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Mexican Dreamboat Luis Gerardo Mendez Reportedly Comes Out As Gay, Talks Infidelity

924420One of Mexico’s most popular young actors has reportedly come out as gay in an interview with Moi magazine this week.

After years of light speculation among fans, 32-year-old Nosotros los Nobles star Luis Gerardo Mendez says infidelity issues with his former partner inspired him to talk about his often-sheltered personal life and monogamy among gay men.

“If the agreement is that you can sleep with anybody, there are no problems, but if it’s not, it’s not cool,” he said. “I was not faithful to many, I struggled a lot with it, but I have redeemed myself.”

Latin Times notes that while Mendez didn’t officially come out, he used the masculine term “muchos” (men) rather than “muchas” (women) when referring to his former cheating partner.

Mendez has had a successful career spanning more than a decade and once locked lips with actor Luis Ernesto Franco in 2010’s No se si cortarme las venas o dejarmelas largas (check out the steamy pic below). He posed for the cover of Moi this month as “Mexico’s it boy” — check out some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot below:

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