MI Frat Boys Suspended For Naked But Patriotic Party Invitations


The brothers of the University of Michigan’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity have been suspended for sending out party invitations that featured them naked, save for some strategically placed American flags, a keg or, in one case, a sandwich.

Invites to the “America” party were only supposed to go to the girls of Alpha Phi, but quickly surfaced on the Web.

The frat’s social chairman said he and his fellow hooligans only wanted to generate some buzz: “I didn’t expect every frat and sorority to get their hands on it.”

Now the national Pi Kappa Alpha office has indefinitely suspended the U of M chapter because of the risque images.

National PKA vice president Justin A. Buck called the photos “inappropriate and offensive.” “I am thoroughly disappointed in the choices … and regret any issues this has caused the Michigan Greek Community,”Buck said in statement. “Countless undergraduate and alumni members throughout our organization have contacted the office voicing their displeasure and the Fraternity is taking this situation very seriously. Pi Kappa Alpha does not condone this behavior, the image it portrays, or the claims which have been made by the Chapter.”

At the same time, University of Michigan administrator are looking into whether or not to discipline the members involved.

Seriously? These guys did nothing wrong—they simple showed off what the Good Lord gave them. Are we such a sex-negative culture that we can’t handle some PG-rated beefcake photos? Considering what goes on at your typical frat party, this “scandal” is a breath of fresh air.

And before you tell us the bros were desecrating the flag, we remind you that this was once a huge fashion trend.