Melissa Etheridge Probably Not a Traitor

They say all revolutions eat their young and I’m not sure we should be throwing Melissa Etheridge under the bus just yet. Post-Prop. 8, she’s been one of the loudest and most public voices in explaining to everyday Americans why marriage equality is important, bringing her message to Oprah and The View. She refuses to pay taxes until she gets marriage equality. The battle for equal rights has many fronts and many tactics. Etheridge wants to build bridges between the gay community and potential allies and seeing as we are and always will be a minority, this is important and vital work.

That said, Melissa Etheridge’s praise of Pastor Rick Warren is unwarranted.

She writes in HuffPo:

“I told my manager to reach out to Pastor Warren and say “In the spirit of unity I would like to talk to him.” They gave him my phone number. On the day of the conference I received a call from Pastor Rick, and before I could say anything, he told me what a fan he was. He had most of my albums from the very first one. What? This didn’t sound like a gay hater, much less a preacher. He explained in very thoughtful words that as a Christian he believed in equal rights for everyone. He believed every loving relationship should have equal protection. He struggled with proposition 8 because he didn’t want to see marriage redefined as anything other than between a man and a woman. He said he regretted his choice of words in his video message to his congregation about proposition 8 when he mentioned pedophiles and those who commit incest. He said that in no way, is that how he thought about gays.”

Melissa, you’re being hoodwinked. Just today, Rev. Warren unrepentantly defended his comparisons of gays and lesbians to people who commit incest and pedophiles. He may have invited you to his church, but until the page was taken down, Saddleback’s website said that you would not be welcome. He is most assuredly not taking responsibility for his statements and he owes the gay community a public apology. It ought to be the first thing out of his mouth at the inauguration, but just because Rev. Warren likes your C.D.’s and is nice to your face doesn’t change the fact that behind your back he is working to undo your rights.

I’ve had the opportunity to interview and speak with dozens of pastors in my career and each and every one of them have been unflaggingly nice to me in person, despite many of having made their name by spewing hate-filled homophobic invective from the pulpit. I’ve had pastors tell me with a smile on their face that, though it pains them to say so, I am damned to hell. It’s important to meet with people who seek to marginalize or dismiss you, but because we must challenge their beliefs. It can be done civilly and respectfully, but until bigots realize the harm they are doing to the lives of their fellow men, you have to keep at it. It’s a shame that Etheridge, instead of falling for Waren’s charms, used the opportunity to question some of his beliefs.

But don’t blame her. As we’ve seen, Rev. Warren is a two-faced pastor who will lie to cover his ass. Rev. Warren has fooled Melissa Etheridge once. Shame on him. If he does it again, then the shame will be hers.

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  • dvlaries

    Hopefully it isn’t just because of this hot Warren business of the moment, but I’ve noticed a decided fresh amperage of maturity now at queerty with the change in administration, and with an equal de-emphasis of inconsequential celebrity doings. It’s welcome. Stay on fire Japhy, you’re doing fine.

  • ggreen

    People with lots of money can usually find plenty things to agree on. Believe it or not millionaires suffer much less discrimination than the poor do.

  • Wayne

    She says Rick Warren told her he regretted comparing gays to pedophiles. I wonder if that is true then why hasn’t Warren made an official statment disavowing his bigotry against gays. So he is sorry behind closed doors, but Warren is not retracting any of his vile words to the public.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    I guess it’s hard to fault a rock star for falling for flattery. When your whole life is built on people loving what you do, it can be hard to turn your back on a fan. Whatever. Her life and her opinions are her own.

    For me, I’m still plenty scared of this snake oil salesman. It sounds great that Obama is reaching across the aisle, but so far, the only person who seems to have softened their stance on this issue is Melissa Etheridge. In Rick’s mind, he just got a make over from the biggest superstar on the planet and he’s already starting to practice his smooth talk on poor Melissa.

  • Wolf

    You know I really wouldn;t be so pissed at The Clebs amd media on the Warren issue is they would just cut the bullshit and actually come out and say they are giving Obama a pass on this because they don’t want to offend him because he’s our best shot at getting anything done.

    But the shit they have been shoveling is just too much.

    Etheridge while not a Traitor was TOTALLY off the mark in blog message. And should not have taken it upon herself to push the “olive branch” message.

    She fucked up with that as Obama did with the choice of Warren. But all this SUPPORT of Obama’s in attempts oif disfusing a situation is off the mark. They should just call it as it is.

