Michael Lucas: Drugs And Partying Didn’t Lead Roman Ragazzi To Commit Suicide

Many commenters took Dror’s death as an occasion for assumptions and moralizing. Dror, they guessed, was a meth addict and/or a prostitute and/or a failure. “It’s unfortunate but typical of many porn/ex-porn stars who get into drugs and escorting to keep up their lifestyle,” wrote one. “He recently retired and started up an online fitness site. The business presumably did not do well?” wrote another. A third veered into wild speculation: “I don’t know if he used his good looks to assist drug dealers in whatever games they dream up to humiliate their victims.”

[One] comment… summed up this wing of opinion succinctly: “Nice people don’t do porn.”

But nice guys do do porn, and Dror was one of them. “He had such a gentle soul,” recalls Sam, his last boyfriend. “He was the most affectionate person I’ve ever dated. He loved really hard.” Dror was devoted to animals (he dreamed of leaving the city and starting a rescue service for Labrador Retrievers) and intensely protective of the people in his life. “He always wanted to create a world for us inside this Chelsea gay world,” his boyfriend says. “He wanted us to be sheltered and safe: our own thing, inside a bubble.”

That bubble was important because Dror was far from the drug-addled party stud that his posthumous attackers imagine.”

—Porn director Michael Lucas, about the February suicide of Dror Barak, a.k.a. adult-film star Roman Ragazzi, in the Huffington Post.