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Michael Catherwood Makes Adam Lambert Prison Rape Jokes On Daily 10. E! Cancels Show

E!’s The Daily 10 has been canceled by the network after four and a half years. Co-host Sal Masekela tweets the last show will be Oct. 1. Surely this has nothing to do with guest Michael Catherwood (pictured) going on the program to make prison rape jokes about Adam Lambert.

Or with Masekela himself making light of the whole situation: After the show issued its on-air apology, he tweeted (to Catherwood), “@MCatherwood thanks for putting us on the map. Imagine if you’d actually said something truly offensive.”

Or, as commenter Swarm notes, that immediately following the on-air apology Catherwood tweeted, “As Warden of Recreation and Funtime, I work hard to make prison as fun as it can be for everyone. How dare you sir.” (It’s since been deleted.)

So yeah, looks like everyone learned something here today.

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