Christmas cheer

Men kissing in their underwear feature in brand’s new Christmas campaign

Photo: Bonds | Facebook

A well-known Australian fashion brand has prompted much comment on social media with its Christmas advertising campaign. Bonds specializes in underwear and socks. As such, most of its campaign imagery features people in their briefs.

For its current Christmas campaign, it features different couples sharing romantic and intimate moments. This includes two men sharing a tender kiss over breakfast. The pair are apparently a real-life couple.

The accompanying caption read: “It’s the little moments that make the Christmas season so special.”

We’re not going to disagree with that! Unfortunately, there were plenty of people who did.

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The image was posted to Bonds’ Facebook and Instagram yesterday. Unsurprisingly, it prompted a huge response, with many praising it and others expressing disapproval.

“Yasssss! Go bonds! Acceptance is so important. We all deserve to be loved!” said Miranda ‘Boo” Williamson on Facebook.

“Loving the diversity in a few of Bonds ads lately, this might shock some people but folks in the LGBTIQ community buy underwear too!” added Jess Gee.

However, others were not happy and some said they’d never shop at the store again.

“Tell me about it and how that picture make Christmas so special,” said @m_saadeh1 on Instagram. “I’m unfollowing you and never buy anything from Bonds.”

Although this is not the first time Bonds has used same-sex couples in its campaigns, some commentators were cynical about the advert.

“This is nothing but click-bait. They don’t care about equality… they just want to cause controversy and debate and attract attention to their brand,” reckoned Helen Jaitani.

And some just came with the quips.

“This ad makes me uncomfortable- we all know that sitting on a kitchen bench in your undies would be cold,” said Rebecca Rands.

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Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Emily Small, general manager of Bonds’ parent company Hanes Apparel, said: “Our Christmas campaign is about celebrating the bonds that make the season and those are different for every individual.

“We are a brand that celebrate all Australians and we wish the couple featured in our social post along with everyone else an equally special and enjoyable festive season.”