MI Elementary School Carolers Allowed To Once Again Don “Gay Apparel”

Tired of her students snickering when they sang “Deck the Halls,” a teacher at Cherry Knoll Elementary School in Traverse City, MI, went ahead and decide to rewrite the lyrics to the 500-year-old Christmas carol to read “don we now our bright apparel.”

We guess she didn’t want the kids thinking the Yuletide was time to slip into skinny jeans and “Legalize Gay” tee shirts.

But Principal Chris Parker has confirmed the song has been changed back to its classic form, with “gay apparel” intact. He also suggested the situation could’ve been a teachable moment for the unnamed educator to both explain the various meanings of the word and reinforce the school’s anti-discrimination policies.

Let’s hope Cherry Knoll’s science teacher isn’t as uptight—or else they’ll wind up renaming Uranus.