Michael Lucas Explains His Controversial Decision To Make Condom-Free Adult Films

Michael Lucas by JJ KeyesSay what you will about Michael Lucas, but the man has never been one to shy away from following his own convictions. Since fleeing from his native Russia as a young man, Lucas has built a staggeringly successful empire with his adult film company Lucas Entertainment, as well as becoming a force in the documentary genre with powerful exposes on gay life in foreign countries, such as Undressing Israel and the just-released Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda (available on DVD April 1). Lucas has also maintained a side career as a columnist for various publications and as an in-demand speaker at universities around the globe. Never one to suffer fools, Lucas has also made headlines by blasting bad boy behavior from the likes of Johnny Weir and Nick Gruber.

Yet it’s perhaps his decision to acquiesce to the growing industry trend and begin filming bareback scenes that has raised the most eyebrows. After speaking out for many years as an opponent to unprotected sex in gay porn, last December Lucas surprised many fans by shooting condom-free scenes in new films. In an exclusive chat with Queerty, Lucas discusses the reason behind this controversial decision, drug use in the industry and how his adult film career has had an impact on his work as an LGBT rights activist.

What caused you to loosen your opposition to bareback porn? I wonder if it’s the changing nature of prevention with the advent of undetectable guys and PrEP.

For many years, as you know, I was vocally opposed to bareback sex in videos, because I felt that it was putting the models in danger. But times have changed. HIV treatments can now reduce viral loads to the point where, as far as we can tell, they pose little to no risk of transmission. Combine that with PrEP treatments for HIV-negative people, and we’re talking about a much, much lower danger than was previously the case. My position on bareback sex in porn has adapted accordingly. And not just in porn: I have changed the way I have sex in my personal life, too. I am HIV-negative, but I have recently been seeing someone who is HIV-positive, and we have sex without condoms. So I feel fine, now, with asking my models to do the same.

What are the commercial implications of condom porn? Surely, there are companies that still make money and find ways of using condoms in a sexy way.

The industry has changed. Condomless scenes are far more popular with consumers than scenes with condoms, and most companies (now including mine) have adjusted to this reality. I can’t talk about the financial state of other porn studios, but I know that several have gone out of business in recent years or have been taken over by large corporations. If the industry had stayed united behind condom use, then that would be one thing, but it didn’t. And that means that companies that produce only porn with condoms are putting themselves at a very real disadvantage. In the end, this is a business, and we can’t afford to ignore what consumers want from porn these days. I held out for condoms for as long as I could, but with the arrival of PrEP and the new information about undetectable viral loads, the principle behind holding out was not as compelling as it used to be.

What precautions, such as testing, serosorting or PrEP, do you use with the models themselves?

Every model who works with us must be tested for all STDs; this has been mandatory since we started making condom-free films. Every model has to show a clean test taken within the previous 10 days. I also always talk to my models about PrEP and give them information about it. I’m not a doctor so I can’t prescribe it to them, but I’m happy to say that many of my models have started using it — as I do.

Michael Lucas by JJ Keyes 2Do you personally think condom-free gay porn is hotter? Do you think it’s more about the models, chemistry and photography than latex?

I personally think that condom-free porn is hotter, yes. Yes, you can make hot porn with condoms, and we have made a lot of it. But porn is a fantasy, and no one fantasizes about condoms. And ultimately, this isn’t about my personal opinion. Like every business, we have to listen to our customers. No one has unsubscribed from our site because we moved to condomless sex; on the contrary, we immediately gained customers, and our customer loyalty today is our highest ever. Lucas Entertainment operates out of New York, where the overhead is very high. We have about 20 full-time employees, with benefits. I don’t think that would be sustainable based only on the demand for porn with condoms.

What are your thoughts about the stereotype that adult film producers deal with a heavy drug problem so models often do not advocate well for their own safety?

We have always tried to avoid working with models who are high on drugs. If we suspect that a model is impaired, we test him right away, and I can remember at least two instances when we had to send models home. I’m sure that some performers do drugs in their private lives, but I can tell you for a fact that most of the industry does not tolerate it on set; it makes the models unreliable and difficult, and it hurts the scenes. Also, models are scheduled for their shoots about a month in advance, so they have lots of time to think about it; it’s not like we surprise them when they get to the set. So no, no one is taking advantage of models being out of control. And as I said before, I have switched to bareback sex both on video and in my personal life, so I’m not asking them to take risks that I would not take myself.

What message are you sending to gay men, many of whom struggle to use condoms regularly?

I’m not a messenger. I just make movies. And the shift away from the condom code reflects significant changes to the dangers of transmission and the lethality of HIV. I don’t think that bareback porn has driven gay men to bareback sex; I think that the rise in bareback sex has driven the industry to bareback porn.

Cropped-No-Watermark-1So you wouldn’t say that men learn behaviors from watching porn?

I don’t think that men go to porn for life lessons. They just want to get off. And we want to help them.

Free porn is easily available to anyone with a computer. What impact has this had on your company?

It’s had a big impact, of course, as it has on all adult-film companies. Unfortunately, the pool of customers that are buying porn is fairly small. The vast majority these days just watch pirated versions online. We monitor the pirate sites as much as we can and get illegal copies of our product deleted when we can, so there is actually very little Lucas material out there for free. And luckily, there are still enough people willing to pay for the things they enjoy — and not just steal them online — that we are doing fine.

Now that the Sochi Winter Olympics are over, what’s the state of activism in support of gays in Russia?

I was quite disappointed with what Western activists were able to accomplish with regard to Sochi. There were a few coded gestures, but they did not make much impact. There were no major demonstrations or Olympians speaking out; and prominent gays like Johnny Weir made repeated apologies for Russia. I think Putin took that as a sign of weakness from the West. The challenge now will be to keep Russian LGBT issues in the news and keep the pressure on Western companies that do business with Russia. That’s one reason I have invested so much time and money into my new documentary film, Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda.

Speaking of your documentary work, in what ways has your adult film career had an impact on your activism? 

When I write or make films about serious subjects, there are always people who try to shut me up by pointing to the fact that I also make adult movies. That kind of personal attack is, at this point, boring. Overall, the high profile that I have because of porn has been a big asset for me. It has given me a platform from which to speak out about issues that I am passionate about. My articles have been published by major news sources, I have been interviewed in print and on TV and on the radio, I have been invited to speak at universities and film festivals — all because I’ve already made a name for myself in porn. I’m grateful to all the people who have read, watched or listened to me with an open mind.

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  • Mike

    Undetectable viral loads, not undetectable loads. LOL

  • Billy Budd

    He seems to be very earnest and intelligent. On a side note, I would love if he did a scene as the bottom guy, and I think he underwent plastic surgery. It was a successful surgery but it shows.

  • DCFarmboi

    The explanation is simple. Lucas is looking to make money and doesn’t care what happens to other people.

  • Mike

    Just a note about free porn on the internet… It’s often the source of nasty malware that’s hard to get rid of and that’s why it’s free. The webcam sites are just as bad. Make sure you are using anti-malware software that offers real-time protection. More than one app is even better. One may catch what the other one doesn’t. I’ll go out on a limb and say I know this from personal experience. I use five anti-malware apps now and they are all free. That’s one reason I use so many, but also because I got a virus that was a BITCH to get rid of. All but one of the apps runs automatically and most can be set to run at a set time and interval. That’s my PSA for the day! :)

  • Billy Budd

    Who in the world is not looking to make money? Very few. I am against condom free videos, but I have to accept the fact that it is not illegal to make them.

