Gay Porn Maven Michael Lucas Is On PrEP, Thinks You Should Be Too


I’m HIV negative.

My choice to begin taking a highly-potent HIV drug wasn’t an easy one. And the decision to come out publicly as someone who’s on PrEP is not one that I take lightly.

But the more I learn about PrEP, the more shocked I’m becoming that gay men are not shouting from the rooftops about this potential game changer in the fight to prevent new HIV infections, which we’re losing badly.

I’m ready to shout about it….Before I go any further, I do realize that I’m committing heresy. I’m certain there are safe-sex advocates in our community who are reading this right now, and whose heads are about to explode. Am I telling people to pop a pill and go have bareback sex?

I’m not. I am advocating that we look at both the social and medical science, and begin responding accordingly….I’m now 41 years old, and have been sexually active for at least 23 years. I’ve lived through the horrific period when AIDS was untreatable. It’s a memory that will never go away. But since this disease is no longer a death sentence, our daily fear of it has diminished, and we have become more likely to slip up. That’s why the possibility PrEP offers our community is one we need to be talking about. Now.”

Lucas Entertainment founder Michael Lucas extolling the virtues of pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment in Out Magazine.

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  • Caine

    do we really care what Michael Lucas thinks about anything?

    prep cost $12 to 15 thousand dollars a year – how bout a comment on that?

  • stfallon1028

    For a porn maven, he is actually very intelligent. I daresay I enjoy his behind the scenes conversations with his ‘models’ more than the scenes themselves. Regardless, PrEP is an essential contribution of the gay community

  • tardis

    Yeah, no.

    Risky sex is still risky sex. But to each his own. Good luck, Mr. Lucas!

  • 2eo

    @Caine: I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because I’ve not seen you about before.

    This site does NOT welcome people who believe in HIV prevention and education. There’s a hardcore group of regular posters who think they have the right to infect others. Sadly they strangle the discussion as they drive the rhetoric from both sides into the ridiculous.

  • Cam

    My problem with it is, how is somebody’s sexual partner supposed to know if they are being honest about it. With a condom there is no chance to lie, but somebody is about to sleep with somebody and the person says “Oh, don’t worry, I’m on this pill” there really isn’t a way for them to verify.

  • Sparky101

    I was infected with HIV back in 1989. I always used protection and on one occasion, the condom broke without us realizing until it was too late. I think it is very wise and very responsible for anyone (gay or straight) who is sexually active to take appropriate precausions…but sometimes even taking the right precautions aren’t enough. If the drug was available back in 1989, I would have taken it (if I could have afforded it). But let’s remember that in time the price will come down…especially if there is increased demand. You have to start somewhere.

  • Polaro

    I think it is good that he is talking about it. I don’t know enough about it. I don’t think he is advocating barebacking. His porn studio does not push it; they use condoms. Even with condoms, mistakes happen. We all know that. Anything that provides more information is welcome in my book. And, on the topic of gay sex, Michael Lucas is an expert. That is undeniable.

  • Kangol

    If you are a wealthy gay man who can follow PrEP properly–not skipping on doses, taking it when you’re supposed to exactly as you’re supposed to–it is definitely an option. Also, you have to be truthful with your sexual partner about your sero-status, use of PrEP and vice versa.

    If you do not have the $$$ to take this, the patience and diligence to follow the regimen, or cannot be truthtful, then USE A CONDOM! You can get them free all over, or at a far lower cost (and not just be funneling money to the pharmaceutical companies and their execs), and save your own life and others.

    Also, PrEP does *not* protect against a number of other STDs/STIs, while condoms, when used properly, do.

  • the other Greg

    @Polaro: Expert? Maybe not – “I’m now 41 years old, and have been sexually active for at least [!] 23 years.” He sounds oddly unsure. They say you always remember your first time, but maybe not!

