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These men believe refraining from self pleasure gives them superpowers

The “NoFappers” movement is a growing online community of men who believe that not masturbating gives them superpowers.

A Reddit group of nearly 200,000 subscribers say abstaining from watching adult videos, engaging in sexual self-care, or having sex can actually “seize control of your sexuality and turn it into superpowers.”

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The men call themselves “fapstronauts.” The superpowers include greater creativity, more ease in social situations, boosted self-confidence, and an increased sexual interest from others.

“I’m a recovering Grindr addict,” the 32-year-old Alex tells Gay Star News. “Every day, even at work, I was scrolling through looking for the next guy. If I couldn’t find one, I would masturbate.”

Eventually, Alex says, it became “non-stop” and he realized masturbation was taking over his life. So he quit doing it.

“Ever since I stopped going on dating apps, I feel a lot happier,” he says. “I decided whenever I wanted to jerk off I would study Spanish.”

Alex says he’s “nearly fluent” and has not had an orgasm in 95 days.

40-year-old Jack says he gave us masturbating three years ago and now whenever he gets the urge he meditates instead.

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“It’s difficult to describe how I feel, it’s like I’ve reached a higher plane,” he explains. “I used to think meditation was spiritual bogus, but now I do it everyday. I now own 12 self-improvement books and regularly take cold showers.”

“It’s like I’m a completely different person.”

Jack saus he’s “so thankful” to have “broken through” his need to masturbate as he feels he is “no longer wasting my time on unhealthy habits.”

Then there’s 29-year-old Chris, who says he became a fapstronaut after developing a chastity fetish.

“I’ve always liked the idea of someone having control over me, especially my d*ck,” he says. “But with chastity, it’s constant. The cage is always there to remind you that you can’t cum unless someone says so.”

Now, Chris says, “I don’t want to ever cum.”

“My boyfriend loves it!” he adds.

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h/t: Gay Star News