  • joey

    undetectable viral loads does not mean hiv free. having test results 10 days out does NOTHING to prevent a person becoming poz after the test and before the movie shoot – with in those ten days.

    people forget to take their pills, take other drugs that may reduce the effectiveness of the pill, cant afford theor pills or may not take their pills for many other reasons. bb is just stupid…plain and simple. doing something because it simply “feels better” is never a good idea….

    now how about a pool to guess which of his models becomes poz first

  • Billy Budd

    @Mike: Stay on topic, please.

  • Stache99

    @DCFarmboi: Unless there’s something that’s missing I’m not following your logic. He gets them tested before shoots and advocates PrEP. That doesn’t show someone non caring.

  • Billy Budd

    I think Lucas DOES CARE about the safety of his boys. But the fact is, there will always be some risk in barebacking. He cannot avoid it completely, even with all his measures.

  • Caine

    This from the man who joined a consortium of porn producers years ago who BLACKLISTED porn stars doing bareback videos?
    He’s a hypocrite. It’s all about the money money money.

  • Billy Budd

    People get desperate when they foresee bankruptcy.

    I hold the studio *ock* Boy*s in very high esteem because they never gave up using condoms and their videos are unbelievably hot

  • trex

    @Billy Budd: No one who is “intelligent” would make the clearly false public health statements he makes in response to the first question. No public health professional would agree with those statements and no truly intelligent person would be essentially claiming that he knows more than all public health experts. It is really irresponsible of him to be claiming that barebacking is safe when you do it like he does.

  • Billy Budd

    @trex: Irresponsibility is one thing. Intelligence is another.

  • T_NYC

    I don’t normally comment on stuff like this but as someone who is HIV positive I will. @trex, the claims he makes in his first paragraph are in fact supported by the CDC and the NIH (National Institute of Health) further more PreP with Truvada is a approved by the FDA for the reasons he mentions above. So what you choose to do with that information is up to you as it is him, but its certainly not false and I would argue a lot more responsible than most.

    Also, this is porn you whackadoodles. He’s not trying to save the world. The business changed and like any good business man, so did he.

  • Franco C.

    Oh my. I really feel that this man has nothing but contempt for the men who choose to film porn for him. Bareback sex is risky, hence all the precautions he has stated that he takes here in this interview. You can not respect individuals, your employees, if you put them in harms way, no matter how much you attempt to justify your decisions. Sure, the porn stars make these choices themselves (or not), and even if they are provided with all the information about the negative ramifications of their decisions, it doesn’t make it right. Many of these men come from diverse backgrounds, education, socio-economic levels, etc. So Lucas is trying to make money, and somehow if he is successful (btw money is not the true value of success, rather being a compassionate, caring person is) we will applaud him, but at what end? More gay people will contract HIV this year than last, bareback porn is on the rise, and why? How is it that our insatiable need to have sex, at all costs, comes at the expense of our health? How is that in anyway tolerable, and accepted? Last week I watched the film How To Survive A Plague, and I wonder what those men, so many of them who are not here today, would think of this callous disregard for personal health and life. They know the dangers of anonymous sex, and how it robbed a generation of their safety. So sad that we’ve all forgotten about that time, a time that should never be forgotten. I fear for the men who work for Lucas, but worse, I fear for the disdain he has for them.

  • Billy Budd

    @T_NYC: I agree with T_NYC.

  • DistingueTraces

    Ugh, this bitch.

  • SteveDenver

    @DCFarmboi: I agree 100%. He’s in it for the money and porn actors are disposable. Shame on this reporter for leading the question about UNPROTECTED SEX in porn being “hotter.” Do either of them know of a porn actor who revealed he is HIV-positive whose porn career has become “hotter” and more successful?

    Lucas claims to be a “conservative.” Not using protection is not conservative, but very risky and against medical advice.

  • sobedoug

    Michael Lucas in 2011: “I chose early on to follow my ethics and always promote safe sex in my films. Those who produce bareback movies don’t like that I so vocally condemn what they do. I actually think that their argument that bareback movies don’t do harm because “porn is just a fantasy” is dangerous bullshit because porn does strongly influence community norms.”

    Michael Lucas in 2014 (in the above interview): “I don’t think that men go to porn for life lessons. They just want to get off. And we want to help them.”

    We get it that you’re a sell out, Michael. But why the flip-flop regarding the influence of porn on viewer behavior? Or did that also somehow change due to the advent of PrEP?

  • Icebloo

    I really don’t need to take time to read his silly little speeches about why he did it when one single word is sufficient – MONEY ! He doesn’t give a fu#k about anything but money.

    Why is it that whenever I look at this guy he makes me want to punch him in the face ? The silly way he sucks in his cheeks all the time is so annoying. It doesn’t make him look sexy – it makes him look feminine and silly. I can never watch him in porn because he is such a girl.

  • coltonblack

    I give him an A for at least being open about what he is doing. And if he doesn’t do it, someone else will. I’m not going to judge him… Except to say woof!

  • Faggot

    As Michael Lucas states, “But porn is a fantasy, and no one fantasizes about condoms. And ultimately, this isn’t about my personal opinion. Like every business, we have to listen to our customers.”

    How are the porn performers, then, that much different from stuntmen who, by their job description, perform dangerous feats when doubling for the main actor? Instead of substituting for another “actor,” though, those in porn are doubling for the viewer who usually doesn’t engage in such hazardous “stunts.”

    In the porn business, the customers overwhelmingly want to see these sexual “stunts.” The stuntmen and porn performers are aware of the risks and they are hired precisely because one would like to believe that they know what they are doing and know how to keep themselves out of harm’s reach.

  • redcarpet

    @Mike: STFU Mike, you don’t know what you are talking about. DO NOT run 2 malware apps at the same time, they will detect each other as malware and do crazy annoy shit to your computer. Besides, where the fuck are you going?

    Watch what you click, uninstall Flash and Java, use Google Chrome (a safer version of flash is built in), and keep both your AV as well as windows itself up to date. Never open .EXE files. Make sure your user account is limited and not an administrator (you can always elevate to admin if you need to install software) If you’re using XP, upgrade ASAP. If that’s too much for you, get an ipad.

  • Cobalt Blue

    V * I * P * E * R

  • mike_goodboy

    He’s not even handsome…

  • Billy Budd

    @mike_goodboy: But he has a huge dick! :)

  • Ben Dover

    @sobedoug: “But why the flip-flop regarding the influence of porn on viewer behavior? Or did that also somehow change due to the advent of PrEP?”

    Well, uh… yes! Is there something about the PrEP concept you find mysterious?

    PReP may be appropriate only for relatively few people, but if it’s right for anyone it’s porn actors who are at risk all the time in their working life.

  • Fang

    I like the attitude of changing with the times. Science has empowered people (gay men in particular) to prevent HIV seroconversion in new, effective ways. If the resources are available, there’s no reason we should remain so rigid in our standards of yesterday’s safer sex. Indeed, that term’s definition has expanded.

  • joey

    @Fang: these meds are not 100% they give the person some extra room, theres no “preventing” anything here. also not everyone can take these meds people get sick on them or dont tolerate them well. why tempt fate? because it just feels better? or looks better when youre in a movie?