  • Taliaferro

    Hiv is no longer a death sentence? The disease in incurable at this time. The medications one takes to keep the virus from taking over the body, all have serious side effects. I have been on ant-virals for more than 20 years. I have Type 2 diabetes from protease inhibitors. I have cardiac disease and have had bypass surgery. I am in stage 3 kidney failure.

    Lucas has achieved fame and made a fortune from his porn empire. He may be 41 but he reasons like a teenager. While he is not advocating bare back sex, many will not make the distinction. In addition, if Lucas – and others – practice safe sex then what is the need for PrEP? That drug does not safeguard against the many other nasty STDS that one can get from unsafe sex.

  • 2eo

    Wow. This perfectly reasonable discussion has made me look like a right prat.

    Where’s that nutter with the website gone?, he’s usually all over any HIV discussion, he has some more discredited research he did himself.

  • comus

    Sounds like he’s getting some love from Big Pharma.

  • table41

    The headline to this article is false. Nowhere in his editorial did Mr. Lucas say that he thinks that ‘you’, meaning all of us, should be on PrEP. What a lame and unethical way to garner attention to your website Queerty.

  • comus

    @Caine: Follow that money, some of which must be heading Lucas’ way.

  • Polaro

    @the other Greg: Michael Lucas has more sex in one week than I do in a year. He owns, runs, performs and directs for a major gay porn studio. I’d consider him an expert. As far as his 23 years statement, maybe he just isn’t good with math. Pretty men rarely are. But, to be honest I really did not know much about PrEP before this. So, I learned something.

  • Brian

    Under no circumstances should anybody take a drug if they are healthy. It’s completely unnecessary and stupid.

    Also, we are not all promiscuous and sleazy like the porn industry. Go away, Michael Lucas – preferably far far away.

  • GayTampaCowboy

    Far be it from me to inject some FACTS into this discussion, but if we can all just take a deep breath and get off our high-horses and take a break projecting our moral judgments on both Mr. Lucas’s statements and the issues around “safer” sex practices – because we ALL know the ONLY 100% way to guarantee ZERO chance of infection from ANY STD is 100% abstinence!

    Whew! Ok, So to Mr. Lucas’ point on PrEP, according to a report from NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information) on The cost-effectiveness of preexposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention in the United States in men who have sex with men (here’s the link:, the study concluded:PrEP in the general MSM population could prevent a substantial number of HIV infections, but it is expensive. Use in high-risk MSM compares favorably with other interventions that are considered cost-effective but could result in annual PrEP expenditures of more than $4 billion.

    Next, let’s read what the FDA says about PrEP (note, the link below is from the NY State Department of health but it specifically references the fact that in July 2012 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first use of an antiretroviral drug to prevent HIV infection. Truvada, a combination of two HIV medications, can now be used by persons who are HIV-negative to protect them from possible infection.) Here’s the Link if you think i’m making this up:

    That link also states that the annual cost for being on PrEP would be between $8,000 and $14,000 – unless the meds are covered by health insurance – and given the math, it’s not a surprise that most major healthcare providers DO cover PrEP prescriptions since the cost of a lifetime of HAART treatment is 20 times higher than PrEP.

    So, scream, yell and wail with righteous indignation about even DISCUSSING the topic of PrEP as yet another weapon in the arsenal of tools at our disposal to help prevent HIV – but the bottom line is – it IS an option.

    Now, that brings us full-circle to the “moral” arguments about the individual choices consenting adults are making regarding their safer-sex practices. And you know what? By attempting to squelch the discussion in favor of vilifying those who may be, or are, using PrEP – i’ll ask you the same question (with a bit of a twist) the Lawyers fighting to overturn Prop 8 asked to the pro-Prop 8 folks: “Please tell me how 2 gay men choose to engage in safer sex (and their choices for protection and/prevention) DIRECTLY impact YOUR life or RELATIONSHIP? And the answer is…they don’t!

