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Michael Lucas: Not ‘Jealous’ of Brent Corrigan


Wooooo! It’s not over! The war between porn stars Michael Lucas and Brent Corrigan — or rather, Michael Lucas and the rest of the porn industry who loves Corrigan — rages on even after the GayVNs wrapped in San Francisco over the weekend.

If you’re just joining us, here’s the backstory: Corrigan, famous for his role in the murder of porn producer Brian Kocis, won three awards at the GayVNs: Best Professional Amateur Video for Summit, Best Twink Video for Just the Sex 1 and Best Bottom Performer Of The Year. But when Michael Lucas took the stage, he shamed his own industry for awarding prizes to a guy who became a porn star while still a minor, putting the entire industry at risk, argued Lucas, for things like regulation and policing. (Anyone owning Corrigan’s first videos, filmed before he was 18, is now technically in possession of child pornography.)

Lucas left the stage amid boos and cheers. And anger. (This is not, of course, Lucas’ only bout with controversy.)

Having already blogged and Twittered and left comments on Queerty about the incident, Team Lucas is stepping things up. Michael just released this lengthy follow-follow-up statement, complete with Menendez Brothers analogies! We only hope it’s met with a tit-for-twat rebuttal on Corrigan’s blog. Please?

It is shocking how lightly the industry is taking this matter. By falsifying his government-required identification, Brent Corrigan put himself, producers, and the general public at the mercy of federal prosecution. Because Brent performed while he was underage, all the material that he appeared in during that time is now considered child pornography, and rightfully so. However, anyone in possession of those titles, who purchased them or viewed them assuming that the producer had taken the necessary precautions to eliminate the risk, now has illegal pornography on their hands. Can you imagine the trauma of having to deal with something like that? And with the internet being what it is, who knows what images of Brent are legal and illegal? This is a disgusting and horrifying question.

To those who are saying that Brent Corrigan didn’t know what he was doing, let me tell you that even a 17-year-old knows that forging documents is against the law. A 17-year-old also knows that he cannot take part in adult videos. Erik Menedez was only 17-years old when he and his brother killed their parents– he is serving life behind bars. No I am not equating this to murder but a crime is a crime and at 17 you know that. We cannot prosecute in one instance and then turn our heads the next… and then honor the criminal with awards for his work.

To those who are saying that I went on stage because I was jealous of Corrigan’s nominations, let me remind you that I’ve been speaking out against celebrating Corrigan for at least three years now. This was before he had received any awards.

To those who are saying I am going after Corrigan because he declined to be in my movie, how can that make any sense? In 11 years of business, there were many models which my company turned away and there were many models who turned down working for my company. Today we looked through all of our casting records, and found an email dating back to September 15, 2006, between our previous casting director and Brent Corrigan. At this point we, regrettably, did not know about his past and we are forever thankful that things did not work out and we declined working with him. My conscience would have never been cleared and a heavy deal of personal guilt would have shadowed me and my career.

For those who said it was not a good time to make a statement, please tell me what’s a better time than after the city of San Francisco honored the industry for its work to stop child pornography. Well, I’m not the type to sit silently and listen to this hypocrisy because unfortunately many in the adult industry do not seem to care much about using underage models. You see, there are thousands of young, beautiful guys out there that have made it in this business legally without putting the revolting burden of being involved in child pornos on anyone. So why do many of you decide to support and nominate this particular one? What a strange coincidence. I’m talking about reviewers and judges here. Some of you don’t care, because it’s not you, it’s the producers who are in danger. It’s the company heads, like myself, who are risking their freedom because of criminals like Corrigan. This cannot be our industry’s protocol.

