readers are conservative, patriotic, and level headed people. It is not ALL about the ‘liberals’.

      Give this president a chance. You may have noticed there have been no riots and burning and looting since he came aboard. It’s most likely because ‘they’ know that law and order will be placed upon them immediately. No more ‘granted looting’ by liberal mayors, such as in Baltimore. We are ALL getting the peace that we deserve.

  • Evji108

    This is what happens when you alienate the gays. Some talented queer designers could have saved her from this disaster, but who among us would want to go to the White House and mingle with the homophobes?
    Melania watching glumly as the ballerinas in white tutus prance among the spruce trees covered in fake snow is beyond the pale, literally and figuratively. Just embarrassing. The Trumpanzee commenters on here defending this as wonderful have no taste anyway, so we can ignore them. This would all be easy to overlook if these people didn’t represent our country and culture to the world.

  • Evji108

    The people defending Melania as an elegant European of high culture don’t know Europe at all. She has dressed herself up, but she is Eastern European Euro-trash to the bone. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  • bradleyjohn_wats

    Best the White House has looked at CHRISTMAS time in decades. Melania Trump sheds more class in a hairbrush than the plebes reading this DRIVEL have combined.

  • Luna1979

    My God, where is the spirit of Christmas?! I’ve never met a decoration I didnt like. If all this ice and snow was good enough for Elsa, it’s food enough for me. Sitting back with ginger ale and a ginger cat belting out “Let It Go” :-)

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