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    I can’t believe Q interviews him as if he is some relevant voice in the gay community. He is a money grubbing whore who could care less about our community. In addition, he is an Israeli Firster who bitches and moans about America but the second you say anything negative about Israel, you become an anti-Semite.

    In addition, the mainstream media will re-print stories like this over and over and over thus causing donations the help our brother and sisters with AIDs to plummet.

    Is it really worth it Queerty to give the non-entity such a constant source of publicity.

  • Billy Budd

    @Bobby Christina Crawford: I do believe that Queerty was paid to publish this interview. It is funny that I tried to type the name of another porn studio (initials CB), and my post was blocked. There is money involved in this.

    Anyway, you mentioned Israel. I am not anti-semitic, but the Israelis treat palestinians in the same way the nazis treated them in the 30’s and 40’s.

  • tookietookie

    Rationalization (DSM-IV) – occurs “when the individual deals with emotional conflict, or internal or external stressors, by concealing the true motivations for his or her own thoughts, actions, or feelings through the elaboration of reassuring or self serving but incorrect explanations.”

  • Jeremy Kinser

    Queerty was not paid to run this or any other interview. That is completely absurd, as is the suggestion that Michael Lucas is not relevant. The interview with him is currently our most-read article on the site, which proves that many people are interested in his opinion.

  • FitChicago

    Let’s be honest, the hypocrite called Michael Lucas has a motive for his sudden and dramatic change of heart about producing bareback sex films: money.

    What will be revealed through financial disclosures that will be released by the end of the year (or sooner depending on the bucket the money came from) will shed a light on why so many in both the porn industry and the LGBT media have suddenly and concurrently evolved their stance on bareback sex.

    What can already be revealed is that Gilead (the makers of Truvada PReP) have dramatically increased their spending dramatically for both advertising and promotion of PReP. This includes a $500K ad commitment to OUT and other agreements with Here! Media properties (all of which have used their voice to sing the praises of PReP).

    I am inclined to believe that, in this economy where overall advertising spending is down, companies dependent on ad dollars that are desperate to stay afloat would gladly accept significant ad deals which included unlabeled advetorials supporting a product.

    I am confident that financial disclosures will reveal that there is sort of financial agreement between Lucas’ company (and other porn studios) and Gilead. While it is too soon for a Gilead transparency report to reflect such an agreement, there are definitely clues that point to this reality.

    It is disconcerting that so many are pushing PReP so hard while numerous clinical studies of PReP reveal its effectiveness to be as low as 63% (that is in controlled groups where the subjects take the prescribed dosage daily).

    Until science disproves these studies, they are a fact; a reality. It should be fully examined how Gilead’s promotional dollars have caused many to lose focus of the drug’s unproven effectiveness. At a time when our community is thriving, we should be pushing Gilead and independent groups to fully explore the drug’s effectiveness because their dollars would be better spent doing that rather than paying people like Michael Lucas to sing it’s praises and result in the 37% of those taking PReP as prescribed becoming infected with HIV. But hey, in Gilead’s eyes once someone is conditioned to take one pill a day to “prevent” HIV and become infected due to the drugs proven ineffectiveness, it’s all good because since the person is already used to taking one pill a day they can simply transfer over to another Gilead drug to treat their HIV and, in doing so, keep the revenue flowing for Gilead.

  • Stache99

    @Fang: I agree. That’s what the campaign of were all equal was trying to foster. Ending the stigma of Hiv, getting tested, and new prevention methods. They realized that the older methods of shame were not working and were actually making it worse.

  • Charlie in Charge

    “I don’t think that men go to porn for life lessons. They just want to get off. And we want to help them.”

    Porn and erotica are where most gay men learn about the ins and outs of gay sex for the first time since there are not a lot of parents do not include oral and anal sex in the “birds and the bees” talk. It would be wonderful if this were not true, but it has been shown that the nearly limitless access to porn has altered the perceptions and expectations of both straight and gay people.

  • Geeker

    This will end badly!

  • JohnnyPornLover

    @FitChicago: I can see you are a conspiracy theorist. People like you also believe in conspiracies involving, Dr.’s, the Government, 9/11 and many others. You are a paranoid, dark and nasty person.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    @Jeremy Kinser: No, it proves that people are disgusted by him. Perhaps those that find him amusing were not there when many of us were holding up our gay brothers and sisters who were dying of AIDS. And in our spare time worked our ass off to raise money to help educate others how this disease is transmitted. Now Lucas comes along and RE-educates them in a way that fill his pocket. Nothing MORE. Nothing LESS. His very acts spits on those that have fought OUR war.

    He is advocating UNSAFE sex. So when we go ask for funding for education, food, housing, condoms, and make attempts to avoid discrimination, THIS SORT SO SHIT will be thrown in our face by our enemies and others.

    If Queerty considers Michael Lucas relevant in a positive way then why not throw away any conversation about “safe sex”. Promoting Lucas while promoting safe sex is a total tea bagging mentality.

  • M_Alexander

    Let’s talk honestly folks. I am 28, so I wasn’t around when the epidemic first was introduced to our community. However, I live in the world as feminine, HIV+, self-identified gay man, that works at a gay and lesbian community center.

    I like to thank that I am fairly educated when it comes to HIV, challenges that surround differing communities and so on. I grew up in the Midwest, so there weren’t many gay people where I am from. I did turn to porn to get my ideas of behavior. Fortunately or unfortunately–I am not sure–my first experiences were with TIM, a completely bareback porn company. That is what I learned and that is how I behaved.

    Advocating for PReP is responsible and caring for the models/actors, but not if it coming from money lined pockets.

    What we really should be focusing on, is educating our community, coming together in love and support, and not allowing for false information to stand. Shaming members in our community gets us nowhere.

    People are going to behave and do as they please, there is no stopping that. With that being said, further education, support, and community could be deterrents. We have to be a better community for the simple fact, the younger generations–myself included–need examples and they can’t just be white-washed, money hungry, corporate evil people.

    Simple as that!

  • Stache99

    @M_Alexander: Havn’t paid much attention to the comments but yours caught my attention. Not as fun as some of the bickering drama queens but very rational and intelligent.

  • thezak

    The Strategy… BEFORE sex get tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY OF STDs then make an INFORMED decision. google “tested together”

  • Stache99

    @Stache99: Not to say that there hasn’t been allot of good thought provoking comments in this thread both pro and con.

  • Dawson

    I don’t have an issue about Mr. Lucas making money. It is a business. It is up to each and every one of us if we want to view the site. Morality is a different issue which is very subjective.

    To be honest I am not familar with these drugs and their effect. There is still a part of me that is concern about the risk just like eye surgery. Would I take the chance in 2014?

    I accept the fact that modern medicine has made changes but I just don’t feel the issue of Mr. Lucas making money off of this even if he took a different position in the past. Times change and these models are adult so they know what they are getting into.

    I appreciate that he is open about it but like many of the readers do have questions about certain statements but I, on the other hand appreciate that he has put his money on issues that effect our community.

    Mr. Lucas has been willing to speak about our common cause and tried to educate the straight community about our issues. For this I appreciate him as there are few in our community that have put their money to our common causes.

    I though don’t understand the need to pay for these sites. I think it was active duty who years ago stated they couldn’t stop people from downloading their material and put it out for free since it had become so common place. Paid sites just seems like a thing of the past.