  • Troy

    He absolutely needs to make an official statement.

    I’m wondering what his balancing act will be in future. There is always a balancing act in politics. It does worry me that Obama is giving Warren a platform, but I have to trust Obama to do his job, balancing act and all.

    It would be nice if everything was black and white, but it’s just not possible. It is important that as a group, LGBT do not become what we despise and that we not be the ones seen to be burning bridges instead of building them.

  • Mark In Indiana

    it seems like the act of being good at pop music doesn’t ensure the act of being intellectually discerning–I’m certain there’s smart people singing catchy tunes, but she doesn’t particularly seem to be one of them.

  • Michael W.

    Rick Warren will come around. He has no choice considering the surge of pragmatic progressivism that will continue spreading across America over the next few years.

    He’s already scrubbing his website clean of homophobic substance and waffling on statements that any other evangelical pastor would want to reaffirm. Would any of this be happening if Obama hadn’t selected him to give the invocation?

    When Warren becomes an ally in the fight for civil rights, you’ll have Barack Obama to thank. And you’ll all drop to your knees and cease questioning the method to then-President Obama’s (and David Axelrod’s) madness.

  • kevin

    It’s one thing to love your enemies, but that’s no reason to rush to forgive. Warren has not made amends nor asked for forgiveness, and just because you want him to repent doesn’t give you the right to cancel his debt on behalf of the LGBT community. Warren owes us a public apology and a sincere plea for forgiveness, otherwise he cannot move forward as a true believer in God. He, however, may be quite comfortable going to his grave – as Paul Wyerich and Jesse Helms – with the debt of hatred still levied against his soul, of which God alone will hold him accountable. No crime against God’s LGBT children escapes His/Her scrutiny, not even a half-assed suck-up to Melissa Etheridge.

  • Wolf

    @Michael W.:

    Yea right? lets see how long it takes for his site toi revert back AFTER the innauguration.

    We should start a betting pool.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I like her music. But, her views on political issues or controversies leaves something to be desired.

    Her policy seems to be, if they like me personally, then everything else they do is okay?

    Isn’t she the same star who said she did not see why there was outrage over Washington of Grey’s Anatomy referring to TR Knight as a Fag several times because Washington is her personal friend?

    I question her judgment for appreciating how not everything is personal to her. I know stars have a hard time appreciating this point. It’s about the people that she does not know personally who are harmed by Warren that she does not seem to get.

  • Rich

    I view her as a collaborator – there were Jews who did this in Nazi Germany. He is a pig with lipstick – still a pig – he still thinks we are doomed to hell – sorry Ms. Ethridge – you go and party with Rick Warren in DC – enjoy yourself.

  • BrianPrince

    Rev. Warren sounds more like a politician than a preacher… and Melissa looks like she’s about to eat the head off of the award.

  • damien

    Why, of course, she’s not a traitor! The thought that anyone who tries to have a rational conversation with people they disagree with should automatically be considered a traitor is beyond me. It’s very, um, George W. Bush-like (and that attitude got us Americans nowhere).

  • The Gay Numbers

    @BrianPrince: Maybe your statement reflects what a lot of people who are naive about these things do not understand.

    Warren is both a preacher and politician. The Christian right (the religous political arm of the right) is reflective of both religion (as the right sees it) and politics. Their leadership is well versed, for example, in manipulating naive people like Melissa because they know how to push the buttons like any good politician does. He knew he would get mileage of her if he massaged her ego. So he massaged it. Because then you have a cover to which you can point by saying “see melissa likes me.” She’s basically a mark.

    Otherwise wealthy, smart and capable people are as susceptable to being manipulated in areas of which they are not used to not being the star. Look at some of the wealthy people that the 50 bil ponzi scheme in New York was able to ensnare. The reason these things happen is that everyone has too much confidence in their ability to discern truth about what’s in someone’s heart.

    Here, Warren was nice to Melissa, and, therefore, she thinks she knows what’s in his heart. Afterall, how could such a “nice man to me” be evil?

  • The Gay Numbers

    @damien: To have a conversation requires a two way communication. Do you believe that Warren was trying to communicate with her or use her by flattering her ego? I believe it’s the later. Being a preacher does not mean Warren is not also a politician. This seems to be problem that many of you have. You like simple construction. Warren is a preacher. Therefore, he’s not going to try to manipulate Melissa. When everything points to (if you have followed him beyond just recently) that he’s a good snake oil salesman,a nd knows how to push buttons with the best of them.

