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Michael Catherwood Won’t Make Prison Rape Jokes About Adam Lambert No More

Joking about Adam Lambert’s South Beach fight with a paparazzo on E!’s The Daily 10, KROQ radio personality and newish Loveline co-host Michael Catherwood (who goes by “Psycho Mike”)tried to make a funny about the singer facing battery charges: “From what I know about jail, Adam Lambert probably wouldn’t have too bad a time.” GET IT?? Because in jail guys get raped, and because Adam is gay, he must love getting fucked in his shitter against his will, so HAHAHAHAHA. Lambert complained (via Twitter, wondering aloud “Who’s this new daily ten d bag?”), GLAAD got involved, and Catherwood apologized (via Twitter). His verbatim phrasing: “@adamlambert I’ve always been a vocal supporter of the Gay community. If offense was taken I’m sincerely sorry. Merely an attempt at comedy. My genuine apology to all in the GLBT community as well. Identifying me as homophobic is wrong though. Tasteless yes, but not hateful. I’ve identified that I misspoke and I sincerely apologize. All I can do is ask for forgiveness.”

Sorry much? Great, except as Yahoo! music blogger Lyndsey Parker notes:

Growing up and living in Los Angeles, I also know this rabblerouser as Psycho Mike, the longtime sidekick of DJs Kevin & Bean on the KROQ morning show in L.A. As Psycho Mike, Catherwood has taken part in skits and songs like “Brow Down” (a parody of the hip-hop hit “Bow Down” that rudely lampooned Armenians) and “Lean Like A Homo”–so this “Daily 10” scandal is hardly the first time he’s behaved this way. It’s just that in the shock-jock rock radio format, Mike has gotten away with such behavior a little more easily. Yes, his skits have elicited listener complaints, but that was the pre-Twitter era, when it was harder for targeted celebrities like Lambert to immediately fight back and rally their fanbases.

There’s already a Twitter petition (a Twitition, jesus christ) to get Catherton fired. Daily 10 will issue an on-air apology.

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  • jason

    Catherwood is a cunt.

  • Joey

    GLAAD’s blog post on this issue is dead on, and pretty much skewers Catherwood. Sometimes they piss me off, but they done good on this one.

    I’ll say one thing for Lambert, he’s a fuckin lightning rod. Dude was just trying to chill on the beach, fast forward a couple days later and E! is apologizing on air for their institutionalized homophobia.

  • matt

    Have some humor. I love Kevin and Bean. If this offends you, stick to ryan seacrest and cbs radio. Team Psycho Mike!

  • Voice of Reason

    Hahahahahaha Psycho Mike is the sh*t! He’s not Homophobic, if anyone of you fags ever listened to the Kevin And Bean show, you’d know he wasn’t. His gay follower, ” Mika ” called in today ( Monday Sept. 20th ) and said himself that he wasn’t offended but that the joke itself was very lame. He did not at any point meant that this gay guy Adam Lambert would like jail because he’d get raped, but because its a bunch of dudes in an enclosed space. Do your research before you get all butt hurt kids. ( ohhh i said butt hurt, is that another rape joke? ) Grow up people.

  • Chester

    @Voice of Reason
    Oh, I get it. You’re a moron.

  • Chris

    “Identifying me as homophobic is wrong though. Tasteless yes, but not hateful.”

    I do think we throw around the word homophobic quite a bit.

  • Chris H

    I’m going to start identifying myself (different Chris from the one above) from the other Chris.

    I’m the one who hates Jason and adman.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @Chester: Hahahaha!

  • swarm

    Well no surprise Queerty spends what? About 5 minutes writing this brief mess up? And misses the entire point. It’s not over. After the faux apology, he immediately retweeted this: “As Warden of Recreation and Funtime, I work hard to make prison as fun as it can be for everyone. How dare you sir.” and then continued with the comments today on his show.

    And E! issued a half assed apology on air, laughing during it. And his co-dj’s continued to tweet how it was so funny oh lol.

    And Lindsey Parker, tweets “not funny”. Wow how supportive. As it turns out, I find with a simple google…that her employer Yahoo has the same parent company as KROQ – CBS radio.

