Pop Brownies

Manflesh in kilts; gender-neutral gingerpeople; Drag Queen Storytime; and more

Are men in kilts enough to make hearts flutter? Judging by the Men In Kilts 2017 calendar, the answer is a breathless, “Yes.” From the waist up, anyway.

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Gender-neutral gingerbread persons are officially a thing, at least in the world of Portlandia: 

Heard of The OA? Among its cast, Netflix‘s surprise hit series features a trans teen who regularly stops by the local drug dealer for his testosterone fix:

If Pride and Prejudice just happened to be a gay romance, could you deal? Find out for yourself with Before the Fall, a new film sliding through the indie circuit as we speak:

Why have Storytime when you can have Drag Queen Storytime? These kids are in for a bewigged, highly literate, and heavily rouged treat.

So are you.