Michael Lucas Lawsuit Drama

We thought it a bit queer when Michael Lucas decided to call his latest – um – movie La Dolce Lucas, a clear imitation of Federico Fellini‘s classic La Dolce Vita. But, we figured that since Fellini’s dead, the similarity would go unchallenged. Not so. We hear via homeboy Andy Towle that International Media Films Inc has sued Lucas (born Andrei Treivas Bregman – a name we’re sure he’d like the world to forget. But, of course, we won’t let you.) for copyright infringement.

Outspoken as always, Lucas had this to say about the company’s allegations:

This lawsuit is completely out of line. I think they’re making fools of themselves. I don’t think Fellini would like that… Nobody can be confused and think they’re buying Fellini’s movie by buying mine. It’s a sex flick. This movie’s taking place in New York today and has absolutely nothing to do with Fellini’s, produced in 1960 in Rome. I’m not hiring them for their ability to act, that’s for sure.

Of course you aren’t, Mr. Lucas. Nor are you directing your films for anything even close to resembling art, as Mr. Fellini intended.

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