Michael Alig’s Still in Jail

Well, Radar‘s certainly in the Halloween spirit. Not only do they have a feature on the best horror villains of all-time, but they’ve used their wiley charm to score an interview with club-kid turned killer, Michael Alig.

In case you don’t remember, Alig went to prison after killing his drug-dealer and dumping his body in New York’s East River. The tale was later turned into the book, Disco Bloodbath by one-time friend, James St. James. (If you’re not big readers, perhaps you saw the movie adaptation, in which Alig’s portrayed by Macauley Culkin -a performance of which Alig does not approve.)

Anyway, while Alig and writer Jaime Lowe chat about how Alig still dreamss of Angel, getting on in prison, and a slew of other fascinating subjects, we’re total sickos and zeroed in on Alig’s jailhouse love life.

Have you had lots of relationships in prison?
I fell in love when I first was in lock-up at Downstate, but he went home two years ago. He was arrested right away, and I have to tell you, I was sort of glad because I didn’t like the idea of him being out there without me. He was caught stealing a car and led his parole officer on a high-speed chase. He crashed the car into a building, got out, and ran onto a golf course. The police found him up in a tree and had to shoot him with a stun gun–it was all in the news. He’s a really good example of someone I shouldn’t have in my life–the kind of guy who needs fixing. I have such a skewed view of what relationships should be.

That’s not surprising, you’re in prison.
When I was in Clinton, I was interested in this guy. I wouldn’t say we dated, but I thought he was the nicest person–really sweet and interesting. A couple months later I was watching the news and they were talking about the Central Park jogger rapist, and I was like, “That was my boyfriend!” And it was him–his name was Reyes.

Hmmm, now that’s an idea for all you love-lorn homos: get yourself locked up and you can nab a real catch. We think it would make a great Jesse Trautmann essay.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Alig’s none-too-pleased with St. James:

James doesn’t come up to visit. He says he doesn’t have any money. I guess he spent all the money he made raking over my life story. He claims he didn’t make any money from that though … he claims they took advantage of him. Poor James was taken advantage of selling my story.

Maybe Alig’s upset his book, the ingeniously entitled, Aligula, didn’t get optioned for the big screen.