Men Disappoint Annie Lennox So Much She’d Rather Just Be a Lesbian

It’s not like I think being gay could be an alternative, ‘cos it isn’t. I sometimes wish it would have been ‘cos it would have made life easier. … I wouldn’t want to disallow the possibility of falling in love again, but I think that for 90, maybe even 95 percent, of women, men are a huge disappointment in relationship terms. (But) I’m not a man-hater, let me say that. I love men, love their company.

—Annie Lennox, who’s been married (and divorced) twice, on the alternative possibilities to her heterosexual lifestyle [via]

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  • N

    Wanting to be a lesbian because men disappoint you is like wanting to saw your legs off because your pants are too tight.

  • ewe

    I am just as happy she is a lesbian too and i love women, i love their company.

  • GregorVonK

    I like Annie Lennox, but I always hate it when people (or either gender or any gender identity) make these woulda-shoulda-if-I-coulda statements. Kinda facile, if you ask me. It’s also not really fair to her less prominent exes, who don’t get to air their side of the story or talk about THEIR disappointments (hey, maybe they wish they liked MEN these days).

    Maybe the thing that’s most irritating is that she thinks being lesbian might have been “EASIER.” Honey, even in Britain, it just ain’t. Maybe in a few decades or a few millennia, but until homophobia is eradicated, it’s just a fact that you can’t talk about homosexuality as being “easier.”

  • Catullus

    Right back atcha, Annie: lots of straight men think women are a disappointment, too.

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