    What Mr. Lucas is saying is that as a businessman he is going to makes some money. Maybe I don’t fully understand this but I don’t have a problem with it. It the models are willing and people what to pay for it who am I to judge? Not everyone is going to like him, that I get but I must admit that he is someone who I like to hear about since he has for me been more than an owner of a porn site. I would rather have 1000 Mr. Lucas than one Johnny Weir.

  • rtbd

    This guy is full of bull! He simply wants to make as much money as possible in the highly competitive porn industry. And in doing so he’s more than willing to throw is former opposition to bareback videos out the window. He’s a whore in more ways than one. He’s also a ridiculous hypocrite! He rails on and on against anyone who is critical of Israel, yet he doesn’t think he should produce responsible porn! This asshole knows that many young gay men who are just starting to dabble in sex look at porn and emulate what they see in it. He’s a lying asshole if he denies that!!! He definitely has a responsibility to them! But he chooses instead to put greed and money first! He’s a creep of monumental proportions!

  • tophyv

    Why does he look like that? Was he disfigured in an accident? If so, I feel sorry for him. His appearance is like something that doesn’t occur in nature.

  • Fang

    @joey: Nothing is 100%, not even an HIV negative test at 3 months (which is 99.9%). But the latest research shows that PreP reduces the risk of contracting HIV from 95 to 99%. There are lots of numbers floating out there, and if you read the studies, you will see that the level of prevention is contingent upon the level of the anti-virals in the body. Bottom line: if you take PreP everyday, it’s unlikely that you will become infected (unless you encounter a Truvada-resistant strain).

    Now as far as viral loads are concerned, a recent study came out that saw 0 (yes ZERO) seroconversions between couples with sero-disconcordant statuses (one poz, on neg) when the poz individual did not have a viral load. That’s good stuff!

    So, no. Safer-sex is NOT static and our options will continue to improve and expand. I always like to keep up with the trailblazers and choose how I act based on the latest research. I know that research isn’t full-proof, but I’m pretty sensible about it and it is MY personal choice. I just hope that all of those people that continue to use condoms as they did before PreP to be respectful of those who choose PreP as their main prevention method. Judgement and denigration is NOT a productive tool for making your point, and we end up disjointed and weaker as a community.

  • Fang

    @M_Alexander: Well said!

  • MartinNYID

    @Dawson: WHat kind of hirse sh*t are you spewing? Comparing an irresponsible porn peddler, with real ramifications on public health to a media celeb? I’d rather have 10,000 Jonny Wiers *cough* than your comments or Lucas because at least Weir is consistent, and not directly contributing to the spread of AIDS. It’s not ‘moral’ it’s a disease.

  • M_Alexander

    @MartinNYID: I don’t enjoy or take pleasure in correcting people. I feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, working in the field and advocating in the field of HIV/AIDS, I think it is important that we speak with the correct language.

    You can NOT spread AIDS. AIDS is a result of having HIV. You can have HIV without having AIDS, but you can not have AIDS without having HIV.

  • joey

    @Fang: @fang so i had no idea an hiv test is not accurate even three months after possible infection, amazing. but your comment about a resistent Truvade strain is clearly frightening, how can anyone know what kind of strain you could get? doesnt this just blow the whole prep idea up? i mean arent we back to square one now, so with prep this is all still a crap shoot? i had some issues about 1.5 yrs ago after a rotuine doc visit turns out it was hep b. i was devastaed, angry and very depressed i THOUGHT i did everything right – i even had the vaccines but somehow i fucked it up and have no one to blame but myself, now i am on a med (tenofovir?? i think thats the correct spellin) every day probably for the rest of my life. i stopped fucking over a year ago i just couldnt deal with another infection esp hiv. although it sucks i just think i’d be pushing my luck. i guess this is why i dont understanding anyone taking a chance even if its 5% or 10% just because it feels good or looks good in a movie.

  • Darreyl102

    @Billy Budd: Don’t know if I would call it huge, it’s big, but he’s no John Holmes.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    Anyone who believes porn does not strongly shape how people have sex is delusional. As intelligent and well-adjusted and strong-willed and informed as many people are, and as much as we’d like to believe we are not so easily swayed, it’s undeniable that porn teaches people, particularly gay people, how to have sex, shows us what kinds of sex we might like to try and yes, gives us ideas we might otherwise never have had. How popular to you think rimming was before porn? As popular as now? Outside the gay realm: Do you really think straight women had as much anal sex pre-porn as they do now? Or went along with as many three-ways back in the day? Give me a break. Porn does shape behavior. The dirty talk ALONE that we’ve learned from it…

    Also, do you who are saying, re bareback porn, “It’s what the market wants” hear yourselves? It may well be that the market wants something, but that does not mean we operate in a world devoid of values of any kind. Just because there is money in something, that doesn’t excuse all moral or ethical or even just intelligent considerations. I’m not the least capitalistic person out there, but Jesus, “I have to do this regardless because there is money in it” is pretty soulless. It’s a much better argument to say that people are going to have condomless sex, so at least now companies are testing models (not 100% effective, but way better than not doing it) and more people are on Truvada. That holds a lot more water than “$$$ rules.”

    Michael Lucas is full of shit to say he is comfortable marketing bareback videos because of how things are changing, he’s concerned about the health of his workers, etc., etc., he does it in private so it’s cool. Blah blah blah. He is doing it for money. He wants money and does not care where it comes from, and in Truvada, he sees a convenient, even just-in-the-nick-of-time excuse to get away with making more money without being as shamed for it as he would have been just a few years ago.

    On the flip side of things: Anyone who thinks having sex without a condom is not preferable is lying. Of course it feels better as a top. I think it feels better as a bottom, too. I’m not sure why so many people are addicted to the concept of being bred and “taking poz loads” and taking risks, as opposed to occasionally giving in to temptation while trying to avoid getting sick, but that’s another argument. Sex is great, but if you’re addicted to cum at all costs you probably need a new hobby and it shouldn’t be such a great shame for others to think so. It’s not overly judgy to be alarmed that people are that fixated on being seeded constantly. That’s your source of pride? Your freedom to be a cumrag?

    PreP is very promising. It’s good. It seems to be effective. If it helps reduce rates of infection of HIV, that is amazing. But people need to stop pretending that those on PreP won’t necessarily have more condomless sex. They will. That’s the point. It’s juvenile to argue that using PreP is some kind of condom backup. It’s not. Be real. Even Lucas states he’s using PreP and relying on it 100%, even while having sex with an HIV-positive person.

    Which brings me to the next ??? If the %s that I keep reading are correct, that taking PreP is nearly a 100% guarantee of non-infection, I have to wonder if that % is based on a situation where someone is having condomless sex as a bottom over and over and is being seeded by a positive top over and over. That seems like you’re pushing the % to the max. If there is even a 1% chance of getting infected, you’ll likely get it after 100 times bottoming, which seems like it wouldn’t take too long if you’re getting it on the regular, no? I just don’t see the wisdom of having condomless sex, as a bottom, with a top you know is HIV-positive. It may well be that guys with undetectable loads almost never transmit it (that was a very encouraging study), and it may well be that PreP reduces those odds even further, but then you’re having to rely on: Is this top who is undetectable really undetectable?

