Oh Henry

Michael Henry wonders: Does confidence just mask toxic masculinity?

Ever-prolific comic Michael Henry has released his latest video: an odd, if funny, rumination on the sexiness of confidence. Is a confident man a turn-on? Or does the confidence translate into toxic masculinity?

The video finds Henry and friend John Hartman discussing confidence in a West Hollywood park.

“I’d like for you to tell me something,” Michael asks. Without missing a beat, John launches into a litany of problems that include erectile issues, flatulence and bad tipping.

“What I want to know is if you think confidence in a man is a turn-on,” Michael says, trying to reign in his friend. “The reason I ask is because a friend told me that his number one turn-on when it comes to a man is confidence.”

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“Who doesn’t love a confident man?” John asks.

“I like men who are sure of themselves when it comes to work and life and their overall self, but I like guys who are insecure about those things too,” Michael replies.

The pair then launch into a debate over if a man that shows insecurities shows off humble confidence, or if an appealing man shows no flaws at all.

“I like an assertive man. A sturdy man. A man who can achieve big things. A man who has a deep voice and a beard and a three-piece suit.” John eventually proclaims.

“Okay see, now that’s the thing. I think that when guys say they want a confident man, that’s really just code for I like a masculine man,” Michael observes. “The two are not the same, honey.”

John then starts to rattle off more of his own flaws, including his anal issues. Somehow, we think those are the least of his problems.

Have a watch, and decide where you fall on the debate.