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Michael Lucas: Leave Dustin Lance Black Alone!!


Michael Lucas will soon have a new Israeli porn film to market, so let’s get the publicity wheels turning, shall we? Enter Subject A, Dustin Lance Black, whose naked, sexually-engaged body was splashed all over the web last week. Though he claims not to have seen the photos, Lucas knows a thing or two about attractive men having sex with each other in front of a camera, which makes him an expert on recommending how the The Gays should react to Black’s bareback sex pics. Writes Lucas:

I keep hearing from various gay leaders in different organizations about those “bareback” pictures. I haven’t seen those pictures, and I don’t care to see those pictures. This guy is a screenwriter who has brought before a new generation a great historical time in the gay community with MILK. He is not a safe sex advocate; but even if he was, it doesn’t matter what he is doing in the privacy of his bedroom. My understanding obviously is that he had sex with his boyfriend. So what the fuck is all this noise about? Why does he have to answer for the intimacy of his relationship. He also did not post those pictures, it was some vengeful queen who did. He can’t be held accountable for the leeches that want to pray on his status now that he is accomplished.

I believe that he’s also given a statement. If I was him, my statement would be simple: None of your fucking business. My boyfriend was the President of the Gay Center for ten years. He has shown me emails from some of the biggest gay leaders and most influential players in the community who were casting harsh shame on Black’s character. This is a perfect example of bored rich fags throwing their stones in glass houses, like they’ve never fucked without protection. I can’t imagine that they’ve never had sex without a condom with a person they were in a relationship with. I’m glad he has given them a quick hobby to talk about but this is ridiculous, hysterical, and nasty. What a disgusting abrasive story which was started by yellow press gossip columnists.

In unrelated news, Black-defender Lucas was also endlessly critical of porn star Brent Corrigan, who faked his age to film bareback porn when he was 17. That risked the legitimacy of the gay adult film world. Black’s indiscretions? Harmless, says Lucas.

(Us? We were just happy to see attractive people having sex.)