Melissa Etheridge Explains Gay Marriage to Elisabeth Hasselback Using Small, Simple Words

We thought, post-election, we’d be free from having to care about the teeny, tiny thoughts going on in the head of loud-mouthed The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselback, but there she was yesterday, going on about her love of the tyranny of the majority and how all the gays can’t be happy about being able to vote terrorist hope-monger Barack Obama into office on one hand and angry that the good, virile breeding stock can take away their equal rights by vote on another. Fortunately, Melissa Etheridge was on hand to explain to America, if not Hasselback, just how very wrong she is.

Bonus video after the jump: Hasselback blows off some steam about not being invited and then eventually invited to the White House Christmas party. The words “Maybe I didn’t do enough for the Republican Party this year” actually come out of her mouth and let’s just say it’s a good thing she wasn’t at any press conferences over the weekend. Stilettos hurt!