In Memory Of Vine: Their Raunchiest, Weirdest, Most Offensive Vids


Sad news rocked the Internet Thursday when Twitter announced they’d be shutting down the loopy short-form video app Vine.

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A shame, considering it produced hundreds of utterly absurd, occasionally brilliant vids. (And some that were catastrophically homophobic, but there are.)

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As our way of saying goodbye, here’s a quick summation of what made Vine so entertaining, confounding, frustrating, frightening…

A simple search for “hottest gay Vines” instantly demonstrates why Vine will be mourned by many. Try it; you’ll like it. (NSFW.)

Let’s not forget honorary human war crime Bryan Silva, self-professed “swag god legend” and star of gay porn who nevertheless is not into “that fufu lame shit.”

There are still very few safe spaces to watch a terrifying ladymonster with lobster claws devastate a man’s serene froyo moment. We’ll miss you, Vine.

Sharon Needles clearly knows how to make an exit, as demonstrated by this truly superior Vine. Talk about sex on wheelz:

Blurgh! Evil Internet gnome Nash Greer made a bad name for himself after this homophobic (now deleted) Vine, in which he shouts “FAG!” at a commercial for an HIV home-testing kit.

Go-go boys are one thing — but go-go infants? Truly terrifying, this single Vine demonstrates why the-little-app-that-couldn’t will be sorely missed.

What Vine vids set your infuriated you, titillated you, set your world on fire? Sound off in the comments below!