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Michael Lucas Is Cheering Switzerland’s Attack on ‘Muslimization’


Uh oh. Every time porn impresario Michael Lucas opens his mouth — for purposes other than having a partner insert a male sex organ — it usually generates all sorts of trouble. Often because Lucas’s favorite topic to expound on involves Jews and Muslims, why one is better than the other, and why one is no good at all. And thanks to Switzerland’s just-approved ban of new construction of minarets on mosques, guess who’s got a news peg?

Being from Europe it is extremely painful for me to watch the continent become a province of Islam. This news from Switzerland, a nation that hosts so many wealthy sons of Allah, is a prime example of the bold moves that are necessary to protect each country, to preserve its history and keep its rich culture intact.

Finally the citizens of Europe are realizing the destructive growth and take over of Muslims and their “culture.” I always knew that Europe would wake up; I was just disappointed and still am disappointed that it is taking so long. Thankfully this awakening has lead to legal changes against the Islamic infiltration in many countries. In France and Germany they have banned the heinous and oppressive burqas in schools. As well, mosques and minaret construction projects in Sweden, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Germany and Slovenia have been met by protesters who stand firm in protecting their country’s identity.

The citizens of Switzerland have spoken out and they do not want the Islamic barbarians coming in and erasing the distinctiveness of their country anymore. The government and politicians consistently employ their self-serving political correctness at the expense of their people. Government leaders across the globe are acting as mere puppets singing whatever tune the Middle-Eastern countries want them to—simply for oil gains and election wins. But the general public no longer wants to play these games.

I am proud of Switzerland for telling its government and the world that this Islamic invasion must stop. European citizens cannot stand for this infestation of Muslims who are tearing down ancient Christian churches to build prejudice preaching mosques, bulldozing freedoms to impose their intolerance and corrupting democracy to place Islamic followers above any law and suspicion that they deserve.

And why even give much weight to Lucas’s beliefs on the Muslim world? Because this is a man who, through his porn producing and starring roles, has assumed a leadership role among the gays. And while he absolutely loves creating X-rated footage for distribution, it’s clear through his latest project (Men Of Israel) that he’s more intent than ever on marrying the two. Also, and this:

As a gay man it makes me sick to see crazed, extreme leftist gays hopping on the wagon to defend Muslims when it goes against all common sense because homosexuals are one of the first targets of Islam. The gay community needs to stop aligning itself with the people who are trying to destroy us. Being gay should not equate you to being an ignorant pushover liberal.

You must care about Michael Lucas because Michael Lucas wants you to.

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