MI Judge Won’t Save Andrew Shirvell From The Imaginary Gay Mob!!!

The parade of tears continues for former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell. First he got fired from his job for using government resources to cyber-stalk and hate-blog about University of Michigan Student Body President Chris Armstrong. Then Mr. Armstrong turned around and sued Shrivell for harassment. THEN, Shrivell decided to countersue Armstrong for destroying his life.

Of course, Shirvell wanted the court to seal his upcoming trial deposition to protect him from being physically harmed by Armstrong’s followers (and probably to avoid making an even bigger public ass of himself). But the court has DENIED that request:

Armstrong’s attorney Deborah Gordon called Shirvell’s safety claims unfounded and the delivered this righteous pimp slap:

“Ironically, Defendant Shirvell has had no problem publicly attacking [Armstrong] for all the world to hear and see, but now wants the truth or lack thereof behind his accusations to never see the light of day. [Shirvell’s] deposition is an opportunity for both parties to set the record straight, and it is telling that [Shirvell] does not welcome that opportunity.”

Ooooh! Bet it stings, don’t it?