Men Claim They Were Denied Service And Cornered At McDonald’s For Being Perceived As Gay

Two men say they were refused service at a Manhattan McDonald’s because the cashier thought they were gay. But it gets crazier. The New York Post reports the men claim the incident resulted in other customers coming after them like a hungry mob.

Willis Washington Jr. and Horace Stevenson III just wanted some french fries when they stopped into their local McDonald’s at 2:30 a.m. last December. While there, they claim a fellow customer assumed they were gay and began harassing them.

According to their lawsuit, the customer “started to say he had a problem with gay people and that the gay lifestyle was not what God wants.”

Washington and Stevenson ignored the man, but when they got to the counter, they say the cashier joined in the homophobia and refused to serve them.

How rude.

But that’s just the beginning.

According to the lawsuit, other customers then began pushing the two men to the back of the store, cornering them and prompting a panicked Stevenson to dial 911 before the cashier “actually handed one of the customers a metal pipe from behind the counter and motioned to him that he should hit plaintiffs with it.”

Washington and Stevenson were able to escape unharmed, but returned when they saw police arrive, only to end up in handcuffs after they were falsely blamed for the violent encounter.

Charges were later dismissed against the pair, who say they were “severely humiliated, mentally anguished and emotionally and physically distressed.”

They are now seeking unspecified damages against The Colley Group, the owner of the McDonald’s franchise where the incident occurred.

The Colley Group released a statement to the Huffington Post that read:

“As a business leader, the behavior that is alleged in this case is absolutely inconsistent with our values and would not be acceptable or tolerated in our restaurant. We have not been made aware of any inappropriate behavior by our employees as has been suggested, but we are actively investigating this matter.”

We’ll mark this as reason number 17,947 why we’ll never eat at MickyD’s.