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Michael Catherwood Makes Adam Lambert Prison Rape Jokes On Daily 10. E! Cancels Show

E!’s The Daily 10 has been canceled by the network after four and a half years. Co-host Sal Masekela tweets the last show will be Oct. 1. Surely this has nothing to do with guest Michael Catherwood (pictured) going on the program to make prison rape jokes about Adam Lambert.

Or with Masekela himself making light of the whole situation: After the show issued its on-air apology, he tweeted (to Catherwood), “@MCatherwood thanks for putting us on the map. Imagine if you’d actually said something truly offensive.”

Or, as commenter Swarm notes, that immediately following the on-air apology Catherwood tweeted, “As Warden of Recreation and Funtime, I work hard to make prison as fun as it can be for everyone. How dare you sir.” (It’s since been deleted.)

So yeah, looks like everyone learned something here today.

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/daily10apology.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/09/daily10939204.jpg 650 400]

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  • scott ny'er

    what douches. here’s hoping they get a taste of what they think is soooo funny.

  • niles

    Glad that show got the axe. Sal in particular always had a smug attitude of hetero superiority.

  • Steve

    give it a break people. The Daily 10 wasn’t cancelled due to a guest host’s comments. All of you Adam Lambert fans have been tweeting much more hateful comments, shame on you all.

  • Kev C

    The show was cancelled because it was hosted by a lumberjack and a piece of wood.

  • Chester

    @Steve: Yeah, only problem is no one can seem to find any of those supposed “threats of violence” in Sal’s @tweets.

  • Carlton W

    The show was scheduled to be canned. Seacrest had been hinting around to it on his radio show for a couple of weeks now. Not sure who the bigger douche is though Catherwood or that guy Sal. On his twitter account he tried to turn it around saying the “haters” got the show canceled and that “Lambert” fans were tweeting him death threats. He went on to say they were actual death threats “people wanted me to die”. I’m still surprised that there are people still that dumb that they don’t know how easy it easy to look at what has been tweeted to a you. Wouldn’t you know not one death threat. Catherwood nor Sal has learned a thing from any of this. Actually, I take it back they learned how to deflect blame. Teflon men.

  • Marcus

    Daily 10 was on its deathbed already, and thank god for that because it was an awful show most of the time. The things Catherwood said on his radio show, and says regularly, were significantly worse than the comments made on Daily 10 anyway – but you can get away with being a hateful jackass on the radio.

    Masekela flat-out lied about being threatened on Twitter. Several people were, indeed, quite rude to him, but nobody found proof of a single death threat or death wish.

  • VAlerie

    @Steve: says who? Sal?

  • smog

    still don’t see anything about rape in his joke.

  • Carlton W

    @SMOG what do you think prison is most notorious for? Lovey, dovey, huggy, feely consensual sex? That aside. Let’s pretend Catherwood didn’t have that thought in his head at all (I could personally see how Catherwood has no thoughts in his head). He’s still cracking jokes on primetime TV about Lambert’s homosexuality. Bascially saying it would be like a kid in a candy store. The douche had the nerve to compare it to being broken down on a bus with The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Sorry, but only a hetero would be stupid enough to make that comparison. Afterall we know all gay men crave to go to prison so they can have unlimited sex. It was a stupid comment. It’s not a live show so I can’t understand how it got aired. Then that bitch Catt says as a manner of apology “we HAVE to make this apology”. The tone indicating “we were forced into it”.

  • indigo

    Catherwood joked,knowing Adam Lambert,he probably won’t have too bad of a time in prison. Because Adam is gay, he will not have bad time if some guy forced sex in prison? You think gay people go around having sex with any Tom,Dick and Harry? When some one is forced upon by another human being sexually is rape, in prison or anywhere else. So Sal and Cathewood needs to put themselves in other peoples shoes before opening their stupid mouth. Just show what an ignorant jack asses they both are. Above tweet by Sal is as offensive as catherwood’s joke. SHAME ON YOU,GLAD THE SHOW GOT CANCELED,KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby

    Clearly the show wasn’t canceled due to their homophobic shitheelism, but it’s nice to see karma working so perfectly anyway. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.
    Oh and the Daily 10 did apologize, and their apology basically amounted to:
    We were ordered to apologize. Queer people, we are sorry you are so incredibly sensitive. Now shut up and quit whining.

