Boys club just unveiled its new trans male performer, but why aren’t there more in gay adult videos?

Tommy Tanner,, trans man, gay porn, adult video
Trans performer Tommy Tanner in’s “Break And Enter Me.”

The gay adult studio recently released a condomless scene starring a trans male performer (link NSFW). In “Break and Enter Me,” trans performer Tommy Tanner calls a “fantasy service” to have cis performer Ryan Bones come over dressed as a burglar, tie him up and (ahem) burgle him — but it’s all consensual (as the trailer shows).

Tanner isn’t’s first trans male performer. In February 2019, unveiled its first trans male scene: It was entitled “He’s Always Hard For Me” and featured cis performer Dante Colle topping trans performer Luke Hudson. was actually the third mainstream gay adult studio to feature a trans man. In October 2017, Naked Sword released the The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales, its first-ever film to feature a trans man, Viktor Belmont, and in 2005, Titan Men featured trans male porn performer Buck Angel in their film Cirque Noir.

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It’s actually a big deal to see starring trans men in gay adult videos seeing as trans men have typically gone unacknowledged in the gay sexual imagination and sex spaces. You rarely, if ever, see trans men in adverts for gay gogo bars or bathhouses for instance, which raises the question: why not?

On its face, the answer is obvious: Many gay men don’t sexualize trans men because many trans men still have vaginas, and gay men aren’t always interested in that equipment. In fact, for a long time trans adult performers were ghettoized into trans-only sites and trans-specific video searches on tube sites.

When readers at Zachary Sire’s gay adult industry site complained about Hudson’s scene at, Sire responded:

It’s one scene out of 365 scenes released this year on, or in other words, about 000.25% of the studio’s annual content. As a business, they’re smart to take that fraction of a percent to try and broaden their audience. Even if it only brings in a handful of new customers, the free publicity for them is nice, and best of all, seeing performers like this could open up some people’s minds and encourage them to be more tolerant and respectful of people who are different than them. Whether or not that is’s intent, visibility matters and this is ultimately a win-win for everyone. The great news for you, of course, is that you don’t ever have to watch the scene, and you can go about your life acting as if it never existed, if that’s what you want. It’s that easy!

Offline, many trans men have reported feeling more comfortable in lesbian spaces than in ones dominated by gay men.

But considering the fact that trans men are men, it’s time to reconsider welcoming them into gay spaces, and that means welcoming them into our bedroom fantasies as well.