    Furthermore, I’m a lot more open to the idea of Truvada than some of the cautionary wording above might suggest…but I also don’t find it weird that many older guys who have more experience with HIV are leery about plunging in blindly to something that’s so new and are not so quick to ignore the possibility that Truvada might lead to undesirable side effects, could help create new bugs, doesn’t help stave off drug-resistant gonorrhea or eventually become useless against HIV as the virus (possibly) mutates. I do find it weird that so many of the Truvada advocates seem so contemptuous of anyone who wants to raise concerns or ask questions, even to the point of blowing off the seriousness of having HIV. Having HIV is not nothing. People who have it should not be shunned or slut-shamed. But that virus is still a big deal. It isn’t a life-ender, but it shouldn’t be a goal or a badge of honor. It’s an unfortunate and undesirable virus that needs to be aggressively managed forever.

    And on that note, I don’t care if people are “whores” (whatever passes for a whore in the gay community…most gay men have had our fair share of crazy sexual experiences), I’d rather have whores than sick, dying and dead people. I find it deeply depressing to see Craigslist ad saying, “I’m 25 and undetectable and seeking as many loads as I can get today” (real NYC ad from today), but I still don’t want people doing stuff I wouldn’t do to get sick over it.

    So there’s my mixed bag of thoughts on it. Sorry they’re as long as, but not as organized as, an essay.

    Oh, finally, and If anyone believes Michael Lucas himself, alone, composed the responses in this interview, I’ve got a pill in Brooklyn to sell you. I imagine it was an e-mail interview so we’ll never know. I do think Queerty can’t be blamed for publishing his thoughts. I think he’s contemptible for many reasons (a right-winger, an unabashed Islamophobe who has used extremely hateful speech in expressing that in the past), but his porn is ubiquitous and influential so of course his two cents are going to be dissected, agreed with, disagreed with, etc.

  • sejjo

    @Jeremy Kinser: That depends on your definition of ‘relevant’. Just because a lot of people are reading this article does not mean Michael Lucas is relevant. That’s like saying ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ is relevant because a lot of people watched it. My IQ dropped after I watched that movie. All the statistics of this article prove is that people love controversy, and Michael Lucas is pretty controversial. He’s also got a very sexy pout, but I digress.

  • FitChicago

    Gilead’s Truvada as Prevention – Just the Facts

    In November 2010 when the results of the iPrEx study were released. The study of 2,499 high-risk men who have sex with men (MSM) found that the once-daily pill could decrease the likelihood of HIV infection by 42%. Since then many have raised concerns about the consequences of widespread use of PrEP and its possible affect on behavior. Letters signed by 618 doctors and advocates have been sent to the FDA and to drug-maker Gilead Sciences urging a halt to pursuit of FDA approval for use of Gilead’s blockbuster AIDS treatment drug Truvada as PrEP. In the letter sent by doctors—spearheaded by AHF—the doctors expressed concern that widespread use of PrEP, based on the available data, will unwittingly lead to more risky behavior, and more HIV infections. Lack of real-world data has also been cited as a concern.

    “The iPrEx study of MSMs (men who have sex with men) showed that giving Truvada to HIV- men was only 42% effective in reducing HIV new infections, because more than half of the men didn’t take the drug. Among men below 25, only 28% took the medicine. Whereas, HPTN052, a study that treated the positive partner, was 96% effective in protecting the negative partner.”

    “It is distressing that PrEP is being hailed as a ‘magic HIV prevention pill’ when its effectiveness is 42%, while the fact that treating people who are HIV-positive—shown to be 96% effective at reducing transmission—is being virtually ignored as a breakthrough prevention method,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

    Here is the study referenced:

  • thezak

    A thought experiment… Imagine a disease of the future, an organism both parasitic and canabalistic centered around the genitals. If you don’t have sex you die. So A calls B, “Please come over.” B says, “I can’t. I’m going over to C’s.” A cries, “You’ve got to come over now. It’s beginning to gnaw at me.”?

  • n1spirit

    @JohnnyPornLover: Regarding your response to FitChicago, within which you state ” I can see you are a conspiracy theorist. People like you also believe in conspiracies involving, Dr.’s, the Government, 9/11 and many others. You are a paranoid, dark and nasty person.”

    Sorry, but I call b.s. on that. FitChicago isn’t being paranoid; he’s telling the truth. That you wish to ignore it and may even be trying to justify your own risky behavior in the bedroom is your choice but to call a person paranoid and conspiracy motivated just because they’re sensible enough to recognize that the world revolves around money these days, rather than common sense??? Well, you’d be foolish NOT to look behind the lens to see what is really moving big business (ie. Gilead) to make the decisions and the investments they are making. Corporations generally don’t give a shit about individuals; they ONLY care about the bottom line and what can be done to fatten it up. If you honestly don’t understand that now, you will at some future point in time.

  • n1spirit

    @Jeremy Kinser: You say, “Queerty was not paid to run this or any other interview. That is completely absurd, as is the suggestion that Michael Lucas is not relevant. The interview with him is currently our most-read article on the site, which proves that many people are interested in his opinion.”

    Sorry but I disagree. Sejjo is correct in explaining that simply because you’ve had a number of visits to this article does not necessarily mean Michael Lucas is ‘relevant’ — only controversial. Lucas is justify his flip-flop when in fact there is NOTHING that can justify taking an unnecessary risk when one’s life is concerned. He’s a hypocrite; he’s previously gone on the offensive against production houses and actors who would promote bare-backing and now, because there’s an opportunity to make a few more shekels he is doing the same thing he’s freely criticized others for.

    As to payment, true, Lucas may not have come right out and paid Queerty for the interview, exposure, etc. but I’m betting the house that you make plenty of money from his print ads. No? And one must wonder if we’re going to be seeing an increase in advertising from Lucas Productions now that the interview has been published. (I don’t know, nor do I really care if that’s the case but seriously… don’t take us for idiots just because we’re “readers” in the queue.)

    Personally, I DO find it offensive that a publication that has the opportunity to positively influence so many within our community ran the interview without even once coming right out and saying that it is risky to rely on PreP to keep one disease free. Yes, there have been some wonderful strides made in recent years — and the results from the study with regard to HIV-positive men who are religiously taking their meds and have undetectable viral loads is VERY GOOD NEWS indeed, but the bottom line is that a person is ultimately responsible for his or her own health. One “should” value his or her life enough to TAKE reasonable precautions to avoid exposure to HIV and the many other STD’s that are out there; not to the point of becoming paranoid and reclusive, but certainly he or she should be glib and close-minded to the real dangers.

    As a 50-year old gay male who has been on both sides of the issue, I’m constantly telling my younger friends, “True, HIV isn’t the death sentence it used to be —- BUT! The cost of living with HIV is high and (for the time being anyway) a lifetime commitment. The drugs are not cheap; the side affects are many and the stigma is REAL!” I know because I was diagnosed in 2001 when I left my lying, cheating asshole of an ex (hey, no bitterness there — LOL).

    You have a responsibility to your readers. Whether you choose to act on it or simply placate to the desires of some business who just wants to make another dime by making light of the real risks out there… well, that’s your decision but don’t for a minute think we are all that gullible.

  • Matthew Tharrett

    You’re all absurd for confusing Webster’s definition of “relevant” with your personal definition of what you believe is “acceptable” or “responsible.” Relevance in no way depends on some moral conscience. The fact that some of you have labeled Michael Lucas “irrelevant” because you disagree with him actually makes me laugh.

