Michael Jackson Tramps It Up in Heels

Sure, we may love the Mark Foley scandal story, but we really love a good Michael Jackon’s a big fucking weirdo story.

It seems Jackson’s not content being known for his astonishing talent, alleged penchant for little boys, and keeping his children under black veils, now he’s adding cross-dresser to his list of tabloid-ready insanity.

We’ve got nothing against cross-dressing, of course. We’ve been known to put on a pair of heels and march around with the best of them (one of the Queerty boys once performed “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” in a red-leather dress under his drag identity, Steamy Puddles), but Jackson really should have put a little more thought into this one. Unless, of course, he wants the entire world to continue making fun of him, which at this point must be getting a little old. Although, maybe he’s into being punished and all that.

If that’s the case, he probably has a huge erection right now. (Ew, did we really just make a reference to Michael Jackson’s erect penis? We need to take a shower…)