    Now i’m sure i’m going to get bashed and accused of promoting random, reckless barebacking and thus driving increased rates of STD and HIV infection. But I’m an adult and can take it and i’m all about OPEN and HONEST discussion of all the issues surrounding HIV, STD’s, Safer Sex, Barebacking, Monogamy, etc.

    Information is power!

  • Dixie Rect

    @Brian: Exactly. You don’t take drugs if you are healthy. How about being responsible and staying healthy? No man is that hot, or worth it, ever.

  • TrekBear

    @Taliaferro: A disease can be incurable, but not fatal. That’s called a chronic condition like hypothyroidism, COPD, or other illnesses.

  • Dev.C

    I think this is a new generation versus older generation argument. I don’t think many gay men over the age of 45 will
    ever believe that they can have safe sex without a condom again. It’s understandable because the vast majority of them have been personally affected by HIV and AIDS. With that being said Science is doing a lot in order to provide solutions and hopefully a cure for this thing one day, and the younger generation of gay men are more open to alternatives and solutions rather than thinking of life as a game of doge ball. I think everyone is entitled to their opinions, but don’t belittle someones else’s point of because the don’t want to live the way you want them to.

  • Brian

    Michael Lucas is one of these creeps from the porn industry. He is no more a spokesman for the GLBT community than Larry Flynt is for straights.

    As for bareback sex, it’s perfectly safe so long as you and your partner are healthy. You can do it every day for a year so long as you and your partner are healthy. You won’t catch anything.

    I think where a lot of you fall down is on the issue of promiscuity. Being men, you are constantly horny. You seek out sex with other highly sexed men, including total strangers. This is where you introduce risk into your lives. A lot of you are not prepared to change because you have decided that a life built on constant sex-seeking with multiple partners (including strangers) is the only comfortable option for you. Sad.

  • Jeton Ademaj

    yay for Michael Lucas…perhaps he’s finally atoning for all his various horrors. diligent use of PrEP works ***BETTER*** than diligent use of condoms at preventing HIV infection.

    bareback sex is vastly better than sex with condoms.

    condom nazis are fun to troll, as they usually and reliably present a huge knot of internalized homophobia, sexual neuroses and general malice-masquerading-as-sanctimony-masquerading-as-goodwill.

    sorry i missed that giant thread with all the nutjobs last month screaming about “[email protected]@CKERZZSZ!!!”, including that hypocrite who thinks oral sex is the height of intimacy…i was too busy MC’ing on ACT UP/NY’s float this year.

    WE WANT YOU TO FUCK SMARTER! stop prattling about “safe” sex, as there’s truly no such thing…only safER sex. there is a Continuum of Risk, and ways to reduce it…including condoms, PEP, PrEP, Adherence to Treatment for those who are POZ, pulling out, abstinence, partner limitation, serosorting, seropositioning, sex-act limitation, and chemoprophylaxis that goes beyond HIV. ALL of these are valid tools, some work better than others, no matter what the angry demonqueens scream online.

    i myself take antibiotics that kill off just about every other std, and am vaccinated against most everything else.

    cuz the [email protected]@ACK SEX is WORTH IT…awww yea!

    everything herein is true, and intentionally worded to rile up those who deserve it…Prevention is more important than your posture of moral superiority. Queer sexuality free of guilt and anxious neuroses is also more important. defending Disease Prevention and Queer Sexuality from those who attack one or both is actually alot of fun.

  • Patrick Sean

    41 my arse. He looks 50. I also do not need advice from the porn scourge of the Earth. Using big words he pulls from auto-correct doesn’t make him intelligent and neither does peddling pills to those who can make intelligent-adult choices to prevent this before they stick it in. Grow up folks, it is your body, if you don’t protect it then deal. P.S. Hey Lucas, what is your cut of the pill push? Be honest.

  • ChristopherM

    Anyone who takes medical advice from Goolander is an idiot. Notice that he doesn’t discuss the horrid side effects this med can have. I took Truvada because I had to, and got full body hives. Apparently I’m lucky since some guys are having renal failure as a result of this toxic shite. Is bare sex worth your kidneys, guys?

