Men Even Stupider Than Gen. John Sheehan Have Blamed Homosexuals for Mass Slaughter

Sure, retired NATO Commander Gen. John Sheehan may have said some stupid ass crap about the Bosnian war and how the Dutch’s gay soldiers were responsible for a massacre, but it’s not like he’s the first person to blame mass deaths on homosexuals. Remember when Jerry Fallwell blamed the gays for 9/11? [Telegraph]

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  • romeo

    Queerty, if you’re going to keep whipping this dead horse, I wish you’d remind readers that there were STRAIGHT soldiers testifying at these hearings as to how brave and reliable their gay fellow soldiers were. As for Falwell, isn’t he dead now? So there you have it. God struck him down for his lyin’ ass mouth.

    Also, I think somebody must have pressured Sheehan into making that absurd claim, which the committee called him out on, because he didn’t seem too convinced of it himself. He kept his head down the whole time he was reading his notes. In any case, I wonder what’s going to happen the next time we have to organize a military coalition of western Europeans, almost all of whom allow gay soldiers to serve. Along with that statement being unfounded, what an incredibly stupid thing to do on general principles.

  • EWE

    I personally smile with glee knowing that Fallwell is roasting on a pig spit burning in hell and screaming for mercy.

  • jeffree

    U know how some p0rn actors are “gay for pay” ?? Sheehan is old and may be hardup for cash so perhaps he got a fat check 4 his comments & is “antigay for pay”!!!

    Fallwell got contribution $$ by playing the anti gay card 2. Another example of antigay for pay.

    i’m on a roll, so i’m gonna stop!

  • Peter

    EWE …..In order for Fallwell to be roasting, there would have to BE a heaven or hell. He is in neither.

  • Peter

    BUT he IS dead.

  • Peter

    At last.

  • Steve

    @romeo: “Also, I think somebody must have pressured Sheehan …. Along with that statement being unfounded, what an incredibly stupid thing to do on general principles.”

    I agree somebody is feeding talking points to Sheehan. But he isn’t stupid. You don’t get to be a general officer without being smart. It is appropriate to question his motives, but not his intelligence. Clearly he had some reason for making that false statement.

    It could be as simple as, he is a bigot, he hates gays, and he thought he could get away with it. A general is supposed to be an expert on military matters, so he didn’t think anyone would question his judgment. Congressmen, particularly, are not expected to challenge a general in public.

  • terrwill

    I doubt very much Sheehan is experiencing tough financial times. He was career military his whole life, which paid for virtually all his expenses A member of the military leaving service at 20 years would get 50% of the average of the highest three years’ salary, with a bonus of 2.5% for each year over 20 (which is 75% if retiring at 30 years). Average salary is over $160,000.00
    So he is probably pulling in aroung $100,000.00 per year in tax free retirement pay………

    He is simply a dispicable, vile, hate filled bigot. As with all issues that effect the Gays, as the ages of persons decrease acceptance of all things Gay increases. We simply have to wait for these old haters to fcuk off and die…(literaly!!)

    And once again , I point out that it is ironic that this scumbag shares the same last name of a heroic Gay soldier who lost his life while serving his country……….

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