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Mexican pop star Yahir breaks silence after son comes out as bisexual and announces OnlyFans debut

Mexican pop star and reality TV judge Yahir is speaking out after his son, Tristan Othón Fierros, came out as bisexual and said he was considering a career in porn.

23-year-old Tristan, who has struggled with addiction and done several stints in rehab, made headlines earlier this month when he told the tabloid TVNotas that he was in a relationship with another man and preparing to launch an OnlyFans page.

“I’m going to dedicate myself to that and to let go of the things that have tied me down since I was a child, stop being the son of a famous person, and do what I want,” he said.

He followed that up with a video posted to Instagram, in which he stated: “I am a bisexual person. Let’s leave the labels, man. There is something beyond this issue. Love, man, is liberal because you have to live.”

Yahir, who is a judge on La Voz Mexico, Mexico’s version of The Voice, remained silent as his son’s story spread across Spanish media all last week. Now, in an interview with Hoy, he’s finally speaking out. And he’s not happy about any of this.

“I am living a nightmare,” he said. “My son is in a very strong relapse after several rehabilitation centers and it is very sad to learn that this addiction problem is leading him to do such strong things.”

Not long after the TVNotas interview, Tristan launched his OnlyFans page, where he has begun uploading content. He also revealed this his boyfriend is aspiring singer Axxl Mart, who is a former contestant on La Voz Mexico.


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“That he is bisexual, to me, the truth does not bother me at all,” 42-year-old Yahir said. But, he added, “I cannot support him either with the ideas of being a porn actor or with the ideas of continuing to take drugs.”

In his interview with TV Notas, Tristan described his relationship with his father as deeply strained, saying they hadn’t spoken in months. When asked about this, Yahir said that if his son wants to have a relationship with him, he’ll first need to get sober and then find a job. Other than porn, that is.

“He has all my love, with all my support,” he said. “He has always had it. But right now, definitely with all this, the only thing I see is that Tristan needs to work. He has never had a job.”

We hope these two are one day able to mend their fractured relationship.

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