  • pauleky

    @Patrick Sean: Agree with everything, except the snarky comment about his age. I’m 50 and would kill to look as good as he does (though he’s far from my type).

  • dwndckd

    @ChristopherM, very valid points- I agree with your assertion….Only someone who doesn’t care for their body, their life or for those they are with would advocate bareback sex. “WE WANT YOU TO FUCK SMARTER!”….” [email protected]@ACK SEX is WORTH IT…awww yea!” Really?!?! The comments of a deranged individual, who is willing to put the lives of others at risk…..

  • Jeton Ademaj

    @dwndckd: i’m sure it pains you that your entire philosophy and life’s work is such a FAILURE. perhaps you’ve been well-paid anyway, so it can’t be all bad, right?

    in any case, HIV Prevention has been revitalized by chemoprophylaxis, which includes PrEP, PEP, and TAsP…aka PRE EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS (taking meds consistently to prevent HIV infection, currently Truvada daily, eventually a range of other options)…………POST EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS (taking meds for a month after a high-risk exposure, such as a needlesticking or a bareback episode with someone of unknown status), and TREATMENT-AS-PREVENTION, which is when HIV+ people hammer down the virus to undetectable levels and KEEP it that way consistently. after 6 months of this, most poz people are an utterly negligible transmission risk…after 3 years, ALL poz people maintaining undetectability are an utterly negligible transmission risk.

    in any of these cases, they enable one to experience the glory of unfettered buttfucking, the most sublime of all orgasms for top or bottom or vers…

    …and there you have the long and short of why you suck so bad, and why you will only get squeakier and more shrill and more irrelevant, day by day.


  • dwndckd

    @Jeton Ademaj, per your statement, “i’m sure it pains you that your entire philosophy and life’s work is such a FAILURE. perhaps you’ve been well-paid anyway, so it can’t be all bad, right?” Sir, although I truly don’t have to provide a response, I desire to do so— therefore, my response to you is this: In terms of my entire philosophy and life’s work- being a failure, hummmm. Well, let me start by saying this: I am an HIV negative heterosexual male, a husband and a father. I have received my Master’s and PhD and currently work within the federal government within the area of sexually transmitted disease and prevention. Sir, please don’t mistake my kindness for a sign of weakness! My thought goes out to those who have become infected by individuals (such as you) who claim that there is nothing wrong with “Bare Back” sex. As for myself—call me whatsoever you will— I do believe that you once used the term, “CONDOM NAZI.” Truth be told—I’m okay with that! I would rather be called a “CONDOM NAZI” and assist with preventing another human being from becoming HIV+, than read any more outrageous, or “dumbfounded” rants! Sir, the logic is simple….maybe too simple for some to understand… As stated within a previous posting, “getting poz is how i discovered how amazing bareback really is compared to rubber-sex. it became clear that it was better to keep bareback infection free than to try and stop it, because there’s no contest whatsoever.” My words to you—if that is how you feel, great! More-so, per your comment- I would venture to say that it was because of your actions, or the lack thereof that you became HIV+ and unless a permanent cure is found—you will remain HIV+. But, you know what– the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone else. So, yes- I teach prevention, as the primary solution with the understanding that PrEP and PEP are secondary last ditch efforts.

  • BlogZilla

    @Caine: Obviously you do, because you took the time to comment on this blog.

    Michael Lucas is far more interesting than that Fagzilla queen director Chi-Chi LaRue who thinks that everyone wants to know what he/she (whatever it is) has to say. Besides, Michael is one of the more intelligent voices in porn out there similar to Kristen Bjorn. It also helps that he’s easy on the eyes, that way you don’t mind seeing him in films, etc.

  • JDean

    @Jeton Ademaj: last time I saw you out and about you were looking quite wasted I guess the fabulous drugs are doing their job destroying your body

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