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This is how Michael Henry’s dad reacted when he came out as gay

Michael Henry
Michael Henry (Photo: @michaelhenry915/Instagram)

YouTube comic and actor Michael Henry has shared a sweet email from his dad to mark National Coming Out Day on Monday.

As many of us know, coming out to one’s parents can be a gamble. It’s often hard to predict how they will react. Sometimes it can be an upsetting and harmful manner, while other parents can say exactly the right things.

Thankfully, Henry’s dad falls into the latter camp.

Henry revealed on a YouTube posting that he emailed his parents the news of his sexuality “years ago.” This was the response he received from his dad.

To My Dear Son,
First off, I love you very much. From the first day that I set eyes on you, and held you in my arms, I prayed that you would have a long and happy life. I cherish all of the things that we did together as you were a child and growing up. You have grown into a wonderful man and I am so very proud of you. Even though, we only see each other a couple of times a year, and talk on the phone when time allows, I think of you every day and pray for your happiness every night.

The news that you are telling me changes nothing. Mom and I will always be there for you and you will always be the love of my life.
Your loving father, Mike.

Henry added a caption explaining why he was posting it.

“Today is National Coming Out Day and I wanted to share this e-mail that I got from my dad when I first came out years ago. I remember I was already living in Los Angeles and I felt like a coward because I didn’t have the guts to come out to my parents in person but instead did it via e-mail. But I am so happy that I did it this way because I now have two awesome e-mails from my parents.

“I am hoping that everyone here has a good day and I hope that you all feel strong and powerful no matter where you are on your coming out journey. It’s not easy and I’m sending you love and strength!”

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Many of his followers thanked him for sharing the email.

“This got me very emotional. You have an amazing dad Michael, this letter is incredibly healing,” said one.

“It’s heartwarming…” said another, Sylphe Metagame. “Thanks Michael for sharing this precious e-mail with us. As a reminder that not everybody gets the loving and happy ending but can still taste a little bit of someone’s else love. To all the parents, even tho you disagree in the matter, please, do not forget that your baby is still your baby, even if he’s in his forties!”

Henry—bless him—was quick to point out: “I’m in my 30s!”

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You can watch Henry’s latest video, in which he voices his opinion over the “bubble gum gay” life depicted by some TikTok couples, below.

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