I’m incredibly dismayed by those who are questioning me on the details of the situation that occurred at the GayVN Awards. I read posts by bloggers stating that they know Brent Corrigan’s boyfriend and that he is not the violent type. To those who are uninformed, I would recommend doing some research. Read the testimonies below that I have easily found today. You will clearly see Corrigan’s pattern of choosing very violent partners. His previous boyfriend wanted to kill Bryan Kocis ( His new boyfriend, whose name we now know is Eric Paul Martinez, seems to be a violent psychopath as well. And now, just a few highlights from Tory M ason and Jason Sechrest’s observations of Brent’s boyfriend Eric Paul:

On Jason Sechrest’s blog, Tory Mason said:

“that guy that brent’s dating is nuts.. when i was seeing john (who is stationed in the navy and lives in san diego) we all went out, although brent wasn’t there, and at the end of the night he [Eric Paul] got into a really loud argument with some kid and john and I tried to seperate them, he [Eric Paul] ended up throwing me down to the ground and then went after the kid, who’s a bartender, and knocked him out cold.. he then hid out at john’s place till it was safe for him to go home . absolute fucking lunatic! He [Eric Paul] has some very dangerous obsession with this Corrigan kid (which he made clear the night we went out and the crazy things he was saying about him) and those death threats probably weren’t just words but actual threats.. i think he’s delisuional too, have you ever seen the way he watches over brent at a club. it’s as if he thinks that if he takes his eyes off him somebody’s going to swoop in and kidnap that chubby little washed up runt”

Also, Jason emailed me this story about Eric Paul:

“Caleb Carter, who has unfortunately since passed away, came up to me at an event one night with a black eye and when I asked him how he got it, he told me it was “the work of Brent Corrigan’s new boyfriend.” … That was when he [Corrigan] had just started d ating this guy.”
Lastly, I would like to end this letter by again telling those who thought that my short appearance on stage was a publicity-driven decision, and who are saying that it was the wrong moment. For me there are moments in life when keeping silent becomes a fault and when speaking becomes an obligation. I hold the conviction that we need to protect our industry and our youths; it is a civil duty, a moral challenge, a categorical imperative task from which we cannot escape.

I’m off to Russia, as tomorrow it will be the one year anniversary of my mother passing away and I will be with my father. So this is my last statement, but I will be than happy to answer further questions when I am back next week.

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  • Patrick

    This guy is an idiot. He acts like being a porn “star” is some noble profession that is going to be corrupted by something that happened to Brent at 17, which by the way he was tricked into doing. Nothing worse then a porn star with an ego. Get real dude.., just take your award and shut the hell up. You’re a prostitute on film. He sounds like those people who rule from the church pulpit and say gay people are causing new regulations and ruining society. He’s small minded and what he doesn’t realize is that we don’t care… We aren’t in awe of his artistic on-screen talent… We just want to get off. So get over it.

  • rogue dandelion

    maybe they should do a porno together to release the tension

  • BJCG

    Michael Lucas’ face is always hilarious. I would like to see him bitch about other people so I can see how long the botox holds his face together.

  • Japhy Grant

    Editor’s Note: All day long we had a Michael Lucas rep emailing us telling us that Lucas did not leave, as we reported “when the party ended”, but at 2 a.m. When we wrote back, “Um– that’s when bars close in California”, they wrote back that ‘sources’ told them that Corrigan’s boyfriend was really violent, to which we said, “Well, do you have any proof, since you know, you’re probably a little biased.” We never heard back and frankly, felt we’d given Lucas all the free press he deserved.

    Lucas’ valid (if contentious) point that the porn industry ought not to celebrate underage porn is now totally obscured by this idiotic vendetta. Refereeing this fight (or enabling it) seems like a waste of our time. That said, we can’t wait for next year’s GayVN’s!

  • Joshua

    1) I think that Lucas discounts the validity of the law in the first place by holding Corrigan responsible for acting while underage. Sure, he broke the law, but how much could the law possibly mean if, at 16 or 17, Corrigan was able to make a choice that never ended up in his exploitation. Yes, there are other, worse scenarios that could have played out, but by Lucas highlighting Corrigan’s responsibility for an “underage” decision that landed him as one of the biggest porn stars in the industry, he can’t simultaneously defend the laws that state, rather arbitrarily, that no one is responsible enough for themselves to have sex on film before the age of 18.