  • Michael

    I really thought this blog was going in a positive direction until this Rick Warren flap. Its new management team is whiny, needlessly raucous. and irresponsible. Etheridge is right on; the anti-Warren sentiment is infuriatingly reactionary. I am disgusted with the gay community right now and this blog in particular.

  • Michael

    *To clarify my last comment, I am a gay Obama supporter.

  • shivadog

    @Michael W.: “scrubbing his website clean of homophobic substance”? No, just updating it. Not even waiting till after the inauguration.(though,like Wolf, I would have guessed he would wait for that) “When Warren becomes an ally in the fight for civil rights”? Yea, right about the time that pigs fly.Face it,this asshole is evil,and the most dangerous kind of evil because presents himself as a “nice” guy. (Also I think it is a bit much to call Melissa a traitor, but she does seem awfully naive.)

  • Jaroslaw

    Gay Numbers – you’ve written some truly amazing things on these pages and YES conversation requires two ways. But you saying:

    “You like simple construction. Warren is a preacher. Therefore, he’s not going to try to manipulate Melissa….”

    You’re putting words in Damien’s mouth. Now, RW may well be trying to manipulate Melissa, but Damien simply said “having a conversation with someone you don’t agree with brands you a traitor (with uber Gays if I may use that term.)

    I was having a conversation with EWE over on another blog, and she doesn’t want to waste a minute of her time with Evangelicals & other Fundies that “she doesn’t give a damn about.” Well, I’m sure the feeling is mutual but I personally disagree and think (emphasize POSSIBLY) leaving the door open to dialogue is a more reality based strategy.

    She also lambasted me for using the term Aids victims. In my own defense, I’m rushing trying to participate in these blogs from work on lunch & breaks… Anyway, so there is a lot of intolerance and blinders on all sides.

  • Buck

    Poor Melissa to buy this stuff. When I quit the Methodist church years ago after they condemned homosexuality while simultaneously praising war and killing I spoke to the current pastor. He, as always, was very pleasant and conciliatory and assured me that they didn’t “really” mean that war was preferable to gay people in love. Then he went right back to preaching that same old line.

    Warren has a vested interest in keeping high profile people out of this controversy as does Barack Obama. Melissa, honey, he was lying through his teeth to you and you know it.

  • Tim in SF

    Warren is a flatterer—a good one. And Melissa, like most people, is susceptible to flattery. So, no mystery there.

    Warren has not changed his underlying position regarding gay marriage, equating it with pedophilia, incest and other abominations. He should be held to his words, and we should stop allowing gay apologists to speak for the entire gay community, including Melissa Etheridge. If she is dismissing Warren’s work on prop 8 then she does not speak for me.

  • Farrah

    She’s not a traitor. But she is a moron for doing this and her wife’s comments when asked about Prop 8 on Oprah a month ago were equally destructive and annoying.

    We need a voice. Just not hers.

  • tofer david

    melissa etheridege needs to shut her fat yapper. she does not speak for me.

  • alicia banks

    hollywood is filled with obama nazis!!!

    they worship him and excuse all he does unconditonally…

    this is why he so confidently betrays gays!

    why bother not offending blind adorers who will embrace/spin every offense???!!!


  • The Gay Numbers

    @Jaroslaw: Maybe I am being unfair. I just found the response to the comments over the top. So maybe I went to far in my own judgment. I admit I can be guilty of that.

    As to your point about evangelicals, the reality is that we don’t get to ignore them. That’s just not going to happen in terms of real world political struggles. We ignore them at our own peril.

    There is a difference also between leaving the door open for dialogue and falling for flattery from a snake oil salesman. Nothing about Warren’s actions suggests he is open to anything other than using the naive toward his own ends. I look at whether his behavior fits a pattern, even today, of a man struggling to change. It doesn’t. It fits with political posturing. One of the best way to posture is through a trojan horse. I come with the gift of liking you by choosing one of your own to fool you.

    It’s a pretty old political trick of the right. When they wanted to pass anti affirmative action laws (whatever you think of it) they choose a black guy to lead the charge.

    I don’t think Melissa will be leading any anti-gay charges, but I do think she is being used as a patsy if she really believes this guy.

