Memers drag Melania Trump for going to Egypt dressed like a Nazi colonizer

Melania Trump just wrapped up a a week-long solo trip to Africa, where she stopped in Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt to promote her “Be Best” campaign, which aims to tackle online bullying.

Because if there’s one thing starving children in “sh*thole countries” (Trump’s words, not ours) need, it’s a lesson in online etiquette.

While in Egypt, Melania swung by the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx dressed like a cross between Danish colonizer Baroness Karen von Blixen (played by Meryl Streep in Out of Africa) and Dr. René Belloq, the Nazi villain from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Asked about her questionable choice of attire, FLOTUS responded: “I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear.”  Then she proceeded to strike pose after pose after pose for photographers, showing off the tens of thousands of dollars worth of fabric she was wearing.

The New York Times reports:

Dressed in a tan blazer, a white shirt and black tie, and palazzo pants, Mrs. Trump stood in the wind against the desertscape. As dancers performed and music played, she adjusted her jacket (Ralph Lauren), pulled her hat (Chanel) down over her eyes, and ensured that every angle was captured as her tour through Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt came to a close on Saturday.

And now, the memes…


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Prob best to lay low in Africa for awhile Melania

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