Michael Hoffman And Pal Celebrate America By Greasing Each Other Down

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.08.44 AMRemember Michael Hoffman? He’s the tattooed beefcake who made ripples across the web when a video of him pleasuring the muscle between his legs “leaked” online. He assured everyone at the time that he is not gay, and made it known how humiliated he was that the video found its way to your screen.

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Shortly after, a whole barrage (very NSFW) of videos were also “leaked,” and the whole thing began to smell awfully fishy.

Then there were unfounded accusations that Brent Everett stole his nude video selfie library for personal profit. Scandal!

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“It’s hard for me to walk around in the public without people looking at me like, ‘Oh, look, that’s the dude who jerks off. Oh, he’s the guy who ate his cum,” he complained in a nearly unwatchable YouTube rant.

In the end, Hoffman appeared to be more in need of a few business 101 classes than he was of a lawyer.

We certainly hope he’s getting paid something for this latest, totally not gay video titled “Michael Hoffman muscle worship by friend.” Pure poetry.

Watch below: