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  • CitizenGeek

    I love Cher as much as the next gay, but she would be awful as Catwoman. Besides, Christopher Nolan has explicitly stated that catwoman (and penguin) will not be written into any future movies because they don’t fit with the realistic direction he’s taking the series.

  • Cam

    Hell, the writer said that the character of Catwomen was to be a “Past her prime” Diva looking back on her life. Sounds like Cher could really pull it off. Remember, she isn’t talantless when it comes to acting like Madonna, she has three Oscar nominations and one win. I think she could run with the part.

  • Nick

    As long as she doesn’t jump form any rooftops, she could pull it off. Madonna’s dancing crotch has done enough damage to my sensibilities as it is. The lat hing I need to see is Cher bouncing and dangling off buildings in a catwoman outfit. The world is ending if this is what we are left with.

  • mark

    Is there a role for Catwoman’s mom, CougarWoman?

  • Tim

    Enough with Cher. Put her out to pasture.

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