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Michael Lucas: Leave Dustin Lance Black Alone!!


Michael Lucas will soon have a new Israeli porn film to market, so let’s get the publicity wheels turning, shall we? Enter Subject A, Dustin Lance Black, whose naked, sexually-engaged body was splashed all over the web last week. Though he claims not to have seen the photos, Lucas knows a thing or two about attractive men having sex with each other in front of a camera, which makes him an expert on recommending how the The Gays should react to Black’s bareback sex pics. Writes Lucas:

I keep hearing from various gay leaders in different organizations about those “bareback” pictures. I haven’t seen those pictures, and I don’t care to see those pictures. This guy is a screenwriter who has brought before a new generation a great historical time in the gay community with MILK. He is not a safe sex advocate; but even if he was, it doesn’t matter what he is doing in the privacy of his bedroom. My understanding obviously is that he had sex with his boyfriend. So what the fuck is all this noise about? Why does he have to answer for the intimacy of his relationship. He also did not post those pictures, it was some vengeful queen who did. He can’t be held accountable for the leeches that want to pray on his status now that he is accomplished.

I believe that he’s also given a statement. If I was him, my statement would be simple: None of your fucking business. My boyfriend was the President of the Gay Center for ten years. He has shown me emails from some of the biggest gay leaders and most influential players in the community who were casting harsh shame on Black’s character. This is a perfect example of bored rich fags throwing their stones in glass houses, like they’ve never fucked without protection. I can’t imagine that they’ve never had sex without a condom with a person they were in a relationship with. I’m glad he has given them a quick hobby to talk about but this is ridiculous, hysterical, and nasty. What a disgusting abrasive story which was started by yellow press gossip columnists.

In unrelated news, Black-defender Lucas was also endlessly critical of porn star Brent Corrigan, who faked his age to film bareback porn when he was 17. That risked the legitimacy of the gay adult film world. Black’s indiscretions? Harmless, says Lucas.

(Us? We were just happy to see attractive people having sex.)

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  • dvlaries

    Who asked you, Michael? Shut up.

  • Captain Freedom

    @dvlaries: NO! He’s right. Dustin Lance Black is a hero and someone who has put himself out there constantly on our behalf. He has done a hell of a lot more for gay rights than 90% of the lazy faggots who come on here and do nothing but whine all day. Yet when it is time to go out and fight they are either too closeted, too lazy, or too dumb to know what is going on in the real world.

    If I were DLB, I would say FUCK YOU to everyone else. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

  • naprem

    What a surprise – ML latches onto something else that has nothing to do with him but that he can use to give himself publicity.

  • strumpetwindsock

    I think his comment was quite reasonable, actually.

    In the first place, there is a difference in how Black’s and Corrigan’s pics were shot and how they wound up public (private photos released as a smear tactic vs. commercial release).

    Secondly, whether Lucas’s past comments about Corrigan were off-base, or whether he had an ulterior motive is not something I consider relevant to his comments here.

    Sometimes people wise up, believe it or not. And even if he hasn’t I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s not just talking to get his name in print.

    The point is that what he said about Black’s is correct IMO. It should be nobody’s business.

  • dgz

    ew, they’re even posing the same.

  • Mike

    Do the Queerty writers ever have brain aneurysms from too much sarcasm? Jesus. We get it, you don’t like Michael Lucas. Ease up.

  • Joshua

    How retarded to plug Corrigan as a tag on the end of this article. To draw a parallel between what HAPPENED to Black and what Corrigan DID is shameful. Black had paved the way for younger gay activist and should be commended. Lucas is right and I’m glad he spoke up.

  • mojojojo

    Lucas is just jealous of Brent Corrigan

  • GardenAngel

    Oh lord. Michael can say what he wants. And it’s not the barebacking that he had issue with. It’s the reception from the industry towards underage porn he has issue with. Kinda hurts to think sometimes, doesn’t it? And what that has to do with Dustin Lance Black is beyond me.

  • Chris

    Dude, can we chill about calling out that they were bareback photos? The guy was his boyfriend. I barebacked with my boyfriend too after we’d been together for 6 months and we got tested together. I really don’t see how “no condom” = “not safe” when you’re with your monogamous partner. There’s a stage in most relationships, where you agree to stop buying condoms.

  • ChristopherM

    More of a publicity whore: Michael Lucas or Sarah Palin? Discuss.

  • bobito

    He’d make more of an impression with that message if he’d webcam-videotape it and post it on YouTube. Of course, he’s gotta bawl his eyes out and scream “LEAVE HIM ALONE, YOU BITCHES!!!” or something melodramatic like that. That should get him plenty of publicity for whatever his new project is.