    @7 Chris – It’s pretty pathetic when a hetero woman (me) has to effing ~clarify the definition of homophobia simply vis a vis my growing up in the life with a gay brother. eyeroll

    Let’s review:


    Does not mean just ass jokes, blowjobs or effeminate or twink descriptions. (BTW Catherwood is a ~ body builder lol)

    Any time a person’s LGBT sexuality is the target, punchline or focus, it’s homophobia. Including pop culture dbags Kimmel, Letterman, Ferguson et al.

    Obviously this doesn’t include in-context discussions of RELEVANT subject matter which does not include being a SINGER. And obvs =/= to dopey comments made on LGBT sites.

    Please think twice the next time you’re feeling Uncle Tom-ish. It’s really not ok and they won’t like you anymore just for being nice and pretending they’re funny and it doesn’t hurt.

    @2 Joey – Yeah a lightning rod. For wanting to be a singer. If you only knew the endless nasty and faux “jokes” made daily against the guy on air by big mouth djs. This is why his fans are so dramatic and protective. He’s a 28 yr old kid who has apparently threatened and brought to the surface, the entire hetero male population’s fears by his mere existence.

    Anyway, we’ll see if he gets the same treatment as Imus for making a nappy hair ho riff.

    With any luck, he’ll relapse into his long term crack addiction (yes, truth) and end up in prison himself.

    And yeah, even tho I’ve been relentless about GLAAD this time, they took every piece of info the ninja fans discovered and laid it out perfectly. (n.b. QUEERTY)

  • Larkan

    Clay Aiken is in his 8th year of being a target of homophobia.

    Celebslam, owned by BuzzMedia aka OK Magazine among others, had this to say about Paris Hilton and Clay Aiken today.

    “””Of course Paris is getting away with it — she’s rich. If any if us had been caught with cocaine in our possession, we’d be choking on our cellmate Bubba’s man meat by now. It just goes to show you that if you’re rich and famous, society’s rules don’t apply to you. It also goes to show you that if you’re Clay Aiken, you’re going to have to work a little harder to fulfill that jailhouse fantasy of yours. I’d recommend murder. Caught on tape. Of the judge’s spouse.”””

    Are the Lambert defenders going to go to war in solidarity and support of all LGBT or is the righteous indignation only reserved for Adam Lambert and the rest of us can rot in hell?

  • Joey

    Dude, even I know there’s a difference between some random ass blog I’ve never heard of on the internet and an nationally televised (piece of shit, but still) entertainment show.

    How the hell are we ever gonna make any progress if we mock and slam people who are sympathetic to the kind of crap we experience day after day. Yeah it’s a bit fucked up that for some people the issue is more about the individual. But that doesn’t take away from the kind of power people like that can provide when it comes to kicking up a righteous shitstorm.

    I say let the Aiken fans have Aiken’s back while the Lambert fans have Lambert’s. And then since you brought it up, maybe YOU could do something about it yourself instead of pissing all over everyone else.

  • prohomo

    How hypocritical for some gays to get offended by this joke when they make the same prison bitch jokes all the time!! Pot calling the kettle black. And as if prison rape is ever funny. Stupid idiots.

  • Jeffree

    Catherton went against two cardinal rules of comedy:
    –Don’t go for the easy and obvious joke. It’s guaranteed someone else did it better than you, and that you just look lame-o. Prison jokes should have expired in the 1970s with Andrew “Dice” Clay.

    –If you have to resort to “I was just joking”, then you clearly weren’t funny enough in the first place. Apologize *sincerely* , and do better material next time.

    I learned a new “word” here: Twitition.

  • JoeyO'H

    Homophobic morons say whatever they wish, then, “Oh I’m sorry.” As if it makes everything nice, nice again.

    Well, your wife is a fat pig and screwing your next door neighbor and your kids look like mini-Shreks. “Oh, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean that.”

  • jason

    Note how when a homophobe is forced to apologize, he or she almost always says “I’ve got gay friends”. Yeah, right.