  • A Pudding

    Oh, they learned something, all right. They learned that no one in this country can take a joke anymore, and free speech isn’t as important as people’s feelings. Pthhht. We are finished as a society.

  • indigo

    Catt,your apology is so fake. Your tone indicates you are forced to do it. Any decent human being would have felt bad for Adam Lambert for such humiliation. It shows people in show buisiness got no soul.I am outraged by all three of you.

  • Hilarious

    It’s nice to see this dumb show canceled, but if E! cared about offending people Chelsea Lately would’ve been gone a long time ago. She makes racist, anti-semitic, sexist, and homophobic comments all the time.

    Ironically Adam Lambert was one of the few people who stood up to her as well. She tried it on him, he didn’t laugh, and pointed out why it wasn’t funny.

  • Karen

    Some of the comments tweeted in response to Mike’s on air tasteless and offensive joke were bad (and I don’t agree with some of them). However, let me remind you that Mike is an media celebrity and as such has a level of responsibility for what he says on air. Those sending out tweets do not. Big difference in the weight that Mike’s comments carry.

  • Mimi

    I couldn’t stand this show and I don’t watch E! anymore. Glad this stupid show is going out whether I watched it or not. These three losers will be forgotten by tomorrow while watching Adam Lambert conquering the world.

  • CarolCollins

    About damn time they learned!!! Their prey is being diminished group by group so maybe it would be wise of them to take their snark in a different direction. Being a celebrity means putting up with SOME invasion of your privacy and personal space but things have gotten way out of hand. Hooray for everyone who tweeted, texted, emailed, called and protested, and kudos to publications and programs that stepped up instead of adding to the disintegration of journalism in this country by either making responsible, accurate comments or staying the hell out of the fray.

  • Devon

    Wait wait, back the fuck up…

    People actually watch the E! channel?

  • Joe

    @A Pudding: Because the success of our society hinges on the ability to make jokes offensive to some and not others. How stupid

  • Wicked Glitter

    Finally something fair has happened in this world, FINALLY! When I first saw the clip and heard what that jerk Catherwood said I was angry, and disgusted, but I didn’t think he should be fired, and I said so on my twitter page. Then I saw the youtube videos that he had made on the Kevin and Bean show going under the name Psycho Mike. Thats when I became enraged, and wanted all of them to be fired and then later tarred and feathered, and then after that I wanted them to burn in hell for all eternity. I didn’t tweet that to them, but I did tweet Psycho Mike to let him know that I think he’s a huge piece of shit, and that he should be fired. Not only was he unapologetic when he was with his buddies Kevin and Bean, he had the gall to pretend that it never crossed his pea-sized mind that his little ‘joke’ had anything to do with being raped. All of them were lying on air even though they knew those videos were on youtube. Those videos prove that he knew exactly what he was saying, and thought it was funny to make fun of gay people. Here we can’t even get Adam’s great song ‘Fever’ released as a single in the U.S. because he says he, but it’s perfectly ok for those narrow-minded bigots to make demeaning, disgusting songs about gays, and women. The good ole boys can do, or say anything they want on air and it’s ok because after all it’s just a joke, right? Fuck those pigs.

  • Jet

    Hmmm let’s talk about your wife/girlfriend going to prison with all those really buff prison dudes and how much fun she would have and see how many people get offended. Prison is no joke dude and most men would be scared sh*tless if they had to go. The joke wasn’t funny and you got the axe before your dumb*ss joke because you aren’t funny.

  • Anita

    Now we know why Adam’s songs aren’t played more often on the radio with DJs like that!! Sad.

  • Uppity

    Once upon a time The Daily 10 was a fun show, but that was when Debbie Matenopoulos was a co-presenter. She had a lot of charisma and there was great chemistry between her, Sal and Kat. When she abruptly left, it became lame.