    2) Based on the photo above, Corrigan could easily still pass for 16. If the laws are on the book to discourage exploitation, see my first point, but I also believe the laws are on the books to discourage the type of produced desire that literally sexualizes youth for a number of people. I’m not suggesting that this desire or twink-obsession are entirely bad or fixable things, but I am saying that no one should be prosecuted for actually being 16 or 17 (or using willing 16 or 17 year olds) in an industry that is partially based on creating the illusion of 16 or 17 year olds having sex.

    3) My points above are useless considering the law is what the law is at this moment. Corrigan should at least acknowledge that he broke a law that could have resulted in really serious consequences for himself, his employers, and his industry, and Lucas should stop acting like he has any role in enforcing any type of law, least of all when he tactlessly creates a media circus that is of no use to his supposed cause.

  • Jonathan

    @Japhy Grant: Um. Does anyone really think that Lockhart was being nominated and awarded for work he did years ago? It seems to me that he was nominated and awarded for films he did over the last year, in which he was the producer and star, and none of them was a bareback film.

    That he first became famous when he was under age and was doing bareback is undeniable. But he’s not underage now. He’s not doing bareback now. And he’s become an advocate for safer sex and an industry that does not victimize underage kids.

    He’s growing up. So should we.

    Time to move on now.

  • Don

    Lucas’s overarching point is quite valid. Too bad he has to bury it under tons of ridiculous self promotion. None of this is helpful.

  • ChristopherM

    That is the most appropriate photo of Goolander you could have posted.

  • Alec


    1. Actually, not quite the state of the law. While I am unaware of the federal government prosecuting minors for producing child pornography, state prosecutors have gone after minors who produced sexualy explicit records of themselves, including one high profile case out of FL a couple of years ago. As you can imagine, the proliferation of video and camera cell phones has made this an unsettling issue because teenagers are producing child pornography left and right…for themselves. It raises a number of statutory and constitutional law issues, but the courts that have considered the cases have upheld their juvenile convictions for producing child pornography. In one case that was recently profiled, an 18 year old was charged and convicted of producing child pornography when he videotaped his 16 year old girlfriend. What happened with Corrigan is a bit different (he falsified records to enter an otherwise legitimate adult pornography industry), but the same principle applies. While I sincerely doubt prosecutors would go after him, juding by his testimony and interviews he is probably on the hook for violating federal child pornography laws.

    2. Producing pornography with 16 or 17 year olds is still child pornography. This actually leads to interesting results in some cases, as in many states sixteen and seventeen year olds can consent to sex, they just can’t consent to a visual record of it. This attempted defense has failed every time it has been tried by adults who videotaped their sexual encounters with people above the age of sexual consent but below the age of pornography standards.

    3. I think that Lucas has misdirected his energy here. Still, he has a valid point. What would happen if there were 20 Brent Corrigans in a single year? The industry would have a major problem on its hands.

  • Bob Lablah

    @Japhy Grant: Thank you. Well said indeed. This “media whore” is the most overexposed loudmouth ever featured on this blog and it is now time to move on and ignore whatever ignorant act/statement he is going to pull/say this afternoon as well.

  • Helga von Ornstein

    @Patrick: He is sounding like the Jessie Jackson of the porn world. Never mind you have nothing to hold up as proof of your “right” to critize others.

    Where there is a camera and a reporter, there is Lucas. Sound familiar?

  • Paul

    Wow. It was an interesting read until he jumped into “OMG, my BFFs, look what I found on someone’s blog about what someone said his boyfriend did. LOLz.”

    Wow. How old is this guy?

    Brent shouldn’t have lied about his age. He shouldn’t have promoted bareback porn. Now, he’s legal and he advocates safe sex. Isn’t this what we should be applauding? He didn’t have to reach for a Trojan and get on his soapbox, after all.

  • cufflinks

    The fact that Michael Lucas’s on-camera desireability is winding down is CLEARLY weighing heavily on his psyche.