    So go ahead and keep commenting and debating the issue here, kids. The more you get your panties in a bunch, the more relevant Michael Lucas becomes ;)

  • DonW

    @M_Alexander: Thank you for your honest personal perspective. I’m sorry for what you went through.

    I have to wonder about one thing you write, though: “Fortunately or unfortunately–I am not sure–my first experiences were with TIM, a completely bareback porn company. That is what I learned and that is how I behaved.”

    How can that be seen as anything but unfortunate? Getting HIV is still something to avoid. Thank God it’s not as bad as in the early 1980s, but it’s still bad. Why do we have to be so hung up on not taking sides that we can’t call out this obvious truth?

  • DonW

    @Matthew Tharrett: Snarky defensiveness does not reflect well on an editor.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    There is a part of me that finds the irony that we are here talking about the relevance of Michael Lucas. In an odd way this is a positive moment. As a man of 58, I see this as the beginning of the post AIDS generation attitude. These guys have heard our stories of being in the trenches, watching one friend after another die, some in our arms. Listening to some one plan a suicide as they were covered with KS and down to their last T-Cell and Celebrations of Life being a weekly happening.

    There is really no reason for them to want to dwell on it in anyway. In a way that is a tribute to us who fought the battles so these guys could have a life full of life and not dealing with death on a daily basis. So if the want to think that porn producer hung the moon, then let them. And while it may seem like a slap in the face that someone is celebrated (and so forcefully here) for promoting an activity that could lead to an early demise, then so be it.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if today’s gay youth were put in the same situation we were put in, they TOO would do the same thing. That is a remarkable trait that I was so proud of during the “war”, that we can bitch and cat fight all day, but when required, we become a mega force and one to be dealt with.

    So worship Lucas. Fuck Lucas. Consider him relevant or a total non-entity. Just enjoy the moment. And while it is not necessary to hear our war stories or thank us for fighting, enjoy the hell out of your life for our friends that are no longer here to do so.

  • thezak

    Having another current STD sexually transmitted disease makes you more likely to get infected when exposed to HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Compare The Strategy BEFORE sex getting tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY OF STDs then making an INFORMED decision, with adherence required for taking medication beforehand. Compare The Strategy BEFORE sex getting tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY OF STDs then making an INFORMED decision, with adherence using condoms and so called safer sex practices. Do all sex partners always agree, even, on what are the so called safer sex practices?… google “tested together”

  • M_Alexander

    @DonW: To answer your question I see both sides of my coin. Had I not watched what I did, and behaved the way I did, MAYBE I wouldn’t have sero-converted. Keep in mind, I didn’t just watch Treasure Island on the computer, I also watched my father’s porn (straight porn)on VHS and that too was bareback.

    Had I not converted, perhaps I wouldn’t be an advocate today. There is no real way of knowing. I have to have simple acceptance of my situation. I have made plenty of choices that I might would do over again, if given the chance. If I had life to do over again, I don’t think I would have become a meth addict, but I don’t and I am. I get to deal with and grow with myself on a daily basis, the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘indifferent’. I am in a place in my life of acceptance and growth. I can’t dwell on my decisions of the past because fortunately I have made it to here, so I am going to keep on keepin’ on.

    Some people will say that it is unfortunate, and I won’t argue with them, as that is their perspective. I wouldn’t advocate to live, and receive the life results I have. At the same time, I am not going to shame myself, nor will I allow others to shame me for my behavior in the past. It is my reality, my story and my source of strength, knowing that I have gone through so much and am still ticking.

    The truth though, is my story is similar, not the same, but similar to many LGBTQ people’s stories, especially gay men. So we have to look at what are we doing to right the ‘wrongs’ of the past. How are we elevating each other and moving forward in strength, education and support? By shaming people for getting addicted to drugs, doesn’t get them off of drugs nor does it help them become productive members of any society.

    It is past time that we address the underlying issues that drive us to use. We are all brothers and sisters, like it or not. We have a responsibility to take care of our community across the board of health, emotional support, drug addiction, sex and everything else we deal with. We also need to hold people in the public eye responsible for carrying the message for people who don’t have a voice at the table. That’s just my perspective.

  • Stache99

    @M_Alexander: …and a great perspective that it is. Brothers and Sisters indeed. What a great Utopia that would be. I actually saved your comment on my computer. Thank you.

  • Deeper

    Michael Lucas does not test for HIV. Several of the guys in his scenes can not work for studios that actually do require tests.

  • Throbert McGee

    Allow me to be the first to say, in language that would be perfectly clear to Lucas: Bljad’, von otsjuda, jobannyi pidor, obratno v Rossiju, bljad’, mudak ty!

    Wait, what am I saying? Russian gays need Lucas like a bicycle-riding fish needs a hole in the head. Better for them, I suppose, that this complete loser is here.

    P.S. To any Russian-speakers reading this: of course I mean pidor strictly in the Southparkian sense of “incredibly annoying person on a loud Harley.” ;-) I love being a gay man, and I generally like Russians very much.

    P.P.S. The very concept of recommending $1000/month PrEP as a good strategy to prevent HIV among gay men who think $1 condoms are “too unsexy” is the best possible propaganda gift one could give to Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.

  • Throbert McGee

    @Matthew Rettenmund: “Anyone who believes porn does not strongly shape how people have sex is delusional.”

    Matthew’s entire long comment is full of wisdom and worth reading if you haven’t. But I wanted to add, in response to the quotation above, that our LGBT community has always taken very seriously the possibility that portrayals of homophobia and anti-gay violence by the “heroes” of mainstream movies (or TV shows, novels, comic books…) could inspire real-life imitative behavior. That’s why we have sometimes called for boycotts of certain “media products” that treat homophobia as something cool or funny.

    And yet we’re willing to rationalize that gay audiences WON’T see the young, handsome, healthy-looking stars of bareback porn as “role models” to imitate.

    And for some reason, we promote and promote and promote the eroticism and hotness of the one specific sexual act that has caused more than 95% of the HIV infections among MSMs, and that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths before the development of anti-viral pills.

    If Lucas wants to do condomless videos because they’re more profitable, why not switch the focus to “bukkake facials” and “cum swallowing” — which isn’t entirely safe from an HIV/STD perspective, but is much less risky than bareback anal, both for the models and for viewers who might imitate what they see onscreen?

  • Throbert McGee

    Also, if someone would please pass this on to Mr. Lucas:

    “Stop behaving like a total Shande fur die Goyim, you putz.”

  • ShortsAndSandalsEnt

    A new award-winning documentary, “Risky Business: A Look Inside America’s Adult Film Industry,” examines many of the current issues surrounding the adult film industry, including many of the items addressed in this article. The film’s website is

  • Faggot

    @Bobby Christina Crawford:

    Bobby Christina Crawford
    “There is a part of me that finds the irony that we are here talking about the relevance of Michael Lucas. In an odd way this is a positive moment. As a man of 58, I see this as the beginning of the post AIDS generation attitude. These guys have heard our stories of being in the trenches, watching one friend after another die, some in our arms. Listening to some one plan a suicide as they were covered with KS and down to their last T-Cell and Celebrations of Life being a weekly happening.
    There is really no reason for them to want to dwell on it in anyway. In a way that is a tribute to us who fought the battles so these guys could have a life full of life and not dealing with death on a daily basis. So if the want to think that porn producer hung the moon, then let them. And while it may seem like a slap in the face that someone is celebrated (and so forcefully here) for promoting an activity that could lead to an early demise, then so be it.
    There is no doubt in my mind that if today’s gay youth were put in the same situation we were put in, they TOO would do the same thing. That is a remarkable trait that I was so proud of during the “war”, that we can bitch and cat fight all day, but when required, we become a mega force and one to be dealt with.
    So worship Lucas. Fuck Lucas. Consider him relevant or a total non-entity. Just enjoy the moment. And while it is not necessary to hear our war stories or thank us for fighting, enjoy the hell out of your life for our friends that are no longer here to do so.”