  • galefan2004

    I’m more interested in his attack on Corrigan. It REEKS with jealousy. Corrigan is possibly the best known name in gay porn right now regardless of his sorted past. He is also probably one of the most well liked guys in gay porn.

    I actually agree with what he said about DLB, but DLB will be ridiculed and his name will be synonymous with bare back for a long time to come. People might as well come to expect and accept that. I’m not saying he should be thrown out of Hollywood though.

  • divadancer

    I love Michael’s foundation. MAC? I love when he poses for the camera with those pursed lips too. I’m sure he has a HUGE framed photo of himself above his bed. Love love love him. Hilarity. I think I like Brent Corrigan more though.

  • galefan2004

    @divadancer: The dude looks like a plastic surgery accident. The first thing that came to my mind is that if this dude is in porn its a good thing he is behind the camera.

  • GetOffIt

    Everybody in show business wants publicity…but regardless what he is saying is actually the right thing. Brent ( and why he is even brought up is lame excuse by queerty) made child porn for the purpose of public consumption, Dustin was in a monogamous relationship so what he does in the privacy of his bedroom is his choice.

    Also, please notice the times line of the comments – it is clear that Corrigan and his BF are leeching on this and turning this discussion on safe sex and a great activist and turning it into ‘I hate Michael Lucas he is ugly” One comment then a minute later post another one and another one. The public is not stupid we can see what you’re doing and you’re as pathetic as the parasite that released Dustin’s photos.

  • jim

    @Chris: Well said Chris! Sadly I’d venture to guess that most people condemning the guy (other places and right here at this blog) are too dysfunctional to be able to achieve a relationship that lasts long enough to get to that point. Therefore the concept is, sadly, completely foreign to them.

  • Kiwi

    Attractive people? Good lord, maybe if you have a horse fetish.

  • California

    Just so you know, DLB didn’t even write, “Milk.”

  • Scott

    I like Lucas’ movies, and him in front of the camera. I just wish he wouldn’t make that “model face” every time he’s photographed.

  • macscruff

    @Kiwi: LOL. Exactly

  • Paul R

    Wow, I agree with someone Lucas said for once.

    And yes, a 17-year-old doing gay porn is rather damaging to the credibility of the porn industry, regardless of what Corrigan is up to these days. So while Lucas’s motives in attacking him weren’t entirely pure, he had a point there too.

  • Mikemiller

    Gawd, can’t Queerty keep away from this obnoxious Russian douche bag? They are giving the sicko exactly what his ego wants. And who cares what this prostitute has to say? Now he’s living in a glass house throwing stones…IGNORE HIM.
    P.S. Frankly I can’t stand his movies…or that same face he makes.

  • Sug Night

    WOW, having a sleazy porn king speak up for him should do the trick….I can see Black’s credibility improving already. Jeez.

  • TANK

    @Sug Night:

    Michael Lucas doesn’t speak for “us”. LMAO! No porno person does.

  • TANK


    Or him…

  • Baggit

    Dustin Lance Black is quickly becoming a role model for me because he is using his recent success and “celebrity” (even though I hate that word) to try and make a more positive change in society…

    I was more shocked that someone would do something that malicious against Lance…and I COMPLETELY agree with Lucas that what he did in the PRIVACY OF HIS OWN BEDROOM with someone he was in a MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP with isn’t as big of a problem that people are making it! Being exclusive with your partner and getting the regular HIV/STD tests, I would think, takes the “risk” out of barebacking…it’s only “risky sexual behavior” if you’re barebacking every bar-skank homo or Corrigan…

  • Hereand There

    Gay men are their (our) own worst enemy. Lucas is right and we should all be lucky to have a public platform to speak up for what we believe. Dustin is wrongfully being scrutinized.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Guess you skipped the day when they taught irony in philosophy school.

  • BrianZ

    Sorry, I still don’t buy the whole “he’s our hero, leave him alone” bullshit. He wrote a great screenplay, made some very moving and thoughtful speeches and also allowed himself to be photographed/taped having unprotected sex. Whatever the circumstances of the latter, it’s dumb. I don’t give a shit if 1/2 the queers around the country have done it. (As if that is the qualifier for sound judgement! HAH!) And it stopped being a “private thing” as soon as the pictures hit the Internet. It’s not about being a prude, it’s about being prudent. This is 2009, not 1979. You don’t allow a God damned thing to be documented without the expectation that it will be made public, regardless of who you are.

  • Bitch, please!

    The Dustin Black situation is a textbook example of hero worshipping and their demise. We raise them on to an unrealistic pedestal and when they falter as humans, we tear them apart like hyenas to a kill. As for the other, that piece of trash (I refuse to use his name) is nothing more than a street whore and should be treated as such. I don’t know why he is trying to speak for any of us. Street whores should be looked at in disgust, not heard.

