MI Judge Won’t Save Andrew Shirvell From The Imaginary Gay Mob!!!

The parade of tears continues for former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell. First he got fired from his job for using government resources to cyber-stalk and hate-blog about University of Michigan Student Body President Chris Armstrong. Then Mr. Armstrong turned around and sued Shrivell for harassment. THEN, Shrivell decided to countersue Armstrong for destroying his life.

Of course, Shirvell wanted the court to seal his upcoming trial deposition to protect him from being physically harmed by Armstrong’s followers (and probably to avoid making an even bigger public ass of himself). But the court has DENIED that request:

Armstrong’s attorney Deborah Gordon called Shirvell’s safety claims unfounded and the delivered this righteous pimp slap:

“Ironically, Defendant Shirvell has had no problem publicly attacking [Armstrong] for all the world to hear and see, but now wants the truth or lack thereof behind his accusations to never see the light of day. [Shirvell’s] deposition is an opportunity for both parties to set the record straight, and it is telling that [Shirvell] does not welcome that opportunity.”

Ooooh! Bet it stings, don’t it?

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  • gregger

    that was actually a cunt punch.


    No, I think this was more a knee to the groin and very effective.

  • TMikel

    I think it was a kick in the gonads done with steel toed hiking boots! I just LOVE it when right wingnusts get hoist on their own petards. Shirvell’s name should be Shrivel!

  • Cranston Cranium

    KAPOW! Kicked right in the mangina
    The Michigan State Bar needs to yank his license. Pathetic lil’ Shirvell dick!

  • declanto

    I am so glad he’s going to be even more publicly humiliated. Tarring and feathering would seem more appropriate, but we’re civilized now…aren’t we?

  • Cam

    My favorite interview with this guy was when he was interviewed by Anderson Cooper and he kept saying “Anderson” over and over.

    He was so terrible that I am shocked he has ever appeared in court. His voice came off as irritating and whiney, he said everything slowly and he sounded nearly as fey as Nathan Lane in “The Birdhouse”.

    This woman just deballed him nicely.

  • Brian Miller

    This is so sad. This guy is obviously a damaged closet case with a sense of misdirected unrequited love for the university student he was stalking. A walking textbook case if what religion, societal homophobia and right wing craziness can do to a man.

  • chrissypoo

    Proof that any idiot can graduate from law school and pass a bar exam.

    Well, Michelle Bachmann is also further proof.

  • Abel

    I can ALMOST feel sorry for Shirvell. Obviously a sad, disturbed man. I wonder what kind of life he will have now? Oh, he’ll probably go to work for NOM or AFA or something like that. No doubt he’s writing a book about this already. Is he a closet case? Probably – otherwise how can we explain that fixation he had on Chris Armstrong. Pitiful, just pitiful.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Abel: “Is he a closet case?”

    Well, DUH!!!!

    All foaming-at-the-mouth ‘phobes are closest cases. Ordianry everyday straight people, even those who don’t understand our issues and if asked aren’t in favor of marriage equality don’t go around thinking about us 24/7. They have lives to lead.

    Andrew Shrivell doesn’t have a life.

    I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him. He’s an adult. He should know how to act like one.

  • ewe

    Law enforcement does this type of thing to countless people.

  • ewe

    Andrew Shirvell being former law enforcement just to be clear.

  • randy

    I don’t think even the AFA or NOM would want him. They don’t want any loose cannons on their ship, and he has way too much baggage. There are plenty of other goofs who are willing to volunteer their time hating on gays for them to ever consider this idiot.

    If he tries for any legal position, he’s out of luck. No law firm would want someone who has been sued over something like this. It shows a complete lack of judgment on his part, and he is a laughing stock. Even an anti-gay law firm (like the one defending DOMA in court now) wouldn’t want him. So his only option for making money right now is attempt a countersuit and hope that he can squeeze them for money. That won’t work, of course, so he’s back to washing dishes for a living.

  • randy

    BTW, Shirvell is a graduate of Ave Maria School of Law, the super conservative catholic law school founded and funded by that guy who got rich from Domino’s pizza.

  • tjr101

    Chris Armstrong should also sue the former Attorney General of Michigan Mike Cox for not controlling this rabid dog.

  • Jaroslaw

    I echo Abel #9’s comments. What a sad, pathetic individual. I wonder if he can even get a job at a car wash at this point!

  • Patsy Stoned

    Randy, Shirvell is indeed a graduate of that sham of a school, and I’m sure he thought his connections at the school would help him with his “case.” When someone is even too insane for THAT hate institution to help out, he’s clearly a lost cause.

    I do, however, think AFA or one of those other hate groups will back him. They agree that christians should hound and intimidate gay people without hindrance. They feel the law can’t discriminate against their religion, while they use their religion to make life hell for gay people.

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