  • Mac

    I sort of liked D10 when Debbie Mat. was on it too! The “snark” became it’s key element – and damn, it got old fast. And it was such a rehash of E the half-hour before – I get what they were going for w/ the format, and being a rehash was part of the gig, but all in all, their list of topics, people, etc. that they covered was so SHORT it was mind-numbing! The show was on it’s deathbed anyway, but I’m still surprised with how this was handled, and disappointed about Sal’s take on the whole thing – I actually really liked him, wow-I’m bummed now. Anyway, I just wanted to throw out there a comment in regard to the notion floating around out there about – why was there no uproar about Chelsea Lately’s comments about George Michael, etc. – Well, Chelsea Lately is specifically formatted to be provocative comedy, a round-table sort of format with actual comedians, it’s known right from the get-go to be saucy and irreverent/it’s designed to be, it’s on late night… and most importantly, it is NOT set-up to be an entertainment news delivery format!!!! It IS different, apples and oranges. The D10 might have been about ENTERTAINMENT news ont real news or hard news, but it was about news, and supposedly designed to be a news delivery format – the editorializing and snark should have been kept in check just a bit more in my opinion under that format. I get the feeling, have no idea obviously, just guessing, that the whole snark and approach of the show over the past year was sort of an experiment following the trends of pop culture (sadly) – and this one seemed to fail. Again, mostly because, IMHO, their list of topics/subjects/celebrities was not very broad – SO BORING!! And speaking of the word “celebrity” – what was that Mike C said in regard to Lambert “almost celebrity” or something like that – hhmmmm, now that the dust is settling from this, Mike will once again become quite accuainted with that term himself!! He probably could put that on his name placque on his dressing room door – oh wait, er, um – bathroom door in his apartment.

  • Britte

    “Let’s be happy now, shall we?” Dork.

  • tmd

    Mike Catherwood made a snide remark about ADAM being a celebrity … I think he said the old standby ‘and I use the term loosely’ or something like that … not sure … don’t pay much attention to inane comments. Well … he had his fun at ADAM’s expense so now he can think up other snarky remarks in the UNemployment line while ADAM continues his SOLD OUT concert tour for audiences WORLDWIDE!! Are you laughing NOW? Catherwood!

  • Tessie Tura

    Does that mean we won’t have to look at that abo anymore?

  • kalifani

    @Tessie Tura: If by ‘abo’ you mean your mother is an ‘abo’ cocksucker, or your daddy is an ‘abo’ who wishes he made your ‘mummy’ swallow…then I totally get your point.
    Nothing more useless than a racist fag.

  • KiomainNY

    so happy this show with that thug on it got canceled…and now he and his other thug friend from KOQ can take their ghetto ugly faces BACK ON RADIO WHERE THEY BELONG!

  • TSG

    GOOD BYE! A stupid show with stupid hosts… First, if I accidentally watched the D10 (which is the only way I watched anyway) it was the EXACT same thing I saw on E! news…. really how did this show last 4 1/2 years?
    And the hosts….. PLEASE, Sal is unattractive and has no stage presence, I always wondered how he got that job!! Catt, unfortunately sweetheart you are not funny, I respect you tried, but it wasn’t working and whats up with that hair!!!! CUT IT you look silly!!

  • Lisa

    @Devon: Ahhh yea!!!

  • Lisa

    Wow people are mean I love Katt and Sal! I have heard worse from other people in the media so get over it and keep the daily 10 on the air!

  • Laura

    I liked the Daily 10 and was shocked to learn that the show was in discussion for being canceled so it seems that the host ignorantly sped up the inevitable. I can’t help but to wonder, what would have been the outcome if the shows ratings were high.

  • stephen paxton

    This rly pi**es me off that once again an african guy whose people were ostracized from society makes light of a joke against a gay guy whose people are also ostracized. If some off color joke was made against africans i bet Sal would flip out !!! People need to be tolerant of everyone esp if u are in the same boat so to speak……

  • stephen paxton

    At least catherwood apologized and in his defense he was just trying to be funny and shocking like howard stern.

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