Members Of Celtic Band Scythian Refuse To Play For National Organization For Marriage

The LGBT community got Carly Rae Jepsen and Train to back out of performing at the Boy Scouts’ national jamboree.

Now comes word that members of a popular fiddler group (at least temporarily) split rather than perform at an anti-marriage-equality rally planned for Washington, DC.

NOM is staging a demonstration in the Nation’s Capitol on March 26, when the Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments in two marriage equality cases.

Last week, the organization announced they’d booked two bands to serenade its legion of haters during the “March For Marriage”: The Celtic fiddle group Ultramontane and the “sacred steel” band the Lee Boys.

But when Good as You’s Jeremy Hooper informed the Lee Boys what NOM was all about they dropped out of the show, telling Hooper that “music is about love.”

Yer darn tootin’.

Then Hooper did some more digging and discovered Ultramontane was a new name for the established act Scythian. In fact, their band photos are nearly identical. The only difference? Two members of Scythian—drummer Andrew Toy and Josef Crosby—refused to do the NOM show.6a00d8341c503453ef017ee95bd88c970d

So remaining members Ben-David Warner, Alexander Fedoryka and Danylo Fedoryka quickly re-branded their act as, ta-dah, Ultramontane.

Ironically, the historical Scythians were a polytheististic culture from ancient Iran. “Ultramontane” means to strongly support the supreme authority of the Pope.

A rep for the band explained the departure thusly:

“Like this country, the members of Scythian are divided on the definition of marriage, but, remaining great friends, they have the utmost respect for each other’s’ freedoms of speech and assembly.”

This really hasn’t been NOM’s week when it comes to music: The group used Katie Herzig’s “Lost and Found” to accompany a promotional video for it’s upcoming hate-a-rama, even though Herzig never gave them permission and is personally a supporter of same-sex marriage. (She’s demanded they remove her music.)

Boy, for an organization so obsessed with biblical law, NOM doesn’t really seem to get the whole “Thou shalt not steal” thing.