Mexican Man With 19-Inch Penis Sued U.S. Prison Guards For Penis-Related Mistreatment

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.19.35 AMThere is nothing fun about having a 19-inch penis.

We wouldn’t know from experience, but beyond the eye-popping phrase and lifelong conversation starter, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has had a hell of a time with his third leg.

Here’s a bizarre video from TMZ in which he weighs the oversized member. The clip climaxes with Cabrera slapping himself in the face with his phallus while country music plays in the background:

And to make matters worse (as if they could get any worse), Cabrera has filed a law suit against guards at a Mississippi prison where he served time after illegally entering the country.

He said some prison guards made a spectacle of his abnormal penis and in handwritten documents, Cabrera alleges the guards demanded to take pictures of his penis, which they called “anaconda.” He also claims a female guard watched him as he changed his clothes and that gay prison guards would grab his penis while searching him.

TMZ rightly notes, “he did not explain why he says they’re gay.”

His lawsuit was dismissed when he was sent back to Mexico in 2011, but the legend lives on.