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Michael Catherwood Won’t Make Prison Rape Jokes About Adam Lambert No More

Joking about Adam Lambert’s South Beach fight with a paparazzo on E!’s The Daily 10, KROQ radio personality and newish Loveline co-host Michael Catherwood (who goes by “Psycho Mike”)tried to make a funny about the singer facing battery charges: “From what I know about jail, Adam Lambert probably wouldn’t have too bad a time.” GET IT?? Because in jail guys get raped, and because Adam is gay, he must love getting fucked in his shitter against his will, so HAHAHAHAHA. Lambert complained (via Twitter, wondering aloud “Who’s this new daily ten d bag?”), GLAAD got involved, and Catherwood apologized (via Twitter). His verbatim phrasing: “@adamlambert I’ve always been a vocal supporter of the Gay community. If offense was taken I’m sincerely sorry. Merely an attempt at comedy. My genuine apology to all in the GLBT community as well. Identifying me as homophobic is wrong though. Tasteless yes, but not hateful. I’ve identified that I misspoke and I sincerely apologize. All I can do is ask for forgiveness.”

Sorry much? Great, except as Yahoo! music blogger Lyndsey Parker notes:

Growing up and living in Los Angeles, I also know this rabblerouser as Psycho Mike, the longtime sidekick of DJs Kevin & Bean on the KROQ morning show in L.A. As Psycho Mike, Catherwood has taken part in skits and songs like “Brow Down” (a parody of the hip-hop hit “Bow Down” that rudely lampooned Armenians) and “Lean Like A Homo”–so this “Daily 10” scandal is hardly the first time he’s behaved this way. It’s just that in the shock-jock rock radio format, Mike has gotten away with such behavior a little more easily. Yes, his skits have elicited listener complaints, but that was the pre-Twitter era, when it was harder for targeted celebrities like Lambert to immediately fight back and rally their fanbases.

There’s already a Twitter petition (a Twitition, jesus christ) to get Catherton fired. Daily 10 will issue an on-air apology.