  • ousslander

    Don’t find the joke offensive, neither is it that funny.

    As for Lambnert, who spent how many years striving for recognition and fame, to go off on the photog makes hima dbag for thaT moment

  • Fitz

    Its hard for me to take people’s righteous indignation too seriously. I mean, Folsom is this weekend, and people are going to be coming as slaves in choke collars (for example)… so, this guy’s joke is homophobic, but your identifying as a slave or master is play? come on.

  • swarm

    @ 10 Larken “Are the Lambert defenders going to go to war in solidarity and support of all LGBT or is the righteous indignation only reserved for Adam Lambert and the rest of us can rot in hell”

    First of all, it would be helpful to have just ONE OTHER LGBT mainstream person out ~ sometime before they are already famous. Don’t hold your breath.

    It’s been written here many times that “newly enlightened” or not, Lambert’s fans ARE of course supporting everyone/everyissue. Or was your comment rhetorical as a bitter Aiken fan? eyeroll.

    Furthermore, they’re the mothers, wives, children, neighbors and business associates of would be LGBT detractors and haters. And in case you missed it, Lambert has a huge contingent of lesbian fans. And gay youth who see him as inspirational. His website forum has 36,000 posts on the LGBT fan discussion thread alone not including the LGBT Youth For Adam thread. The media choses to not even have an interest in that aspect and promote some stupid “cougar” narrative.

    Aiken? Well he seems to have been lost soul who alienated himself and his fans from the beginning, was ill-advised by pros and turned outright bitchy and unlikable – according to former fans. But no comparison to Adam Lambert who wisely waited to try and go national when he was more mature and worldly and could handle things.(his words).

    I highly doubt you’re a gay man but assuming you are, I bet a dollar you’re a big ole Kathy Griffin fan? The bitch who used “gaykin” as a career builder? Did you take action on Aiken’s behalf with GLAAD or any other group about her constant harassment? Did you organize anything to support the guy?

    Like I said before, as long as gay is the punchline it’s homophobia. There is no equality till then. And I doubt I’ll live long enough to see ~that actually change.

    It’s irrelevant to me that LGBT posters are just as homophobic on websites. It’s Stockholm Syndrome, imo.

  • swarm


    Don’t make rash assumptions. He said as much himself anyway. And he never strove for recognition and fame before Idol. In the least. He wanted “an opportunity”. Don’t join the people who make claims that have no foundation whatsoever. Unless you consider touring Europe as a chorus boy in HAIR to be some big cry for FAME. eyeroll.

    He’s given every pap and interviewer hours and hours of time for a year and a half, including that day. That particular pap made some comment that pushed him over the edge, after he had been being pap’d for an hour before. The fact that the pap lied on his police report and the police never filed charges is telling. I’d like to see any other 28 year old keep his cool for so long after being the target of daily vicious hate like him. My kid can’t even keep his car insurance current. lol.

  • TommyOC

    I’m confused. Noting this “Psycho Mike” manufactured rama, how could you give Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park), two supporters of gay rights, a pass for their constant gay references and jokes that, to the uneducated, are directed at our expense? How about Daniel Tosh, who supports the gays but who has referred to prison, gays, and “poundtown” in the same sentence?

    How can you give these guys a pass? Because you know them? Because you’ve actually *heard* or *listened* to them?

    Who’s actually *listened* to KROQ in the morning? Kevin & Bean (and Co., including Psycho Mike) are pretty gay-friendly. Their comedy might be crass and might poke fun at different minorities – including the gays – but to suggest that poking fun equates to rampant homophobia is a bit of a stretch and a demonstration of thin skin on our parts.

  • ewe

    hardy har har har. I am sure it is Catherwood that wants to get screwed. This is his indirect way of begging for it.

  • swarm

    LOLLLL E! canceled The Daily 10 today!. Hardy har har indeed.

    @tommyoc we can all hear them because we have their podcasts. Like the one the next day talking about adam’s pretty lips and being a trophy in prison and being someone’s bitch.

    I don’t watch South Park, the voices are annoying.

