MI Frat Boys Suspended For Naked But Patriotic Party Invitations


The brothers of the University of Michigan’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity have been suspended for sending out party invitations that featured them naked, save for some strategically placed American flags, a keg or, in one case, a sandwich.

Invites to the “America” party were only supposed to go to the girls of Alpha Phi, but quickly surfaced on the Web.

The frat’s social chairman said he and his fellow hooligans only wanted to generate some buzz: “I didn’t expect every frat and sorority to get their hands on it.”

Now the national Pi Kappa Alpha office has indefinitely suspended the U of M chapter because of the risque images.

National PKA vice president Justin A. Buck called the photos “inappropriate and offensive.” “I am thoroughly disappointed in the choices … and regret any issues this has caused the Michigan Greek Community,”Buck said in statement. “Countless undergraduate and alumni members throughout our organization have contacted the office voicing their displeasure and the Fraternity is taking this situation very seriously. Pi Kappa Alpha does not condone this behavior, the image it portrays, or the claims which have been made by the Chapter.”

At the same time, University of Michigan administrator are looking into whether or not to discipline the members involved.

Seriously? These guys did nothing wrong—they simple showed off what the Good Lord gave them. Are we such a sex-negative culture that we can’t handle some PG-rated beefcake photos? Considering what goes on at your typical frat party, this “scandal” is a breath of fresh air.

And before you tell us the bros were desecrating the flag, we remind you that this was once a huge fashion trend.


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  • hyhybt

    So… any explanation whatsoever from those complaining (or seeking to punish) about exactly why they find this objectionable?

    (I can think of possibilities other than their being “sex-negative” or especially sensitive to flag usage, but would prefer to consider their actual complaints, if they had the decency to offer any.)

  • Charles175

    I see nothing wrong with the photo here. What? Young hunk men in their prime are supposed to be asexual? Reminds me of the old movie entitled “Porky’s” where the stuffy old moral majority folks of the community demanded morality from their youth when all the while they themselves were playing porn under the town courthouse.

  • erics

    So frat boys can rape all they want, and its totally fine, but posing near-naked with a flag, that’s just over the line.

  • Will L

    The group shot with the flag across the front is harmless enough. The individual shots where they wear the flag could be deemed inappropriate. Flag etiquette is fairly strict when it comes to public displays. (And, yes, I would consider snapshots displays since they are posing with it.)

  • JoeWatchesTV

    The only thing inappropriate about this image is there’s only 10 guys and there’s twelve months in my year.

    I will spend the rest of my day thinking about the late night crunch sessions that devolved into a celebration of young abdominals and sweat.

    And of course the homage to the 1968 Mexico City Olympics by the African-American frat brother.

  • jwrappaport

    And in other, equally important news, I bought new ukelele strings today.

  • longpastdue

    @erics: I have to say your automatic assumption that rape is in any way a part of fraternity life is highly offensive. I was in a fraternity for many years and any mistreatment of women in any way was completely unacceptable. The response by their national headquarters, whenever a fraternity chapter gets in any trouble for any reason the standard practice is to immediately suspend them. After this an investigation will ensue and in the end nothing bad will happen to the guys.

  • Chris-MI

    @longpastdue: It’s already over. They have to go through an educational program, then they can go back to keggers and sending naughty letters to sororities. In the meantime they can’t hold parties and will have to visit other frat houses.

  • hyhybt

    @longpastdue: All well and good, but why does this even qualify as “in any trouble for any reason” in the first place?

  • Brian

    Why did these frat guys send this naked invitation only to women? It has an air of sexism about it. Don’t you gay guys care about sexist attitudes to women?

    Maybe you guys think that sexist attitudes to women are ok. Sad.

  • hyhybt

    @Brian: Only sexist if they wouldn’t want the sorority to send them equivalent pictures. And somehow I doubt they’d mind at all.

  • viveutvivas

    @Brian, can you explain precisely how this is sexist, other than “having an air” of it?

  • Brian

    It’s sexist because they sent the photo only to women.

  • viveutvivas

    If that is sexist, you might as well call yourself sexist for dating only guys (as I assume you do, but please correct me if I am wrong).

  • longpastdue

    @hyhybt: well what I meant was really anytime the University feels the need to contact the national headquarters but no I don’t understand why a big deal was made out of this. It is hardly the first time, many chapters have done calendars of at least this much or more near-nudity.

  • Chris-MI

    @longpastdue: It was the use of the flag, and it was accompanied by a note that celebrated alcohol abuse and hazing. That and that the sheer volume of WTF made the whole thing go viral. Truthfully though, this is pretty much normal for the frats at UoM (my alma mater).

  • Raquel Santiago

    Im torn. As usual, while the photo itself is not offensive nor meant for anyone’s eyes. Lately with the problems with a few fraternities and sororities they should have had better judgment. That said, just this alone would not be enough for me to cancel our alliance with any fraternity or sorority. If a sorority posted a pic like this would it have received the same criticism I just don’t know.

  • jacknasty

    who cares, frats are for losers who need to buy friends anyways. So the national frat suspended one chapter? How will this impact any of their lives in any way?

  • hamoboy

    @viveutvivas: Brian is an idiot and a troll, don’t bother.

  • topshelf

    Other than an inappropriate use of the american flag, this is totally G rated. There’s an administrator out there somewhere that needs a good hard lay.

  • jwtraveler

    @topshelf: You’re right. I’d find it much more appropriate if they dropped the flag.

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