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These memes perfectly capture Justin Trudeau recoiling from Donald Trump’s hand

Beloved Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump met Monday morning to, as Trump put it, “discuss women in the workforce.” It was the first official meeting between the two since Trump took office last month.

Women in the workforce may have been the agenda, but that’s not the takeaway most people got from the meeting. Instead, everyone’s talking about the super awkward handshake between Trump and Trudeau in the Oval Office. More specifically, when Trudeau recoiled from #45’s tiny hand.

Scroll down for the memes capturing the historic moment…

We fell you #justintrudeau ? #DonaldTrump

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Facebook live reactions say it all. Canada is winning. #makedonalddrumpfagain #justintrudeau #

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We are all @justinpjtrudeau. #missingobama #justintrudeau #barackobama

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Justin Trudeau is all of us. #justintrudeau

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when you're downgraded ???

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