Miami Mayoral Candidate Not Down With Gays

Something tell us Miami mayoral candidate Bill Smatt won’t be getting the gay vote.

The Jamaican-native, who apparently fancies himself a “moral crusader,” raised eyebrows when he raised this campaign sign in front of his sign. In case you can’t tell, the banner reads, “God created Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve”. From whence, then, did Steve come?

Smatt’s made is his mission to root out “communist: Miami’s strong gay community:

I promise you, when I become mayor, we’re going to clean up all this funny business going on down there… I am bringing back Miami Beach for the families.

Hearing about opposition, Smatt claims he’s just saying what others think. Unfortunately for Smatt, he may have to say it a little softer – or smaller. Assistant city manager Hilda Fernandez says,

We have a code of laws in the city of Miami Beach. They regulate what we can and cannot do in single-family residential neighborhoods. He is permitted to have a sign of a certain size. He’s not allowed to have a banner.

Hopefully someone will shoot Smatt’s sign down…