    LOL you think they’re gay friendly when they had a “you’re faggot” poster on their myspace etc. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. And so many of his tweets deal with man on man is ew. Yeah, a ~body builder.

  • Greg

    Swarm #9,18,19,22 is truly frightening. The misguided adulation vs the poisonous hatred and disregard for anyone who is not Gladam is creepy.

  • BBKing

    @Greg: You an Aiken fan or what? Yikes…

    I thought her points were solid. Swarm and Joey’s comments are the most balanced comments on this page #truth

    PS. if that closetcase dbag had made that same joke about a woman on TV he’s have been fired straight-up. ‘Least the show got cancelled…lol.

    Props to GLAAD.

  • Random Medley

    @Larkan: Are the Lambert defenders going to go to war in solidarity and support of all LGBT or is the righteous indignation only reserved for Adam Lambert and the rest of us can rot in hell?

    Yes Larkan we are supporting ALL LGBT issues. Many of us weren’t even aware of how much defense was needed until we started reading the hateful comments that were plastered all over the internet while Adam was on American Idol. Like it or not the “glamberts” are a twitter united force and we are not going to let any of you rot in hell.

    Here are a few things I have done in the last year. I vote. I petition. I contribute. I’m vocal. I write, email, call my congressmen and senators. I support Courage Campaign Institute,,, repealing DOMA, Organizing for America. DADT is a crime against all humanity, decency and equality. I follow @msignorile, @maddow, @OutQ and purchased Serius radio so I could listen to them. I blog. I twitter and I check out sites like this one that don’t always appreciate outside support (and btw sometimes you are pretty unkind to your own).

    By the way, YOU asked the same question months ago. You apparently don’t get it. 1 young man captured the attention of millions. Millions that lived their own tiny, possibly sheltered, lives unaware of the invisible (perhaps only to them) discrimination but are now involved in something bigger. Something called support the kids I call the boy (or girl) next door (that was reference to Seacrest saying “will America vote for the boy next door vs the guy with guyliner”).

    So yes. Maybe we didn’t know you before buy I am supporting YOU now and I am not alone. Neither are you.

  • Lisa

    This sucks that Sal and Katt have to lose their jobs because of someone else he’s an A and the shouldn’t be punished KEEP THE DAILY 10 ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stopbeingsogay

    Stop being so dramatic. In prison, men only have sex with other men, because they don’t get to have sex with women. Not all the sex between men in prison is forced, and probably only a small percentage is forced. Stop turning this into a “gay rape” thing. The joke made fun of Lambert and his penchant for cock, but that doesn’t make the joke homophobic.

    And to claim it was about him getting fucked in his “shitter against his will” is plain stupid, and over dramatic. Stop making this shit into something it isn’t; acting like this and misconstruing what was said is making people dislike you silly little freaks because they can see you are distorting the dumbest things. Stop being so fucking gay.

  • prohomo

    Get him fired? That’s ridiculous.

  • Mark

    @jason: your a cunt. catherwood is awesome

  • Jasmyn

    @TommyOC: The fact that your comment is the ONLY one posted so far that makes sense, yet no one has acknowledged it, amazes me. It seems like no one here cares to think rationally. They only want to yell and fight. :/

    To everyone else:
    I understand your initial outrage, but I assure you that Mike, Kevin, and Bean are all more than gay-friendly–they’re supporters of gay rights. It was simply a bad joke. You can even call it offensive, but it is certainly not something to end the man’s livelihood over. Come on, that’s silly.

  • Carolyn

    wow you are an ass, you hope he goes back into a crack addiction!?
    you obviously have never listened to his show or really looked into his life if you guys think Psycho Mike is a homophobe. By many of your definitions then most of us are racists, sexists, and yes, homophobic. Who cares, he made a tasteless joke, big deal, if Adam is as awesome a person everyone claims he is, then he will get over it and move on, trust me there are worse people who are actually against the gay community, not some B-list celebrity who is a comedian with a few bad jokes. However, one thing I do notice as tasteless is your “hope” that he goes back into an addictive disease, one that almost killed him mind you.

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