Michael Lucas’ New Flick Is the ‘Biggest Thing to Happen to Gay Jews Since Streisand’

Hand it to publicity machine Michael Lucas: He’s got Chelsea Handler talking up his all-Israeli, all-Jewish porn flick Men Of Israel. (Though given Chelsea’s affinity for gay men and porn, it wasn’t that hard.) And as we all know, flooding America with images of Israeli men banging other Israeli men will usher in a new era of sympathy for the Jewish state.

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  • VegasTeaRoom

    Traif has never looked sexier!. Hashem knows this.

  • Atal

    without question it is achieving what no other porn video has. it’s creating dialogue for the masses. it certainly is a revolution in porn. and i looove chelsea!!!

  • Nadav

    I’m a proud Israeli and I just watched Men on Israel a couple days ago. Yes the sex is fucking amazing in it- but it makes me incredibly proud of my country and our men. The fact that this can even happen in a country surrounded by oppression is phenomenal. Michael Lucas actually took his time and did our country justice. He showed the beauty of our land and our men. Now living in America I am so excited that we were given a real representation with Men of Israel. I am proud to be a gay man from this country and grateful the world is now seeing that. Thank you.

  • TANK



  • rudy

    @Nadav: NADAV, you’ve got Einstein, Freud, Golda Meir, the Gershwins, Woody Allen, Saul Bellow, Tony Kushner, to name just a few – and what gives you goosebumps is seeing Jewish men in a Michael Lucas porn flick?
    This is a joke, right?

  • Scott

    Israel is a very small country. Wouldn’t the guys in this film be afraid of being publicized? I’d like to read an interview with them. Did they think the film would stay hidden away in a niche market?

  • mojojojo

    @rudy: Don’t forget they have the 3 Stooges too!

  • cityboy

    Are you kidding me? I grow up on the Upper West Side. This is every fucking wet dream I’ve ever had. SO. EXCITED!!

  • Drew

    Yeah I’ve seen it and will admit that the guys are hot in it. However…hot guys does not make great porn per se. Read this review of the second scene…hilarious!

  • edgyguy1426

    ?? ???? ???? ????, ?????

  • Bitch Republic

    NADAV, you’re a douchebag if Israel’s representation in gay porn is what makes you proud. :P

    And what is it with this blog’s obsession with Michael Lucas. There is rarely, if ever, any mention of any other porn producers. Why the obsession with Lucas??

  • Sumtré

    @Nadav: surrounded by oppression????? Aren’t the jews the oppressors?

  • jason

    What the fuck has porn got to do with gay rights? Gay porn is generally a grubby, sleazy industry which often employs phony gay (as in gay-for-pay) performers to fuck each other. Viagra often comes in handy. The performers are often drug-addicted no-hopers.

    Please don’t give porn the dignity of the gay rights notion.

  • Guy

    @Sumtre I was waiting for someone to say this. Thank you

  • Josh

    Not to turn this into an Israeli-Palestinian war thread, let me play devils advocate.

    Nadav clearly meant that Israel was surrounded by people who want Israel to die a slow, painful death.

    Israel, however, does nothing to change those desires by treating the Palestinians the way they do.

    Thus, Israel, while an oppressor of an entire ethnic group of peoples inside their borders, is threatened with death regularly by pretty much every other country in the Middle East.

    OK, moving on…

  • j

    @jason: Didn’t the feminism of old realise that no one’s buying that gobshite and do away with the likes of you ages ago?

  • rudy

    @Bitch Republic: “Why the obsession with Lucas??”
    The only answer that maskes sense is free samples.

  • Phoenix (Armed And Fabulous, Bitches!)

    @ DREW,

    That was pretty funny.

  • Bob

    No uncut men…I would not watch it for free….

  • Cam

    @Sumtré: you said “@Nadav: surrounded by oppression????? Aren’t the jews the oppressors?”

    That must be why gay Palestinians flee to Isreal. Here is an idea, try being a woman in any of the coutnries sourounding Israel then see if you feel the same way.

  • Guy Branum

    So you use my line for your headline, then don’t even give me a shout-out in the write-up. Dang. You sure know how to make a guy feel unloved.

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