Memers rejoice as Mariah Carey’s flop album “Glitter” hits #1… 17 years after its release

The year was 2001 and it seemed like Mariah Carey’s career was dead.

Her feature film debut Glitter was a box office bomb, plagued by multiple delays, terrible reviews, and a bad script. Some truly bizarre promotional appearances, a public meltdown, a brief hospital stay, and, oh yeah, the fact that the movie was released on September 11th, also didn’t help matters.

Because of all this, the film’s accompanying soundtrack, which featured 12 ’80s-inspired disco/R&B/hip hop tracks also tanked, becoming Carey’s lowest-selling album of her career and resulting in her being dropped from her $100 million record deal.

It was bad, y’all.

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Cut to 17 years later.

Glitter is back on the charts–peaking at #1 in many countries–thanks to die-hard Mariah fans promoting the hell out of it on social media in the lead-up to her latest album, Caution, which is out today.

The hashtag #JusticeForGlitter has been trending all week. Here’s what people have been saying on Twitter:

Also, the memes:

Even Mariah herself, who once famously banned the word “glitter” from being said in her presence, has gotten into it, tweeting yesterday:

Justice has been served.

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