Men in tights, boys in booty shorts, and other awesome unisex spring gym fashions

Spring approaches, which is a bit scary. It means whether we are at the gym, walking down the street or sitting in a cafe, we are going to be shedding protective winter jackets, exposing the flab we accumulated over the winter.

So we are dusting off our New Year’s Resolution to stay in shape and stay in style as we do it. Queerty’s Prepared series helps keep us motivated, and up to date with all the best unisex looks for hitting the gym. Don’t believe us?

Ask one of our favorite trainers, Jack Attack: “At the gym, I like this new fashion: the guys wear compression tights. It took long enough for the boys to start wandering around in leggings like the girls.”

Check out these trainers from our series, then tell us you don’t want to rush off to the gym…for one reason or another.

The Yoga Pants:

The Shorts-Leggings Combo:

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Best believe when I challenge you to something I’m also practicing what I preach, and last night was my biggest test so far this month with sharing my energy. Walked into group training (trainers need trainers too!) feeling far from great, but knew I wanted to turn it around for myself and the group, so I channelled all my strength towards producing one tiny ounce of energy at a time. Without a prompt the energy made its way back to me tenfold. That energy lifted me up and completely changed the trajectory of my evening. The fascinating thing about the transfer of energy in group classes is that it’s instinctive. We can sense each other’s energy and pay no mind to giving a little more when we can afford to share the love. Big appreciation for @thatgetwright and my fellow #campgetwright crew for getting me through a rough evening with their positive mindset. Time for me to return the energy to the universe today. #SHAWNB30challenge #SHAWNBenergy

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The Leggings:

The Classic Grey Sweatpants:

The Old-School Shorts:

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The Couple’s Tank Tops:

The Fanny Pack (for utility, of course):

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Chipotle bathrooms have great lighting tbh

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The Flare:

The Support:

The Stylish:

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Muscle thru your week with ME? I’m going to be teaching @syncdurham EVERY FREAKING DAY this week! Got a list of reasons why you CAN’T make it to at least 1 of the 10 classes I’m teaching?!! I’ll give you a list of reasons why you SHOULD! ? 1. Endorphins! They feel good & only come to you once you start moving your body! ? 2. I promise I’ll make about 100 bad booty jokes & say #yassqween at least 100 times. ? 3. All your favorite songs & songs you didn’t even KNOW you liked will be on my playlists (follow me on #spotify for more?) ? 4. If you come to 1 of my Fusion classes there WILL be a full-on neck/head/shoulder massage w/ #lushcosmetics aromatherapy. ???? Need I say more? Need more strong-arming into the situation? Check out the full sched on @mindbody or sign up via @classpass ????? #downtowndurham #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #syncstudio #syncsquad #cycling #trx #yogadudes #circuittraining #gaytrainer #feelingflexy #flexing #instagay #instayay #durhamnc ?: @annarouth @anagramphoto

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