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Men talk candidly about “forced” bisexual encounters and the stigma surrounding bisexuality

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Karley Sciortino, host of VICE’s racy docu series Slutever, recently sat down with bisexual adult film performers Dante Colle, D. Arclyte, and Amilia Onyx to talk about MMF porn and the stigma surrounding male bisexuality in the adult film industry and how the stigma often bleeds into the real world as well.

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“I think if you google bi porn, the vast majority of what you see out there is what I call forced bi porn, Arclyte says. “And I’m a big believer that that’s not what’s going on behind closed doors.”

Forced bi porn, Arclyte explains, is when the encounter is “forced” as opposed to desired or natural. He, Colle, and Onyx then proceed to demonstrate what this looks like by simulating a scene where two men begrudgingly touch each another at the insistence of the woman.

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Asked about the attitudes surrounding bisexual male performers within the adult film industry, Colle says there’s definitely a stigma.

“There’s some homophobia on the straight side,” he says. “So when they see a crossover performer, a lot of the straight studios and the straight performers don’t want to associate with you,”

He continues, “But there’s a stigma on the gay side too. It’s so much more okay for women to do that, why can’t it be for men?”