Men Die In Gay Sauna From Drug Abuse

pleasureHere’s a cautionary tale about making bad choices. Three different guys have passed away at the same sauna after taking various drugs.

The men were found with varying levels of unpleasant substances in their bodies: GHB, cocaine and mephedrone.

The scene of the crime is Pleasuredrome, a gay-oriented sauna in London. GayCities describes it as “clean, dark and stylish,” featuring two dark rooms, a tanning shower, and a 24-hour cafe. There is also alcohol available.

Reviewers report that the place is “clean,” and also “dirty,” so clearly the jury is out on this place. Other reviewers report that “you will probably find easy sex here,” and “the glory hole is always active.”

A disgruntled reviewer complains, “only old Chinese and Latino people with no respect go there.” So, apparently it’s not a popular spot among racists.

After the first death, several months ago, staff became much more strict about patrolling the premises and shining lights here and there to discourage wrongdoing. But that apparently wasn’t enough to dissuade some patrons.

There’s now an investigation underway about the deaths, and if the sauna could have done anything further to prevent them.

Once that’s done, maybe someone will look into the disrespectful Chinese people.


Photo credit: Pleasuredrome