  • Alec

    @cufflinks: I don’t think that is what is going on here. Given his criticism of bareback sex, drug use and the participation of underage actors (although I don’t recall that specifically, before), I think that Lucas would weigh in regardless of his own dwindling “on-camera desireability.” Still, I think his energy is misdirected here.

  • Coin Slot

    Actually this whole thing reminds me a bit of a Michael Lucas DVD. In that it starts out with some cute guy(s) and you are like “Hmmm, this may be good!” and then its like this big douche inserts himself in front of the camera and starts hogging the scenes, and you’re like “whah, whahhh.” And you pop in a different DVD.

  • Ogre

    “On Jason Sechrest’s blog, Tory Mason said”

    Is this the same Tory Mason who lost the GayVN “Best Performer Of the Year” award to Bent Corrigan, talking trash about Brent Corrigan? No bitterness there.

    “Also, Jason emailed me this story about Eric Paul…Caleb Carter, who has unfortunately since passed away”

    Ah. And since Caleb Carter has passed, we can’t exactly verify these comments; right Jason?

    I find it hypocritical that Sechrest is using his website to chastise Brent Corrigan, while benefiting from the fact that Corrigan is apparently an, “exclusive” contributor on his website. And also the fact that Jason’s website sells BAREBACK PORN, such as “Cum Inside Me” with a picture of three blond twinks on the cover, for example.

    Frankly, the more I read about this Eric Paul Martinez the more I like him.

  • Ogre

    “That is the most appropriate photo of Goolander you could have posted.”

    Actually, ChristopherM, the previous editor used to use a horse’s ass, which is far more apropos, I think.

  • JimmyD

    We never should have outsourced our porn to Russia.

  • JimmyD

    No. 5 · Joshua:
    “Corrigan should at least acknowledge that he broke a law that could have resulted in really serious consequences for himself, his employers, and his industry…”

    Or just read his blog. He’s never denied what he did was wrong. He’s never denied what Cobra did was wrong.
    He’s very open about the entire thing.

    Michael Lucas will probably never admit that what he’s done is wrong. Until Michael leaves Brent alone and shifts his focus to the PREDATORS, I’ll never believe he’s really interested in the anti-child porn laws.

  • Alec

    @JimmyD: In the context of 16 and 17 year olds, who can pass for 18 (easily) and can skirt the regulatory apparatus by falsifying documents, “predation” is a bit more gray than black and white. As I’ve pointed out relentlessly, in many if not most states Corrigan could have consented to the sex, but not the recording of the sex.

    You can be critical of both, in this context.

  • Michael W.

    Where can I get the bareback movies Brent Corrigan filmed when he was underage? Are they still on the market?

  • Aaron J.


    HA! I knew Tory Mason when he was still Shay B. I wouldn’t trust anything he says. He is the worst kind of gay man.

  • Alec

    @Michael W.: I’d suggest not attempting to purchase them, possess them or view them, as you would commit a felony and, if charged and convicted convicted, subject to up to ten years in federal prison (and possibly a mandatory five year minimum) as well as lifelong sex offender registration.

    And as far as I know, they were pulled from the market.

  • Aaron J.

    @Michael W.: Michael, apparently you didn’t read that article about the Feds and child porn Queerty posted a couple days ago…

  • Michael W.

    Oh, I don’t personally want the movies. I was speaking hypothetically.

  • jake

    Who’s the duck?

  • Alec

    @ChristopherM: I really hate the way people toss around terms here that they haven’t given much thought to. At most he’d be a pederast (and even then, so would anyone who had sex with a 16 year old; given the fact that 16 is the age of consent in most states [] I think that definition could be problematic). Pedophilia is a DSM paraphilia involving sexual urges for a child, generally defined as 12 or 13 and under. And the law draws all sorts of distinctions, even if the producers of “To Catch a Predator” do not.

  • Gurlene

    If you really want to see pathetic go to and put in brent corrigan and see what comes up.

    This kid can’t dance, act, nor even give a sexy strip show for his audience. He is awkward on stage I honestly want to smack the shit out of whoever it was that he came with for not stopping him from making a fool of himself. I mean really. This is reading more and more like a tragic opera that we all know how it will end, tragically.