    Wow. Thank you, BCC.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    @ShortsAndSandalsEnt: As a Docu-Holic, thanks for the suggestion….I hope it is available online. And btw, I find you very relevant for suggesting it.

  • Matt

    He’s so vile. Please go back to Russia and never come back. How do these people get so interested in fudge? Must have something to do with a weird upbringing or trying to fit in with the “gay community”.

  • Throbert McGee

    @Matt: Please go back to Russia and never come back.

    As I said above, why would you wish Michael Lucas on Russian gays? They’ve got enough troubles. Anyway, he’s an American now, and therefore, our problem.

  • Throbert McGee

    There are, of course, plenty of non-Russian, native-born Americans pornographers doing exactly the same thing as Lucas, so telling him to go back to Russia is like trying to sweep a beach clear of sand.

    On the other hand, Lucas’s pathetic stance particularly enrages me because in the past, I have recommended him to people for his intelligent writing and for the fact that he stands up for himself as a gay man and as a Jew who unapologetically defends Israel.

    I am not Jewish myself, but as a result of many long and interesting discussions with Jews both gay and straight, I’ve learned enough about rabbinical thinking to understand perfectly well that Sodom was destroyed not because some of its inhabitants were homosexual, but because they were the sort of men who would rape one of their own girls to death because she had been kindhearted enough to share some of her own dinner with a starving foreigner.

    I also know that when Gen. 18:22 describes mishkav zakhar as an “abomination,” and when Deut. 23:17 says “there shall be no qadesh among the sons of Israel, the Hebrew Bible isn’t talking about two men gently bringing each other to orgasm in a spirit of lovingkindness; it’s talking about precisely what Michael Lucas has chosen to become.

  • Throbert McGee

    I’m also reminded that erotica derives from the name of the Greek god of love, while pornography literally translates from Greek as “whore-writing.”

    Getting back to Lucas, I know for a fact that if he chose to make well-produced video erotica depicting only mutual masturbation and frot, the profits would be much smaller, but the audience would be an intensely loyal one because no other professional studios are doing it. (Including oral sex as well, but not anal, would expand the potential market quite a bit while still being extremely attractive to the estimated 20-25% of MSMs who dislike anal sex and don’t enjoy fast-forwarding through endlessly long fuck scenes.)

    One can find amateur videos on these themes at Xtube — though in much less abundance than the “seeding my boyfriend’s hot hole!!!” stuff — and I would also heartily recommend certain websites like, which uphold and promote the “J/O Club traditions” of No lips below the nips and No sticking anyone’s anything into anybody’s anywhere [with the exception of French kissing!!]

    (Bateworld does have a fee if you want to watch the self-videos uploaded by other users, but the basic no-fee membership allows you to put up your own profile with still photos, view other guys’ profiles, and search the geographical listings for local J/O Parties.)

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    @Throbert McGee: Lucas is a new brand of Israeli Firster’s. They will bitch and moan and All that is America but the second you mention that Bibi Netenyahu is a prick for spitting at the olive branch offered to him by Iran, is the second you are called anti-Semite. Isreali Firster’s use this more often the Christian’s with the sin/sinner BS or adam/eve vs adam/steve. Lucas is rare in that there are few gay IF’s They are mostly extreme Xtionista’s or war mongers for profit, or Orthodoxies.

    That said, I have to stop these messages for coming into my inbox as this constant Lucas worship is constipating me.

    So just to leave it at this………If you are ignorant enough to get your ass plowed just to be in a Lucas film and you end up with HIV, remember that it is the very people that have been bashed here for our LOL (Lack of Lucas) support that will see to it that you will be treated as a relevant person with integrity……….

  • lykeitiz

    @Jeremy Kinser: Why were my comments deleted when I see far more confrontational ones here (with harsher language)?

  • Throbert McGee

    Also, just in case Michael Lucas decided to read the comments in response to his interview:

    Joe Gage’s 1981 film HANDsome does not contain a single frame of anal sex, but it is light-years from being blandly vanilla. In addition to all the J/O and BJs (often concluding with facials and “the white swallow”), it features “illicit public sex” in communal showers and in a flickery porno-theater; some implied watersports; circle-jerks with blatant use of poppers; winking references to a college student visiting a tearoom and unexpectedly encountering his own middle-aged father, etc.

    And HANDsome overwhelmingly qualifies as a cult classic that has endured by word-of-mouth, with a limited but very devoted audience. All of Gage’s other early works from the late ’70s and early ’80s, and a couple of his post-2000 movies, also command enormous customer loyalty in “J/O Club” circles, precisely because fucking gets such minimal screen-time — if indeed it’s portrayed at all — while the director’s careful and thoughtful camera angles, voiceovers, and editing add enormous sexual tension to something as “simple and vanilla” as a circle-jerk.

    So — it can be done, but only if there’s a WILL to do it, and an equal determination to avoid being a completely disgraceful role model for young gay and bi men.

  • Throbert McGee

    @Bobby Christina Crawford: Thank you for that information about Lucas and “Israel Firsters”. As they say in Russian, you are a molodétz, and as they say in Yiddish, you are also a Mensch.

    The two words can overlap quite a bit in meaning, but aren’t exact synonyms. It’s sad that Lucas has decided to disqualify himself for either term.

  • Pax

    Just try surviving as a homosexual and as a Jew in Russia. Michael Lucas did. He’s successful and you’ve spent an enormous amount of writing dedicated to him. And articles keep on popping up about HIM.

    Except for his making adult videos and featuring Israel in some of his work, the ad hominem attacks on Lucas’ identity as (an uncircumcised) Jew and Russian have nothing to do with barebacking and porn. While fashionable, the Israel bashing is quite out of place here.

    “Don’t talk like that! When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!” Martin Luther King

    Lipset, Seyomor Martin. Encounter magazine, December 1969: p. 24.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    Just try surviving as a gay in small bible belt towns in the south……………..MANY of us did. Yet we don’t go around butt fucking without a condom after years of education and research, nor do we find the need to promote such activity to make a few bucks. And so as not to confuse the two. Disliking the actions of Israel does not equate to anti-Semite anymore that complaining about Bush’s wasteful war makes one anti-American.
    In addition, this conversation is about making porn the promotes everything that goes against what we, as gay men, have learned to keep ourselves healthy. Please don’t confuse this in any way as a point of reference on the relevance or fame of Lucus. He produces content that can be found by the ton via Google for free. Now if Queerty has turned into AVN then it would be only right to feature him in the way one might promote Jenna Jameson or Kristal Binge for Scene of the Year for getting gang banged by 200 homeless men in less than an hour.

    This CONVERSATION is about bareback fucking that we know is the number one cause of contracting AIDS. (In fact, didn’t Queerty show a sad video clip last week of a young man in the hospital with AIDS for such an act?) This interview was similar to a Fox interview with Sarah Palin. And this comment by Lucas (without a follow up) boggles my mind.

