Men’s Urinal Games Could Encourage Drunken Bad Aim, Ruined Shoes

For those men dissatisfied with the classic toilet games of “Bubble Maker,” “Sneaky Snake Snooper” and “Melt the Mint Cake” comes “Penguin Pisser” and “Yellow Snow Run” two electronic toilet games controlled by the aiming your pee around a urinal.

Bad aim at urinals is a real problem, especially the closer it gets to last call. But in their quest to improve men’s aim, the games might also encourage overzealous and drunk gamers to start peeing on other men’s shoes in a failed attempt to get a high score. We’d rather not play that game… not without our permission, anyway.

And also the average game allots for 55-seconds worth of urine. Geez… that’s a lot of liquid. Even for Adam Sandler’s “The Longest Pee.”