  • SouLKid

    Who cares what Lucas have to say?

    As for DLB, well, he should have known better than videotaping his sexcapades.With so many sextapes finding their way into the web, you’d think someone of DLB’s status would know better.Its simple really, if u don’t want the entire world to see you with a condomless dick up your ass then DO NOT make the sextape.

    Blaming Perez isn’t gonna help either(Not that i’m a fan of him).Someone was gonna post ’em anyway.

  • Jack

    But who found this picture of Real Housewife Danielle with Dustin??

  • Tom

    Michael Lucas would totally be frowning in that picture. If his forehead could move anymore.

  • Hereand There

    @Tom: This is the problem: lame, losers like you. When someone says something and sticks up for wrongful doing- your queen ass only can judge. You’re pathetic how about you help out our community for a change and stop the tired unwitty banter.

  • Caleb


    As far as we know they weren’t in a monogomous LTR. Why does everyone keep thinking this was an LTR. Dustin Bareback said they were dating. “Dating” doesn’t sound serious.

  • Caleb


    Thank you Brian!! I can’t believe adults (one who is a celeb) in this day and age would shoot a sex tape and think that ti wouldn’t get out. Over the past decade we have seen with Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, Colin Ferrell, Kim Kardashian, etc. that sex tapes get out. If DLB wasn’t smart enough to practice safe sex he certainly should have been smart enough not to tape it. He is so stupid that I wonder if he actually wrote MILK.

  • Sal

    Michael Lucas and his open relationship with his much older sugar daddy bf isn’t one to talk about monogamy and committment. Will his plastic surgeon please sew his mouth shut.

  • Beav

    @Sal: aw so michael turned you down?

  • Kyle

    People seem to be criticizing the porn star that DLB slept with, but can someone please give me an age check on these two? Dustin was about 32/33 at the time and I read that the porn guy was in college so does that mean 18 – 22? If that is the case Dustin being the adult should have acted more responsibly. Do we know if they met when DLB was talking safe sex on college campuses?

  • mb00

    @Captain Freedom: I second that. Your statement is completely true.

    I don’t think he’s bedroom antics are any of OUR business. And I wanna know by the raise of hands in here who the fuck practices every time they have sex, not just with your boyfriends, but with your tricks? I know many of you are out there shooting him down, you know, kinda like the homophobes like to do to us, except that we’ve celebrated this man for writing and being involved with such an amazing film but now we wanna kick him down.

    Mind your own business and LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE!!!!

  • Zack

    Reading by the comments posted here, the National Organization for Marriage shouldn’t do any more commercials. All they have to do is direct folks towards here and let the comments do the rest.

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    Maybe Dusty Bareback can script Lucas’ next opus, right? And use the Oscar as a dildo in the movie’s climactic scene.

  • IMM

    Michael is right. The community aristocracy need to BUT out of this issue, this is a private issue, Lance is a normal red-blooded human being, and owes no one an explanation or apology for his bedroom politics. People need to shut the hell up. Lance is a beautiful human being who is doing more for our community than HRC, The Task Force or any of the other crap high brow thousand dollar a plate lgbt organizations.

    Lance, you are an amazing person and a hero to all, thank you!

  • GaleFan2004

    If I wasn’t such a loser I would love to be a porn star.

  • Buddy

    @IMM: You said “Lance, you are an amazing person and a hero to all, thank you!”

    Oy vey!

    You’re certainly able to hero-worship this guy if you want, but you might want to reconsider speaking for “all” of us.

    And I’m happy to be learning new things: long term relationship = dating = meeting and picking up a hot 19-year-old webcam whore at a 4th of July party and taking him home to bang you raw while filming it.

    DLB, what comes around goes around and you know, far better than any of the folks on this board, why that tape got out.

    Hey, I’m all for hot sex, and personal privacy, but hypocritical, lying and deluded divas are my Achilles heal.

  • TANK


    LOL! I know that can’t be the actual person who usually posts with that name, but still…

  • galefan2004

    @GaleFan2004: Nah, I have a lot of respect for the porn industry, but I would avoid being a porn star. I wouldn’t mind being behind the scenes. Hell, I’m still enjoying having my very own QT stalker. Either you are obsessed with me or you are mentally unbalanced enough to not realize the only one that looks stupid here is you. However, keep up the obsession its fun for me. Is it fun for you?

  • GSH

    Ok I’ve seen the video and it’s not even that sexy. Get over it voyeuristic freaks!

    And don’t be fooled, fucking without a condom in a “monogamous” relationship or any relationship for that matter is an one-way ticket to AIDSdom. People will find any excuse to practice unsafe sex but excuses they are.

