Michael Lucas Is Bored-ing

If there’s one thing Michael Lucas knows how to do, it’s nipping things in the bud.

The porn mogul got a bit of a surprise yesterday when rival studio Spunk alleged that Lucas has been secretly funding and distributing a line of bareback porn. Well, Lucas flat out denies it. But a simple denial wouldn’t be dramatic enough to suit Lucas’ style, so he issued his “disinterested” reaction from South America, where he’s presumably on vacation.

Lucas Entertainment never had and does not have any intentions to produce bareback videos. Our company is also not concerned about Spunk Video’s motives to issue such a baseless press release.

When informed of the press release, CEO and President Michael Lucas, who at this moment is in South America, said via phone, “I’m not even remotely interested in reading Spunk Video’s press release, and Spunk Video is welcome to take any letter they have to any court they choose.”

Furthermore, Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment are not interested in continuing this conversation. We feel this issue was closed before ever being opened.

There’s nothing about this seems “closed.” On the contrary, this gossip simply screams “big open mess.”