    It seems everyone is in love with his anus and sphincter muscle. There appears to be nothing else this kid has to offer except being nothing more than a magnet for trouble and a terrific bottom on camera.

    It now sounds like he has hooked up with a guy who, from what I just read in this article, seems very comfortable and protective of the lifestyle and comfortable surroundings that I feel positive (though admit I have no proof of) Corrigan/Sean Lockhart is providing/paying for and must keep all “threats”, whether real or percieved, away from his meal ticket (Lockhart/Corrigan).

    I applauded Lucas’ outburst but now wish he would shut the fuck up before he ends up being the root cause of this kid’s tragic end. This is California we are talking about here. The land of 6 pack abs and meth freaks who know it will only be a matter of time before they lose their nice, youthful twink appearances. You go figure.

    This kid is a murder/suicide waiting to happen. I just have this sinking feeling that by June we are not going to be reading a pretty story about him/his involvement in. Stay tuned folks.

    Welcome to the world of porn in the new millenium. This sure as hell ain’t the same industry back in the day of Casey Donavan, Jack Wrangler and Toby Ross, is it?

  • Alec

    @Gurlene: As though pornography was ever one step away from seediness?

    I’m a bit more concerned with the young people who seem to be destroying their lives and endangering their careers with stupid xtube/myspace/facebook/phone camera antics than I am with those who have embraced pornography as both a career and, at this point, lifestyle. To his credit, Lucas has attepted to dissociate himself from the seedier aspects (drugs and unprotected sex), but really…pornography is best viewed as a job, not a lifestyle. And preferably a side gig or stepping stone at that.

  • Patrick

    @Gurlene: geeesh Gurlene, you sound like a really bitter and angry person. Who the hell cares what he is good and what isn’t good at. It’s just ridiculous that this is even a story. I don’t have a problem with people doing porn, what annoys me is their acting like it’s a top story in the world that everyone should fall over themselves to solve. Incidentally, Sean is a fairly savvy business person for a kid… he’s entirely in charge of this career and is very active in other areas. He had a scandalous start and is by no means flawless, the point is, who the hell cares what he is. He is trying to move on and has also been in a few movies, like “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!”. At least he’s trying to make his own world a little better instead of bitching about why he’s some washed up old porn star. I think it’s inconsiderate for you to judge him as a murder/suicide waiting to happen without knowing him, which I personally do. Success isn’t defined by having a youthful and twinky body. We all start somewhere. Where were you at 17?

  • Cam

    Hmm, so he’s the Gay Tracy Lords.

  • Michael W.

    Well, what do you know. I already have one of the alleged movies! It’s “Schoolboy Crush” with Brent Everett from 2004, one of my favorites.

    I’ve been unknowingly busting a nut to underage Brent Corrigan for years.

  • Aaron J.

    Expect a knock on your door shortly.

  • JimmyD

    No. 29 · Gurlene: Yee of the gayest handle on this thread…
    Sounds like someone is almost as bitter as Mr Lucas.
    Sounds like you had nothing to contribute but wanted to post anyway.

  • BobC562

    Where’s Mrs. Garrett when we need her? It’s worse than the catfights between Blair and Jo! Although prettier…

  • Gurlene

    @JimmyD: Please reread what you posted and then think about your own post. Thank you.

  • blakfoxx

    I’m not a big fan of Michael Lucas or his permanent pout but he does make a valid points especially in regards to the industry, many on here may not be old enough to remember what happened when it was discovered that str8 porn star Traci Lords was underage when she made pretty much all of her films, it turned the industry upside down during the 80s. I was working for Tower Records at the time and ours and any other stores that sold or rented adult videos and magazines had to remove them to avoid the risk of prosecution for trafficking in child pornography and she was one of the most successful porn stars at the time.

