Memphis School Backs “Outing” Principal

Remind us not to send our imaginary children to Memphis public schools. Administrators there have basically cleared principal Daphne Beasley of any wrongdoing in the student outing scandal.

Officials released a statement today assuring parents – and press – that Beasley did not intentionally out two gay students and, in fact, was looking out for everybody’s best interest, if you can believe that. Yet, in said statement, they also allude to “explicit sexual behavior,” which sounds like a euphemism to us…

…In fall 2007, we received numerous complaints from LeMoyne-Owen College faculty and staff that some of our student couples were involved in explicit sexual behavior in public view on the college campus.

In light of this information from LeMoyne-Owen faculty and staff, the principal of Hollis F. Price made several general announcements to the student body that this behavior would not be tolerated. Regrettably, the improper behavior continued. Therefore, the principal felt it appropriate to notify the parents of those children she knew to be involved romantically. This was done in an effort to gain the support of the parents in reinforcing the message that such behavior is in violation of Memphis City Schools’ Student Code of Conduct.

Cue the collective retching.

Meanwhile, former DNC staffer Donald Hitchcock, who now works with Advocates For Youth, passed along this link through which concerned citizens such as yourselves can voice your opposition to Beasley’s beastly actions.