  • GranDiva

    Has everyone forgotten that Bill Clinton swore up one aisle and down the other that he supported gay rights, then turned around and authorized DADT and then signed DOMA into law? I’m an Obama supporter, but I am perplexed as to why everyone is surprised about being symbolically thrown under the bus.

    I haven’t made the mistake of forgetting how politics works and needlessly getting my hopes up.

  • Tim in SF

    @GranDiva: Since you are so knowledgeable, you must surely know that, regardless of the predictability of Obama turning on us, it is absolutely necessary to make him pay a political price for doing so. Thus, the complaints you read here and elsewhere.

    Whether or not we saw this coming is not the issue. The issue is that it’s fucked up and we should make all the noise we can between now and the moment that pasty bloated liar takes the stage at the inauguration.

  • Trish

    @Mark In Indiana:”Catchy tunes”? Do you know who Melissa Etheridge is?!

  • gaypastor

    Etheridge decided to support Obama early on (during the primaries) and steer us clear against Hillary as our community’s choice. Is it really any wonder that she found a way to support the pastor that Obama has chosen? She’s simply finding a way to rationalize her own decision.

  • Mark In Indiana

    Actually, Trish, I can’t say I’ve ever paid much attention to Melissa’s music (I think I’ve heard this come to my window thing, which was nice and I’m the only one something, which was decent)–frankly, I was always a bigger fan of the Olivia Records artists from the 70s–probably because I was a gayster then and those dykes were singing some interesting stuff.

    Other than that, I know her former partner was knocked up with Crosby’s sperm (eeewh). I’ve heard her comments here and there and rarely find I agree with her, but I usually find her mildly compelling for being out. I’m perfectly happy that she’s a breast cancer survivor (my mother was too, go Mom). That about sums it up.

    Now, if you want to talk Joni Mitchell, bring it on.

  • BrianPrince

    @The Gay Numbers: Right… I was trying to point that out in less than four paragraphs ;)

    I might be young… but I’ve got some killer critical thinking skills thanks to my legal shark training.

  • not ready to make nice

    Melissa,Elton, and any other celebs who spent most of their lives in the closet…please shut up! while your playing “nice”
    we are out here dying….

  • zeke

    I’m sick of gay celebs speaking for me. Go home and write a song about your new beau Rick and then shut the fuck up.

  • FNT

    This is a big chunk of bullshit. Now gay peopleare making excusses for this FREAK! COME ON!!!! Get over people! The president we voted for turned out THE biggest anti gay bigot. All those protests we did last couple months became nothing. Black president choosed a reverent who ran a campaign against to gay marriage. Is there any reverent deficit in this country?? He could have choosen someone much more respectable instead of this clown. How come that freak was in the short list in the first place. WAKE UP!!!!! I’m sure, Obama campaign paid that lesbian to say these things. How come she had not called Palin before election and tried to deal with that devil??? And Queerty believes this bullshit.LMAO!!!

  • Rock

    Obama and Rick Warren can both go FUCK themselves!

    And that’s all I have to say.

  • Michelle

    Melissa you fool! Of course Rick Warren wants to reach out to you…he wants to cure you of your homosexuality. He loves you, and he just wants to help (brainwash) you into being straight. It’s for your own good.

    Just because he doesn’t hit us or call us names doesn’t mean he’s not abusive. He is engaging in psychological warfare against the gay community.

  • mark

    Melissa can hold her own opinions about Warren and Obama, she doesn’t speak to or for the bulk of LGBT community, which I’m guessing Obama/Oprah/Warren kabal guessed she would.

  • Brian Miller

    When Warren becomes an ally in the fight for civil rights, you’ll have Barack Obama to thank. And you’ll all drop to your knees

    I used to think Obamania was merely a religion.

    I was wrong.

    It’s a cult.

    Seriously, anybody who believes this bullshit needs to get help. Now.

  • Mister C

    WOW…..I am not happy with Rick Warren either. But oh the way some of you are commenting. I think that sometimes we do forget. But since Obama and those who still believe regardless of this that he can bring “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN” are now doubting him and Jan 20th hasn’t even got here yet.

    I really wonder if this was Hillary doing the same thing would we hear this at this magnitude. FUCK NO because her husband threw the community under the bus and they still LOVED THEM INSPITE OF…

    I wonder why?

