Meth Inferno Will Consume You!


That there’s a new campaign from The Atlanta Meth Task Force. Scary shit, right? Well, not as scary as meth itself, a drug which at least 10% of gay men have admitted to using in the past six months (although, we suspect the number’s a bit higher).
According to The Southern Voice:

…65 to 70 percent of gay and bisexual men in Atlanta has at least one friend who has used crystal meth, and 75 percent believe the drug is responsible for the rise in HIV among gay men in Atlanta.

The article goes on to say:

Atlanta’s location along several interstates has made the city the crystal meth hub of the southeast, and is one of the reasons it “has the fastest growing rates of meth use than any metropolitan area in the country,” according to [Brian] Dew [Founder of the Task Force].

In an effort to curb meth use in the ATL, the Task Force will be plastering its campaign all over town. In addition, Dew will be speaking at a Atlanta Executive Network meeting on September 28th (Tomorrow).

Get on out there and get some information, or be damned.