  • jim

    I have absolutely no sympathy for this barebacking fruit. He obviously knew that he was being photographed being slammed with skinless salami, so he danced the dance and now has to pay the piper. He should count his T-cells while he still has any. If he continues this practice he will wind up with a very attractive obituary and that’s about it.

  • Captain Freedom

    @jim: Okay seriously… FUCK YOU

  • Rick

    “I really don’t see how “no condom” = “not safe” when you’re with your monogamous partner.”

    Well, if your “monogamous partner” is the sort of person who sells pictures of you with his cock up your ass, maybe, just maybe he might not be the sort person who places a high value on monogamy.

    This sort og stupidity is exactly why seroconversion rates have skyrocketted.

  • TANK



  • Kyle

    @Captain Freedom:

    Captain, what’s wrong. You don’t believe in freedom of speech? Sounds like you are as much of hypocrite as Dustin Bareback.

  • Valpy

    I believe Brent Corrigan appears briefly in ‘Milk’.

  • dlpca

    @Here and There: I agree. Although we are all allowed freedom of speech, there is no account for fact that we frequently fail to use our speech to empower or support each other in the Gay community. Again, I firmly believe that what one does sexually with a consenting adult partner, especially in bedroom privacy,is their business, not a matter for public debate or judgment.

    The Gay community has to realize a sense of solidarity, clarity from breeder thinking influences and judgments. We have to take ownership of our own, good bad or ugly. Once we accept ourselves, our own, unconditionally then others will follow.

  • Zack

    Like I said…. all the anti gay groups have to do is direct people towards here…. and let the comments do the rest.

  • Buddy

    @Zack: Zack, trust me, st8 folks are just as nasty on boards and forums, if not more so. Hell, Flyertalk, a frequent flier board, used to get downright mean. It was like navigating a kill zone sometimes.

    If you think we as “a community” can be defined by a board full of self-centered netheads (myself included), then you need to step away from the keyboard and get out more.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • MikeB

    Does anyone really care what Michael Lucas says? He should never have been made a US citizen. In fact, he should be deported for the vile porn he’s made and continues to make. As for Dustin Black, he barebacked with a gay for pay webcam hustler. Hardly a gay role model for safe sex. And why are gay men still having anal when we’ve lost millions of good men from that sex act? I’ve never had it. What happened to men being men? If you want to penetrate, do it to a woman. Two masculine men can do more interesting things sexually than have one pretend his anus is a vagina.

  • Gadflyonthewall

    The ironic thing is that as an anti-establishment child of the sixties ‘respectability’ was the last thing Harvey Milk was concerned about. He knew is was not — would never be — respectable in a conventional sense, and was quite proud of it. That’s one of the reasons why he was such a hero.

    The fact that Black is actually embarrassed by this tape only shows how little he understood his subject — ‘The Life and Times of Harvey Milk’ is an infinitely superior portrait of this great and complex man. Harvey Milk would have laughed it off — or prehaps just said ‘feh’

    It took quite a bit of hubris on the part of a Jack-Mormon like Black to think he could begin to depict Harvey Milk’s chutzpah. Something more than just 500 miles seperates Harvey’s camera shop on Castro and Black’s Los Angeles estate.

    Black’s embarrassment also demonstrates just how far the Gay community has strayed from liberating spirit of Harvey Milk: the fatuous, image-obsessed ‘A-Gays’ of ‘The Advocate’ have triumphed.

    Black’s apology would make Harvey cringe: he’s apologizing for having sex! Did we take to the streets and come out for nothing? Oy vey!

  • Gadflyonthewall

    “As far as we know they weren’t in a monogomous LTR. Why does everyone keep thinking this was an LTR. Dustin Bareback said they were dating. “Dating” doesn’t sound serious.”

    One does not ‘date’ a gay4pay webcamming rent boy. Mr. Gay Pride was just living out every self-loathing homo’s fantasy of getting boinked by a straight guy. Bet it cost him $$$

  • Phil

    It’s sorta hypocritical for Lucas to support DLB’s right to have a reckless private encounter on one hand and to lambaste the gay porn industry for honoring Brent Corrigan on the other, especially since leaving Cobra Brent C has only made safe films and has stated on many occasions how much he regrets his UNDER AGED raw work for Cobra.

    And it’s ironic too, seeing as Black and Lockhardt are good friends.

  • steviejongh

    Guys, be reasonable. I am 100% pro condom, I must have used thousands of them. But yep, in situations of total horniness shit happens. It was a cute twinkie boy who was in my ass before I knew it and all I could do is moan like a bitch in heat. I am not proud, I got tested etc. But don’t be too harsh and judgmental

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