    You always will have choices. And no matter what NO ALTERNATIVE PARTY will ever get to this office. So you can vote republican next time and they will flat out tell you to your face they don’t support anything LGBT.

    Then what????????

    Give him (Obama) a fucking chance will you.

  • Brian Miller

    I really wonder if this was Hillary doing the same thing would we hear this at this magnitude. FUCK NO because her husband threw the community under the bus and they still LOVED THEM

    No, the same people and same apologies were prominent in the Clinton years too — when Clinton did the exact same things.

    Give him (Obama) a fucking chance will you.

    No. He’s a liar, his supporters are delusional, and they’re both willing to throw us under the bus just like Clinton did — demanding we “give him a chance” while he pursues just as disingenuous a shampaign of “change” as Bill Clinton and Dubya did.

    I will give Obama a “chance” when he proves he’s deserving of one. Deliberately kissing the asses of notorious homophobes, when he supposedly knows better, is the hallmark of a disingenuous, lying scumbag… not someone who “needs to be educated.”

  • Michael

    I’m not happy that Rick Warren is going to be speaking at the inauguration. I visited his website and listened to some of his videos. His statement that “homosexuality is a dangerous sin against humanity” is hard to forget.

    However, sometimes the politically expedient path is the right one, even though it pisses some people off along the way. If I were in Obama’s position, I might have made the same choice. Who knows.

    It’s also extremely unlikely that he’ll get “uninvited”.

    So I signed a couple of petitions intended to let the Obama people know that this hasn’t gone unnoticed and perhaps this will remind them that there can be a downside to such choices.

    So if any of you agree, please consider signing these petitions:

  • Brian Miller

    However, sometimes the politically expedient path is the right one, even though it pisses some people off along the way.

    That’s funny.

    When Hillary Clinton made the same point in the primaries, Obamaniacs were denouncing her.

    What happened to Hope, Change, and a New Kind Of Politics?

    Oh, that’s right — bald-faced lying is often politically expedient too, isn’t it?

  • Tim in SF

    @Michael: However, sometimes the politically expedient path is the right one, even though it pisses some people off along the way. If I were in Obama’s position, I might have made the same choice. Who knows.

    I call bullshit.

    Warren was the wrong choice. He was the wrong choice because he is a bigot. He espouses a bigoted interpretation of Christianity for his flock. He used his influence to help pass the bigot-inspired Prop 8. It is the policy of his church to exclude us.

    I think you are falling into a rhetorical trap I’ve heard lately – “if both sides are angry then it must be the correct choice”. Well, that’s plainly stupid. That is a false choice.

    If Warren is the right choice, as you say, then support your argument. Prove it. Give us a reason why a bigot is the right choice to take the most honored of honorary positions in the inauguration.

  • St. Francis of A-sissy

    Whoa! Time out! Do we have a transcript of every word Pastor Rick & Princess Melissa said to each other? No? Well then, how do you know that Melissa DIDN’T read Warren the riot act, in a civil manner, of course, but firmly? Hmmm?

    Of course, there are many who think that the best way to get through to people like Warren is to scream at him and shake a crudely-lettered sign in his face. Yeah, that’d be reeeeeal effective. Idiots.

  • Charles

    AAWH Melissa, shut the fuck up.

  • marlene




  • Billie



    It wasn’t necessary for you to clarify that you are a blind Obama supporter. Your boneheaded remarks were clarification enough.

    It’s been Obama’s agenda all along to distance himself from controversy, and especially, “identity” politics. To win the primaries he had to outflank Hillary on the “left” because she held the advantage in the middle. Now that he’s been elected he will continue to move to the right, embracing evangelical bigotry.
    Of course, he’ll say it’s just a conversation, that he doesn’t entirely agree with everything. That’s what he ALWAYS says.

    How many bigots get to sit at the table before there is no room for our little LGBT community?

  • Billie


    If your comments hadn’t been so filled with hate, the sheer stupidity and ignorance of it would have made it unreadable.

    Prepare to see the underside of the bus, ignorant, hateful fool. Obama used you to get elected. Now that he’s got what he wants, you will get nothing but bones.

  • Billie

    @St. Francis of A-sissy:

    Melissa is a dupe. The Obama propaganda machine needed a highly respected and visible spokesperson to persuade the LGBT community that THEY are the bigoted, misguided ones.

    I didn’t hear the great OBAMA ask Warren to temper his message. He’s gone along with the bigots when he’s in bigot country. Obama is a coward, not a hero.