  • acocksuker

    @Helga von Ornstein: i think that latin looks is far more hotter than the blond but thats just me

  • NeedyOne

    Every time Corrigan opens his mouth about his deceptions while underage, he seems more childish than ever. The best thing he can do is to keep that trap closed. We already know that he keeps his zipper closed, unless, of course, there are older men paying him to open it. What a disgusting, vile creature.

  • Bob Lablah

    Does anyone know what happened to the once great bottom “Stonie”?

  • JakeTO-2004

    Quite Interesting, the debate going on there! It is to my view quite obvious that Michael Lucas is a bit jealous of the success that Brent got. However, even thought he makes some good points, it is at the same time just the porn industry with all its scandalous little story here and there.

    Having worked for years with street youths, I understand a bit the road that Brent took by lying to Cobra Video, a little cutie gay roaming homeless on the streets of California, with just what they need of education to survive and their asses and mouths that can take whoever dicks to get a little money to eat. (I am not saying that he did that… however that Every Pool Boy’s Dream did start with some real statement on how he got in the industry (add some romance of course). Go and read a bit the story of Corrigan, those are no make beliefs… he was indeed introduced in the porn industry and I’m pretty certain that the falcification of IDs were sponsored by some gay producer who tried to help the kid (air quotes).

    He is cute and well toned and hungry for sex, that’s what made him a great performer (but that’s all he his nonetheless). When you’ve done jerking off watching his video do you keep watching him just because he’s soooo cute… if you’re like most of the people out there, once you’ve got your kick, you just stopped the tape and go get a coffee.

    Brent is to me just like the other performers, however he got in place just in time, in time where the was a high demands for twinks… and he was the perfect one. They can keep giving themselves awards and stuff (good for them) the end user (ME – YOU – and the Rest) just want a beautiful twinks to get for and make it appeared as real. To take the expression of another poster they are WHORES on film… so the drama is not important.

    Now lets see according the age… OH My GOD he was 17… yeah and of course we forget that 17 years old boy often have 25 and over boyfriends… now because he became famous he is a treat for the gay porn Industry? PUUUUUlease the gay porn industry and the porn industry as whole is not going to die soon. And that will not be a single Brent to commands its fall.

    Even though I was highly not recommending my street youth to take the easy way (porn industry), Brent got smarter and used it’s bussiness savvy and his ass to skyrocket himself. That great… I like success stories. He has make enough money by now to prepare its retirement.

    Like many who will not admit it… when the bomshell fell on us that he was underage in the first 3 movies he made… the movies were constantly being downloaded from the Internet. I would never sleep with an underage… but heck I can certainly watch (but hey don’t go crazy there… 17 is fine so is 16 – but don’t touch) That’s the rule – no I am no pedophile . In Germany, before the scandalous movies of Sebastian Bleish, the age of reasonable sex was 16 (now 18)… just like in Holland which is still 16. Europe had the philosophy that if you started being active and started stroking your meat every night, or maybe had your first fuck at 15 you are old enough to understand the responsibilities that comes with your act.

    So Micheal Lucas, thank for defending the industry, but really when analysing and researching facts make sure that you do not put too much personal emotions (what you did at the award is okay – but you did push too much on the emotions and you’ve lost your credibility). As for Brent, yeah you’re still cute… but frankly I’ve seen too much of you…so I don’t watch your movies anymore… Since you are a producer now… well try getting the image quality from your old Cobra Video movies, some nice man and twinks and leave those stupid themes away… we just want to see you guys fuck… because trust me as actors… most of porn movies actors sucks (literally) as real actors (yes I did see your little videos in youtube once (sorry take it from a sociology and a film major) if you are going to make serious movies, make sure you stay behind the cameras for a while.

  • Kristy

    Give the kid a break. After all, like you said, he was underage = kid. One with traumas. As if you’ve never made a mistake when you were ‘underage.’

  • unknown guy

    left is hotter to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david

    The statement by Michael Lucas was well-written and thought out. It sucks that it humiliated some people in the audience, but he has a strong point. Porn may not be the highest profession out there to join into—but there needs to be some sort of ethical practice and an upholding of those practices and I think Lucas stands on pretty solid ground in that respect.

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