    For many years, as you know, I was vocally opposed to bareback sex in videos, because I felt that it was putting the models in danger. But times have changed. HIV treatments can now reduce viral loads to the point where, as far as we can tell, they pose little to no risk of transmission………..

    … the point where, as far as we can tell the pose little to NO RISK of transmission. WELL lo and behold the CURE FOR AIDS is right in front of us so says Michael Butt-Fucking Lucas and the mainstream media has just ignored it. No ONE might question who WE might be when he states WE CAN TELL One might question, if one were questioning, interviewing and not cheerleading.

    My only hope is that this little Lucas Promo stays within the Queerty vaults and doesn’t reach our hater’s and detractor’s and those who grasp onto this sort of information to portray the entire community as sex crazed irresponsible fools that refuse to acknowledge the facts presented to us by Scientist yet instead listen to the collective WE of a man promoting his new fuck flick.

  • Throbert McGee

    @Pax: I appreciate your comments about not encouraging anti-Semitism; I’m aware that the situation in the Middle East is complicated and that Israeli leaders like Netanyahu often have valid reasons to be skeptical of “olive branches” offered by Islamic leaders, whether they speak Arabic or Farsi; and I took BCC’s warning that Lucas is an “Israel Firster” with an appropriate grain of salt.

    But BCC is nonetheless far more of a molodétz and a Mensch than Michael Lucas, when it comes to BEING A GOOD ROLE MODEL for young gay and bi men.

  • JDean

    utterly disgusting and deplorable. Promoting bugchasing and on top of it taking toxic HIV drugs that cost over $1000 a month. It’s almost like big pharma is paying him off.

    On the plus side in 10 yrs these dbags will start dying off

  • sympanyc

    I’ll post here what I posted on Queerty’s QUESTION: Do Porn Studios Have A Responsibility To Promote Safe Sex? (with some edits to relevancy with this article):

    (…) Porn is sexual fantasy, but the act of producing it is reality. Getting tested regularly means every 3 months. However, using PEP (after a one-time risk of infection) to prevent HIV only works if taken at most 72 hours after infection. Otherwise, you have to use PrEP, which is taken daily for months or years to keep HIV from making copies of itself and spreading infection. PrEP medication must be taken daily as prescribed or the risks of infection increase. This is the price to pay for getting paid more to bareback on film, and potentially stay healthy.

    Beyond that, porn movies also influence people to practice what excites them sexually. They see bareback sex and think they can do it. And, as stated above, they can do it with less risk if they use PrEP. However, many men – especially young men – know little about sexual wellness. They have not received sex education, or have little interest in it because of the stigma attached to HIV. PEP and PrEP require regular testing to be effective. Many young gay men do not bother ever getting tested. Studies have shown that there has been a 20% increase of men participating in bareback sex since 2005. Is it their responsibility to know the facts and act accordingly? Absolutely! Should they become infected because they are unaware of prevention? No.

    If, by their own admission, Michael Lucas and company say porn is sexual fantasy, then I think they have a responsibility in their bareback sex movies to clearly define that it’s risky behavior, and help educate their viewers of ways to prevent HIV infection – starting with testing. Perhaps they do this, I don’t know. Maybe someone can chime in on this point.

    These producers keep talking about their actors (and there are many producers who don’t even care about their actors), but I think an even bigger issue is addressing men who view this content, and decide that’s what they need to get off, without any care to risk prevention (i.e. getting tested and then counseling on prevention and/or living with HIV). When Lucas says: “I don’t think that bareback porn has driven gay men to bareback sex; I think that the rise in bareback sex has driven the industry to bareback porn”, is he serious? Does he look at stats?

  • Matt

    @Throbert McGee: We have enough problems trying to deal with our own perverts. He should go back to where he came from and see what it’s like to be gay in Russia.

  • Stache99

    @Matt: You are such a right wing troll. Eff off ass.

  • Matt

    @Throbert McGee:
    “One can find amateur videos on these themes at Xtube — though in much less abundance than the “seeding my boyfriend’s hot hole!!!”

    What is up with that seeding holes? Why would any human being want to put cum in another man’s anus or want cum in there? Filthy! How do people get so sick? It must have to do with a strange upbringing and looking for acceptance in the gay community. If you’re piggy you’re accepted. What a weird concept. It’s not surprising how many people are against gays marrying.

  • M_Alexander

    @Matt: This kind of shaming is what tears our community apart. We do not need to understand or accept all things that other people participate in, but we certainly shouldn’t shame them for what they do. If shaming takes place inside of our community, it further separates us and we, AS A COMMUNITY, can not stand united, and we have enough challenges with the straight community. We shouldn’t have to protect ourselves from ourselves.

  • JDean

    I don’t have to sit by, and shut up, and be associated with disgusting queens like Michael Lucas who promote bugchasing

  • M_Alexander

    @JDean: Disgusting? Hmmm… That sounds as if it is an extreme judgement, which your entitled to. However, shaming people doesn’t help repair the damage that may be being caused. It further puts the people who participate in said activities out to the curb, and maybe some of them like it and maybe some of them don’t, either way, shaming people does nothing! Who is one person to say that a certain activity is better than another. It is the same as the straights telling the LGBTQ community as a whole, what we do in our bedrooms shouldn’t be allowed. Making the people who participate is diverse sexual practicies feel guilt or not apart of segregates the community. That is why things seem so taboo. When people are shamed the retreat and partake in activities in seclusion. As far as the term bugchasers, I certainly wasn’t chasing anything when I contracted the virus, but having people make such statements, ignorant to the harm it could cause emotionally, is saddening. There are people who want to have the virus, reasons unknown to me, but ultimately it isn’t for me to place judgement on another!

  • Throbert McGee

    disgusting queens like Michael Lucas who promote bugchasing

    It’s a sign that this thread is getting old that there haven’t been a dozen comments objecting that “bugchasing is a right-wing myth to smear gay men,” or whatever.

    It may be true that very few people actually arrange “Gift-Giving Parties” where HIV- men actually plan ahead of time to be “seeded” by as many “poz dudes” as possible.

    So, defined that way, “bugchasers” may indeed be semi-mythical. Perhaps we need to coin a new term like “bug-courters” or “bug-wooers” or “bug-flirt-withers” to describe HIV- men who don’t consciously arrange to seroconvert — but they’re so incredibly reckless and stupid and willing to ignore the extremely simple safer-sex guidelines that haven’t changed since the mid-’80s and that even a baby hamster would have no trouble understanding, they might as well be getting infected “on purpose.”

    And, yes, this kind of stupid and irresponsible behavior SHOULD BE SHAMED, LOUDLY AND OFTEN, because it’s stupid and irresponsible and beyond excuse — pour encourager les autres.

  • M_Alexander

    @Throbert McGee: Say what you will, history has shown that shaming people only pushes them further into the shadows to participate in whatever they are being shame for. It certainly isn’t a deterrent and to call them stupid is unfortunate. We may not understand or comprehend their logic behind their conversion but pushing them out of sight and out of mind doesn’t allow for understanding nor does it allow for outreach to these folks. As I have stated before, I work in the field and I just believe that education and support in a sex positive atmosphere allows for better dialogue and allows for an opportunity for understanding, even though it may not happen right away! Allowing for our historical mental constructs to run the show doesn’t allow for growth!

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