    Wasn’t it the bigoted evangelicals that took “equal rights, not special rights” as their code word.

    Yeah. That’s Obama’s hidden message to those that care to hear.

  • Billie

    Stop, fucking dragging the Clintons into this. The Clintons are not in the race and when they were elected the country and the legislature were under the control of the likes of Newt Gingrich and the “contract with America”. Obama has no such problems. He inherits a legislature overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Obama has a long history of pragmatic, political bed-hopping. He has different messages for different constituencies and mixed, legalistic messages for the general audience. What good has he brought to anyone but himself?

    He’s an ambitious two-faced liar.

  • Dudous Migratorious

    Oh Marlene… the special bus is here to take you to your free meals and hopefully a psych eval. What a brilliant representative you are for…ignorance. Your speling is atrocious. Go watch something educational on BET. What an insult you are to thinking people everywhere. Keepin’ it trill…

  • Dudous Migratorious

    addendum: free no-filter cigs to Marlene if she can spot the spelling error(s) above. I blame myself. sigh…..

  • FNT


  • Jaroslaw

    GranDiva – I’m getting tired of repeating this. The Clintons did NOT throw us under the bus. DADT was a compromise during a time when the Republicans had almost total control over the Congress and were threatening to amend the US Constitution.

    Do I like everything the Clintons did? No. But he did get elected two terms. Contrast what he did with what Bush II and you’ll see it was much better under Clinton.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    O’Bummer, I hate the Democrats now! Melissa is the new Gay Patsy as Pastor Warren slithers into the White House to keep the Theocracy in control of our freely-elected Democracy. The Repugnants will win in 2012 for just showing up (even Sarah, the Same-Sex Impaler) since it is pretty much proven that we have laid ourselves in front of the bus because defeating Proposition 8 was a cake walk for the Radical, Religious, Rapture-Right!

    We HAD no Leaders.

    We still have no LEADERS!

    Barack Obama will be a one-termer!

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    How did Melissa Etheridge become a spokesperson for the gay community? I found her comments on the HRC Democratic forum to be less than profound. And now there is this.

    You can be a good singer but still say stupid things. Right Rufus?

  • Jaroslaw

    Seitan – we agree on most things, we disagree on some – but how on earth can you say passage of Prop 8 was a cake walk for the Christee Crazees? They had TONS of free volunteers and millions of dollars spent (on both sides). It didn’t pass by much.

    And it may yet be thrown out – and Focus on the Family donated so much money to it and donations are dwindling – they laid off 20% of their staff. There IS light at the end of the tunnel…… :)

  • St. Francis of A-sissy

    OK, so let’s see, we’ve thrown Barney Frank, Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, and now Melissa Etheridge (and numerous others) under the bus. They’ve “sold out” their “gay comrades”.

    What extremist, absolutist bullshit. And gay people wonder why no one has risen to the top and become a national GLBT leader. Could it be that no one wants to run the day care center full of spoiled brats that GLBT America has become?

    Shit, you people would’ve complained that Harvey Milk needed to get a nose job before you could support him.

    I give up. You people keep screeching away in your little echo chamber, I’ll just try and make my way in the real world, thanks.

  • corey

    She says: “This didn’t sound like a gay hater, much less a preacher.”

    Wow…Mellissa just showed me how her way of thinking is just as idiotic as most fundamentalist bigots who believe all gays look the same and act the same, all child molesters look gay (unless they are wearing drag: aka white collars, moo-moos and carry bibles)and all lesbians are dyke’.

    She lost all my respect for her.

    It would be different when someone on the “left” says “We must reach across the aisle and work together” if the “right” actual reached to…but guess what, the Republican party has been hijacked and is not what is was 1/2 a century ago…it is now the kkk-lite, Religious Right, big government, big spending, divide and conquer, supporter of selling America to other countries….basically, guilty of treason.

    Shame the Democrats are such [email protected] that keep acting as if the “look” like the nice ones, in the public’s eye, they will get respect….ummm HEEELLLLOOOO…

    The Dems suck as much as the Repubs at this time, though the Dems are less-likely to make cuts to Veterans, they still act like Republicans now more than ever.

    When the Repubs move to the “right” the Dems followed them, making them Repub-lite.

    We need more Socialists, Union supporters, politicians that work for the people; WE THE PEOPLE!!!

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