MI Gov. Denies Healthcare To LGBT Domestic Partners Just In Time For The Holidays

Hey Michigan! Your governor Rick Snyder just passed a law prohibiting all public businesses from extending employee benefits to unmarried partners, effectively taking healthcare benefits away from LGBT families just in time for the holidays!

However Snyder was smart enough to make sure that the law allowed state universities to continue extending benefits to the partners of unmarried employees. He had to or else LGBT university faculty would start leaving the state in droves.

Happy Holidays! Don’t get sick.

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  • Dan

    Genocide isn’t less ugly when committed by U.S. politicians.

  • Steve

    Faculty will leave the state in droves, anyway.

    Might as well close the university.

  • Paco

    @Steve: Agreed

  • Drew

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Just moved to this state for work about six months ago. Still a bit shocked at the amount of homophobia here, sad part is – I moved here from Ohio. I honestly thought it would be the complete opposite.

    I don’t want to say I regret this move, because I don’t. But I cannot say I’m going to stay much longer than 1-2 years & I cannot recommend the area to others.

    Also… I hope by ‘public business’, our asshole Gov. means government. My business SERVES the public, but I hold a private company and I’d LOVE to see him tell me that I can’t spend my company’s earnings on something like providing all of my employees equal access to healthcare. Free market economy, bitch – I’ll take you to court.

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