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Mexican actor José Eduardo Derbez once again addresses bisexual rumors after thirsty photo reveal

José Eduardo Derbez is an aspiring Mexican actor and the son of popular actor/filmmaker Eugenio Derbez and beloved telenovela actress Victoria Ruffo. Last fall, he found himself thrust into the center of bisexual rumors. Now, he’s once again speaking out about what happened.

It all started in October when 27-year-old Derbez posted this thirsty photo of himself to Instagram:

Shortly after he shared the pic with his 1.3 million followers, a woman by the name of Lucía Camargo, who claimed to be a friend of Derbez’s ex-girlfriend, told a Mexican tabloid that he was bisexual.

The actor quickly tried shutting down the rumors, telling a local media outlet: “This woman says that I am bisexual. I have no idea who she is. I have never spoken a word with her.”

He went on to say there’s nothing wrong with being bisexual, then he joked that maybe if he were, it would help his career because he’d be more marketable, appealing to both woman and men.

Still, the rumors persisted.

Now, three and a half months later, he’s once again talking about the scandal and about whether he’s considering taking legal action against the woman or the tabloid that originated the rumors.

Speaking to the Mexican magazine Cosas, Derbez insists he is not gay or bisexual, saying he’s “quite aware of what I am, what I have, and what I want.”

“If I were gay, if I was bisexual, I would have said it,” he explains. “I would not limit myself.”

Asked whether it bothers him that people will likely always question his sexuality from here on out, Derbez replied: “No, not at all. … I simply do not pay attention to such things.”

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It’s for this very reason that Derbez isn’t seriously considering taking any legal action against the people who initially started the untruths.

“To proceed legally against the magazine is to legally enter with lawyers and trials, it is a long time,” he explains. “And to proceed against the lady who did it, how much will I get? … I’m going to lose more than what I’m going to get from her.”

Instead, he’s focusing on his career.

“I am focused on my work,” he says. “I have many projects and it has been incredible and I think that right now there is no need to press things.”

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